Jesus in India: The soundtrack music score of the motion Picture

Jesus in India: The soundtrack music score of the motion Picture

by Brian Thomas Lambert

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This technically excellent production documents Fundamentalist-raised Edward T. Martin's search for the truth behind the legend that Jesus spent time in India. As much about Martin's search as about the legend itself, the film intersperses footage of Martin's journey with interviews with biblical scholars who don't reject the possibility out of hand but do call it highly unlikely and with Hindus and Buddhists who are adamant about its veracity. The film discusses manuscripts that may be 2000 years old and others that are claimed to exist but cannot be viewed because of prohibitions made by an absent Lama. There is also consideration of the supposed tomb of Jesus, which Muslims in the area vehemently deny holds his remains, although one sect, a representative of which is interviewed, is just as adamant that it does. In the end, the questing Martin is no closer to an answer, but this film about one man's persistence in the face of opposition will interest anyone curious about the relationship among the major religions. [Inspired by Martin's 1999 book, King of Travelers: Jesus' Lost Years in India.—Ed.]—Augustine J. Curley, Newark Abbey, NJ

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