Jew in Communist Prague: Rebellion

Jew in Communist Prague: Rebellion

by Vittorio Giardino

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YA--In this third book in a series that begins with Loss of Innocence and continues with Adolescence (both NBM, 1997), Jonas tries to take action against the people oppressing him. He and his friends hide forbidden manuscripts for his employer the night before the bookseller is arrested. Jonas begins dating Tatiana, the daughter of a Russian attache to the Embassy. When her parents find out he is the son of an "enemy of the people," they forbid her to see him, but the young lovers arrange secret meetings. In the end, however, her parents take her back to Russia. Jonas also finds out that this father has been sentenced to 10 more years in prison, setting up the situation for the fourth (and possible final) book. The story is conveyed not only through words, but also through pictures, which create the world of Prague in the 1950s. Nuances of expression and body language add shades of meaning to the story, which is told solely through dialogue. Giardino manages to suggest characters' flaws and quirks using only pen and ink. From Tatiana's mother, sly and manipulative, to hard-drinking, practical Slovak, each character has a unique look and personality. Jonas's plight is real and dramatic without those who persecute him ever becoming caricatures of evil. They are simply people acting on their own motivation. A must for collections that own the first two books, and highly recommended elsewhere.--Susan Salpini, Kings Park Library, Burke, VA

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N B M Publishing Company
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Jew in Communist Prague Series
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Graphic Novel
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8.48(w) x 11.56(h) x 0.19(d)
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14 - 17 Years

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