The Jewish World in the Modern Age / Edition 1

The Jewish World in the Modern Age / Edition 1

by Jon Bloomberg

ISBN-10: 088125844X

ISBN-13: 9780881258448

Pub. Date: 07/15/2004

Publisher: KTAV Publishing House, Inc.

The Jewish World in the Modern Age is a highly readable account of Jewish life and history in Europe, America, and Israel since the 18th century. Adopting a somewhat unusual approach in a book for general readers, each chapter is amply provided with authentic documents from the

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The Jewish World in the Modern Age is a highly readable account of Jewish life and history in Europe, America, and Israel since the 18th century. Adopting a somewhat unusual approach in a book for general readers, each chapter is amply provided with authentic documents from the period it covers that further the reader’s understanding and give a true sense of what Jewish life and thought were at the time.

Separate chapters recount events in Russia, Germany, Central Europe, France, and England, as well as in Israel, and in the United States and Canada. Unlike many general treatments of modern Jewish history, this volume gives as much attention to religious developments as to political and social patterns, focusing not merely on the rise of Zionism and of Reform and Conservative Judaism, but on the manifold ways in which Orthodox Judaism adjusted to the ideological, social, and philosophical challenges of life in the modern era.

Those who do not acquaint themselves with the Jewish past cannot pretend to understand the Jewish present. Anti-Semitism, for example, cannot be fully understood without an examination of its roots in history, its development over time, and the myths about Jews and Judaism that it has promoted. Zionism and the State of Israel cannot be understood without a study of their history, nor can the emergence of the present denominational forms of Judaism be appreciated without careful historical study.



About the Author:

Dr. Bloomberg received ordination from Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary at Yeshiva University and a doctorate in medieval studies from Yale.   He is also the author of  The Jewish World in the Middle Ages.

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New Edition
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Table of Contents

1.Politics and Community in Eastern Europe11
Life Under the Czars12
The Pale of Settlement12
Nicholas I13
Alexander II15
The May Laws16
The Bund: A Mass Jewish Socialist Movement18
Nicholas II20
Russian Revolution22
Joseph Stalin24
Nikita Khrushchev26
Leonid Brezhnev and the Refuseniks26
Mikhail Gorbachev and the Collapse of the Soviet Union28
Boris Yeltsin28
Vladimir Putin28
2.Politics and Community in Western and Central Europe39
On the Eve of the Revolution39
Jews on the Eve of the Revolution40
The French Revolution41
Emancipation of French Jews42
The Reign of Terror43
Assembly of Jewish Notables43
The Great Sanhedrin44
Napoleon's Decrees44
Fall of Napoleon45
Congress of Vienna45
Habsburg Empire47
1848 Revolutions49
Emancipation of the Jews49
3.Cultural and Intellectual History67
Englightenment and the Jews: Western Europe67
Englightenment and the Jews: Eastern Europe69
Yiddish Literature72
The Musar Movement73
Talmud Study and the Yeshivot75
Jewish Philosophy78
Biblical Exegesis78
Kabbalah and Jewish Ethics79
4.Religious Reform91
Reform Judaism91
Reform Judaism in America93
Positive-Historical Judaism: Zechariah Frankel96
Conservative Judaism97
Reconstructionist Judaism101
Neo-Orthodoxy: Samson Raphael Hirsch102
Orthodox Judaism in America105
Turning Point in Poland121
The Ba'al Shem Tov121
Students of the Ba'al Shem Tov122
The Zaddik122
Opposition to Hasidism123
Hasidism in the 19th and 20th Centuries124
The Weimar Republic133
Hitler's Rise to Power133
Anti-Jewish Legislation136
The Nuremberg Laws137
More Anti-Jewish Activity139
Kristallnacht ("Night of Broken Glass")140
Invasion of Poland141
Death Camps145
Forerunners of Zionism161
Theodor Herzl162
First Zionist Congress164
Labor Zionism165
Religious Zionism166
Balfour Declaration166
Arab Nationalism167
World War II169
End of British Mandate170
8.The State of Israel183
Establishment of the State183
Declaration of Independence183
War of Independence183
Formation of Government184
The Arab-Israeli Conflict186
Peace Treaties
Israel and Egypt192
Israel and the PLO--the Oslo Accords193
Israel and Jordan194
9.The Jews in America207
Early Settlement207
Jews and the American Revolution208
German Jewry in America208
East European Immigration210
World War I and the Russian Revolution215
The Great Depression218
President Roosevelt and the New Deal218
Anti-Semitism in the Roosevelt Years219
America and the Holocaust219
Jews in America in the 1950s220
Anti-Semitism in the 1950s221
Jews in America in the 1960s222
Jews and the Civil Rights Movement223
Jews in America in the 1970s and 1980s224
Jews in America From 1990 to 2003225
10.The Jews in Canada255
Early Settlement255
Anti-Semitism before World War II257
Canada and the Holocaust257
Anti-Semitism after World War II257
Jewish Education259
Major Jewish Organizations260
Jews in Canadian Politics261
Jews in the Judiciary262

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