Jimi Hendrix Experience [Bonus Tracks]

Jimi Hendrix Experience [Bonus Tracks]

by The Jimi Hendrix Experience

The Hendrix family continues its reissue campaign with the release of The Jimi Hendrix Experience, a lavish four-disc box set that should be a boon to Hendrix collectors everywhere. With a beautiful 80-page booklet, and purporting to have 46 unreleased tracks, further inspection actually reveals less than meets the eye, at least forSee more details below


The Hendrix family continues its reissue campaign with the release of The Jimi Hendrix Experience, a lavish four-disc box set that should be a boon to Hendrix collectors everywhere. With a beautiful 80-page booklet, and purporting to have 46 unreleased tracks, further inspection actually reveals less than meets the eye, at least for collectors. The problem is that real collectors have already heard most of this material, and not only through bootleg sources. Many of the previously unreleased tracks are just new mixes of live tracks that were issued as part of Stages, Live at Monterey, and Lifelines. Also included is a new mix of the "Gloria" single. While the sound quality is somewhat better (handled by the expert Eddie Kramer), the new mixes do not differ substantially from the earlier versions. With the inclusion of virtually all of In the West, and a few quality tracks from Rainbow Bridge and Crash Landing (without the wretched mid-'70s overdubs), The Jimi Hendrix Experience almost seems like a shelf-clearing exercise, taking care of the leftover tracks that fans have been clamoring for en masse. The real highlights of the set are the early studio outtakes, presumably from the cache that Chas Chandler withheld from Alan Douglas for so many years. Interestingly, one of the most enjoyable aspects of these studio outtakes is the control room banter that takes place. There isn't a ton of it, but there are some highly enjoyable moments. At the end of "Purple Haze," Hendrix starts to giggle and throws in "Mary Had a Little Lamb." The version of "Third Stone From the Sun" has Chandler and Hendrix's recording of the spoken bits used on the song, tacked on to the beginning. It's great to hear Hendrix cracking up throughout their interstellar conversation. Another moment subtly hints at the frictions that were to end up dissolving the Chandler-Hendrix partnership. After seven minutes of take 21 of "Bold As Love," Hendrix is heard to say, "let's try it one more time, alright?" to which Chas Chandler dejectedly replies "oooohh." The book itself is wonderful; all tracks are fully documented and annotated, with lots of photos, many previously unpublished. There are also recording studio log sheets, newspaper articles, poster/flyers, and Hendrix's handwritten lyrics reproduced. All in all, The Jimi Hendrix Experience is a fine addendum to the Hendrix legacy, but not the place to start; this is a set for someone who already has the studio albums and can't get enough of his genius. The disappointment a hardcore collector might feel at having heard most of this material already should be outweighed by the beautiful, warm sound achieved by Eddie Kramer and the general high quality of the package. [A 2013 re-release added four bonus tracks.]

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Product Details

Release Date:
Sony Legacy


Disc 1

  1. Purple Haze  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  2. Killing Floor  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  3. Hey Joe  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  4. Foxey Lady  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  5. Highway Chile  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  6. Hey Joe  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  7. Title #3  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  8. 3rd Stone From The Sun  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  9. Taking Care Of No Business  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  10. Here He Comes (Lover Man)  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  11. Burning Of The Midnight Lamp  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  12. If 6 Was 9  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  13. Rock Me Baby  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  14. Like A Rolling Stone  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  15. Burning Of The Midnight Lamp  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  16. The Stars That Play With Laughing Sam's Dice  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience

Disc 2

  1. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  2. Burning Of The Midnight Lamp  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  3. Little Wing  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  4. Little Miss Lover  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  5. The Wind Cries Mary  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  6. Catfish Blues  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  7. Bold As Love  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  8. Sweet Angel  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  9. Fire  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  10. Somewhere  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  11. (Have You Ever Been To) Electric Ladyland  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  12. Gypsy Eyes  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  13. Room Full Of Mirrors  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  14. Gloria  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  15. Peace in Mississippi  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  16. It's Too Bad  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  17. Star Spangled Banner  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience

Disc 3

  1. Stone Free  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  2. Like A Rolling Stone  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  3. Spanish Castle Magic  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  4. Hear My Train a Comin'  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  5. Room Full Of Mirrors  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  6. I Don't Live Today  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  7. Little Wing  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  8. Red House  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  9. Purple Haze  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  10. Voodoo Child (Slight Return)  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  11. Izabella  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience

Disc 4

  1. Message To Love  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  2. Earth Blues  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  3. Astro Man  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  4. Country Blues  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  5. Freedom  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  6. Johnny B. Goode  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  7. Lover Man  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  8. Blue Suede Shoes  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  9. Cherokee Mist  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  10. Come Down Hard On Me  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  11. Hey Baby/In From The Storm  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  12. Ezy Ryder  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  13. Night Bird Flying  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  14. All Along The Watchtower  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  15. In From The Storm  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience
  16. Slow Blues  -  Jimi Hendrix Experience

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Jimi Hendrix Experience   Primary Artist
Jimi Hendrix   Indexed Contributor,Bass,Guitar,Harpsichord,Vocals,Background Vocals,Spoken Word
Buddy Miles   Percussion,Drums,Background Vocals
Graham Nash   Background Vocals
Steve Stills   Bass
Steve Winwood   Background Vocals
Roger Chapman   Background Vocals
Andy Fairweather Low   Background Vocals
Larry Lee   Rhythm Guitar
Noel Redding   Bass,Background Vocals
Ronettes   Background Vocals
Sweet Inspirations   Background Vocals
Billy Armstrong   Percussion
Paul Caruso   Harmonica
Chas Chandler   Background Vocals,Spoken Word
Billy Cox   Bass,Background Vocals
Chris Grimes   Percussion
Duane Hitchings   Organ
Rocky Isaac   Drums
Mitch Mitchell   Percussion,Drums,Background Vocals
Gary Walker   Background Vocals
Juma Sultan   Percussion
Arthur Allen   Background Vocals
Jerry Velez   Percussion
Chris Wood   Background Vocals
Albert Allen   Background Vocals
Marks   Percussion
Mily Way Express   Background Vocals

Technical Credits

Chuck Berry   Composer
Bob Dylan   Composer
John Lennon   Composer
Paul McCartney   Composer
Carl Perkins   Composer
Jack Adams   Engineer
Lou Adler   Producer
Angel Balestier   Engineer
Tony Bongiovi   Engineer
Chas Chandler   Producer,Additional Production
George Chkiantz   Engineer
Bill Halverson   Engineer
Wally Heider   Engineer
Jimi Hendrix   Composer,Producer,Adaptation
Bob Hughes   Engineer
B.B. King   Composer
Eddie Kramer   Producer,Engineer,Mastering
Vic Maile   Engineer
George Marino   Mastering
Van Morrison   Composer
Dave Siddle   Engineer
Gary Kellgren   Engineer
Dave Marsh   Essay
Mike Neal   Engineer
Bob Cotto   Engineer
Karl Ferris   Cover Photo
Abe Jacob   Engineer
Janie Hendrix   Producer
Joe Josea   Composer
Robert Petway   Composer
Vincent J. Gagliano   Engineer
Angel Sandoval   Engineer
Dave Ragno   Engineer
Tom Muccio   Engineer
Billy Roberts   Composer
Rune Hallberg   Producer
Mike Ross   Engineer
John McDermott   Producer,Essay
Chester Burnett   Composer

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