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Jimmy Swaggart

Jimmy Swaggart

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by Patricia Ann Sunday

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The Assemblies of God hierarchy need to read this book... Protestant Christians need to read this book... Catholics need to read this book... Those who hate Jimmy Swaggart need to read this book... Those who love Jimmy Swaggart need to read this book... Whatever you have believed...this book will shed a different light on the happenings at the Swaggart Ministry and


The Assemblies of God hierarchy need to read this book... Protestant Christians need to read this book... Catholics need to read this book... Those who hate Jimmy Swaggart need to read this book... Those who love Jimmy Swaggart need to read this book... Whatever you have believed...this book will shed a different light on the happenings at the Swaggart Ministry and may change your mind about everything you've ever heard or believed about Christianity and the EVANGELIST JIMMY SWAGGART.

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Jimmy Swaggart: The Anointed Cherub That Covereth

A Catholic Diatribe
By Patricia Ann Sunday


Copyright © 2010 Patricia Ann Sunday
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4490-2098-9


FOREWORD FROM THE LORD (As given to Rev. LeRoy Miller)....................ix
PREFACE by author....................1
Chapter One How I Got Here, From There....................7
Chapter Two Inside Spiritual Star Wars....................19
Chapter Three "Me, President?"....................59
Chapter Four The SHE-BEAR "Mary"....................73
Chapter Five The Immaculate Conception....................129
Chapter Six PAPA, the Pope, Our Godfather....................135
Chapter Seven The Apocrypha vs. Canonized Scripture....................143
Chapter Eight The Shroud of Turin ... Is It the Face of God?....................155
Chapter Nine Back on the Home Front....................163
Chapter Ten The Secret of the Cherubims of Glory (Hebrews 9:5 and Ezekiel 10:2,4, & 5)....................181
AFTERWORD By Reverend LeRoy Miller....................193

Chapter One

How I Got Here, From There

I was on a flight to Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I was going to attend a Southern Governor's Conference on Education ... a trip I had been requested to cover as a county school board member. It was considered a "Republican" gathering and as I was the only Republican on the Board, I was sent. I actually also had the dubious honor of being the only Republican woman ever to be elected to the Board in our county. I was delighted as this was to me, a "freebie," to be able to visit the Jimmy Swaggart Ministries (JSM). I was excited and curious and ready to check out this Pentecostal television Evangelist "wonderman" for myself. I am a Bapti-costal, (former Baptist, now Pentecostal). So being Pentecostal (by denomination and baptism of the Holy Spirit), I had been watching what I considered the Pentecostal denominational representative with a lot of wonder. I wondered why he would dare point out names of particular preachers and tell secrets they entrusted to him; why he didn't try to restore within the body. I wondered why he couldn't preach on sin without naming the sinner. But then, I thought I would never meet the man and I had my own life and my own possible sins to watch out for. Never once did I have any feelings pro or con for his preaching to Catholics other than that most of what I had heard him preach about Catholics was pure truth. At that time God had not revealed to me what I intend to reveal to you.

Secretly, (in my own prayer closet), I had been praying for a husband. I had been married, shall we say, a lot (the proverbial "Woman at the Well") ... and after three years of celibacy and raising two girls alone, and working two jobs for a while, I wanted some companionship. I desperately needed an adult person to talk to, a traveling companion, a partner ... but not JUST a husband, a CHRISTIAN husband! Since I had many years before become a Christian, I really wanted a mate equally yoked with me in my walk with the Lord. I for once, wanted a truly Godly marriage. I had gained a new respect for the Holy institution. I specifically prayed and petitioned the Lord for, "a Christian Husband." But not only that, I asked that He make him an "old man" (thinking that with this would somehow come more respect for me as a Godly woman). And I asked that he would send one with maybe "a little money." Watch what you pray for ... surely the Lord was chuckling at my request for He knew the end from the beginning. God had an assignment for me in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, one that would ultimately take me to higher heights and lower depths than I had EVER been in my life. Truth IS stranger than fiction you know.

From childhood, I had a simple desire for my life. All I have always wanted was just a nice little house, a white picket fence, a rose garden, and that with a nice faithful husband and nice well-behaved children ... a peaceful life ... right?

After disembarking from my flight, I walked over to the Rent-a-Car counter and as I began to speak my request, a boisterous white-haired "old man" appeared over my right shoulder. He unashamedly placed his left hand on my waist as he rudely interrupted and shouted at the counterman, "Any preachers want a ride out to Jimmy Swaggarts?" He was the van driver, whose JSM duty was to pick up not only preachers but anyone who was coming in for whatever campmeeting (then 4 times a year now 5) was performing at the time. This man later confessed, "I thought you were a preacher." His jovial sarcastic remark would later come to haunt him as God performed His "signs and wonders" through me before this "poor rich-man" Pharaoh.

"Want a ride little lady?" he shouted ... "I'll pass for now, but I do intend to visit campmeeting while I am here," I said softly trying to lower his demeanor. "Look me up, I'll sit near the back so you can see me. Come on out, I'll give you a free tour." he arrogantly shouted, his tone of voice still annoyingly and pompously demanding.

Because of my own delay in locating the Bellemont Grand Hall and Convention Center, I came in during the middle of Florida Governor Martinez' speech, (my governor). I made some of the discussions and classes on this educational method and that educational method and that evening went to the gala dinner of crawfish (yukka, mudbugs) and the local hot-spice dishes Louisiana is so famous for. I surveyed with amazement the exhibition of "wine, women and song" which to me resembled a Roman orgy. I was enchanted by the "cajun" dancing and music but having had enough of that pretty quickly, I turned in early. I quizzed, "My God, what am I doing here?" (AKISH) "What am I really doing here?"

I drove my rental car out to the Swaggart Ministry for the next afternoon service and "sure nuf" there he was. He had stationed an outpost to snare the "preacher lady." He said he had been looking for me. As I said, at THAT time, I was not a "preacher lady" and don't really act in exactly that capacity now but unknown to us both ... he had issued forth a prophecy ... which indeed was to come to pass. I believe this man did have the gift of prophecy, but he chose pride and the world over humility and the Lord. One of his stumbling blocks (a woman) was already deeply rooted in the Swaggart's Ministry long before I came along.

I stopped at the back of the circular sanctuary. I turned to look back into the lobby to survey the scene. God had been put on display. Such glitz and glamour I was not accustomed to. This was decked out more than any school board convention I had ever attended (and they were worldly). Booths had been set up for the speakers, strobe lights, gaudy sparkling bedecked JESUS pens and other such wares of all kinds for sale. "In the temple?", I queried to myself in amazement. I wondered when the sheep, goats and doves were going to come in to be sold for slaughter. I shouldn't have, for the time was to be very soon. Even then, I was aware of contrasting spirits at work in this place and I was puzzled. There was something in the air that I could actually feel but couldn't identify at that time.

After the afternoon service and a whirlwind tour of the campus and beautiful facilities the "old man" (this is actually a term of endearment), invited me to the balcony for the evening service, to "have a better view." In a way I felt as if the spider had just spun an intricate web to catch an unsuspecting fly. As soon as we sat down, a Mexican frizzy-haired woman plopped down next to the "old man," putting her arm around him. "Who is she?" she whined ... casting darts and daggers at me. Then to my surprise she told me to go away that he was hers. This woman had obviously never taken a course in manners ... ok ... such was my introduction to the "spirit of lust" in the camp and the natives were restless. "Is everyone in this place crazy?" I thought. I promptly excused myself and made my way toward the stairs, with the "old man" quickly pursuing. "Don't mind her, she's NOTHING to me."

The "old man" and I made our way to other seats near the middle center of the sanctuary and still in a state of bewilderment, I listened intently to the message of the "Man of God," Jimmy Swaggart. He was "live on stage" pointing his finger at ME, and I fell in love with him ... the preacher ... God's servant ... not the human man but the spiritual one. He was indeed Charismatic.

Fully never expecting to see the "old man" again or to ever return to the Jimmy Swaggart Ministry, I flew back to my post on the local county school board. I began noticing a change in me that I could not put a finger on. I became almost disillusioned with Christianity and it was reflected in my actions regarding my "votes" and "attitudes." I began to feel that I was the target of one of my fellow board members who had earlier confessed to me as enjoying sticking pins in voodoo dolls to get other board members to "cowtow" to her wishes. Or was I beginning to come down with some strange paranoia that things were working against me? Was the "frizz" sending Mexican curses at me? I knew by personal experience, that even though, as Christians, we are redeemed by the blood of Jesus, it was possible for Christians to be affected, i.e. depressed or oppressed by spirits sent at you if the person was not AWARE of what was coming against him and not prepared for battle. I obviously was neither.

THEY wanted ME off the School Board at any expense and THEY were planning a way. They called it "single-member districts." That is a polite way of saying the districts were gerrymandered so that only a black person would be elected to my district, but not just any black, but a black Democrat groomed in "their" political perspective. Does that mean I am that dreaded term "right-wing conservative?" No ... not by any stretch of the imagination. In fact, I am now a Democrat myself. I decided to change parties for many reasons. God puts people in office for His reasons and takes then out for His reasons. But politics is not the way to bring people into God's kingdom. It is only a way to try to keep biblical principles in government. It is a tough fight and some people are called by God to fulfill this and for a time I believe I was. It was certainly the reason I ended up at Jimmy Swaggart Ministries. I am pro-life and the fight against abortion is a noble one until wrong methods begin to be employed. Then those noble warriors become as wrong as those they are fighting.

We are to be, however, a good Christian example to those we work with by our everyday behavior. Most of us even fail at this ... I know I have more than once. Anyway, the person who was elected to fill my position on the school board didn't stop there but greedily career-climbed to City Commission and while running for yet another elected position as a State Representative was reported to have been arrested for being found in the back seat (in shall we say, a compromising position) with a prostitute. (And yet he still won). In Louisiana, a couple of prominent television personalities have been caught in this same position in recent years long after the Jimmy affair. That particular spirit was working overtime. Everything hidden was beginning to surface in the open. (God will continue to clean His houses until 2012. Then the door will be shut on those calling themselves Christians and the dividing of the ten virgins will be accomplished. (See parable of ten virgins in Matthew 25:1).

The "old man" started writing letters to me and this correspondence continued for a full nine months. I thought it was old-fashioned and quaint but later came to find out he was just "thrifty." His wife had died of cancer about eight months before I had first met him at the airport. Some of the widow-women at Swaggart's had an eye for him and he was rumored to "have money." But no one was going to get HER man though as far as the "Mexican frizz" was concerned. The LUST spirit coupled with the GREED spirit was well entrenched not only at JSM but, as I discovered, in churches EVERYWHERE.

At the end of nine months, a letter arrived asking my girls and me to come to yet another "campmeeting." We could even stay at his house (saving money). He was ever money conscious. His two "children" still lived with him. They were 23 and 26 and still living off daddy at the time. I thought "What could be the harm? We're Christian adults and my children are with me and his will be around too."

This time I drove to Baton Rouge. Upon our arrival, I was amazed to enter a huge family room which I had seen in recurring dreams more than ten years earlier. This dream had always been a mystery in the back of my mind. I had known that this recurring dream contained portions of every place I had lived since dreaming this dream and now this! Every detail of that dream had vividly been written in my mind ... and here I was standing in the final stages of the dream being played out before my eyes. Was it deja vu? Or was I about to enter the twilight zone of a spiritual war?

Campmeeting was great. I noticed none of the feelings I had felt on my previous visit and I was so "in the Spirit" at one service, I zipped over the "old man," down the aisle and past Jimmy Swaggart while he was singing. For a "chubby," lightning had never been so fast. (Running and dancing in the Spirit are standard in the Pentecostal and Assembly of God Churches when the Spirit of God so fills you that you are about to burst. This was first exampled by David dancing in the Spirit in the Bible. I Chronicles 15:29.) At another service, the spirit in me again desired to run but the heavy hairy arm of the "old man" restrained me. Our eyes met and I said, "Don't you ever quench the Spirit in me again." It was a prophetic statement unknown to me at the time. It seems to me that by that time I was already under the spell of the religious witchcraft spirit that also had already grasped the ministry and there were no prayer warriors or "gifted" ministers allowed to witness or attest to the spiritual invasion that was going on. If they did, they were thought to be somewhat flaky.... and the finger was pointed by two or three witnesses. This was only a foretaste of the spiritual quenching Satan had tried to plan for me at Jimmy Swaggart Ministries.

Settled at home at last, my girls and I began our regular routine which was interrupted a short three days later with a knock at my door. No phone call ... no letter ... no invitation. There stood the "old man." He had found what he wanted and he wasn't taking no for an answer. He said he would sleep on the couch. I should have said, get a room ... I told him it didn't look good...he would have to either marry me or leave. He soon left, but shortly he came back with his daughter in tow to marry me. Within another week we were married at my church in Florida. We had a small chapel service witnessed by his daughter and my daughters but he never told his son about the wedding because they "did not get along." He said he would deal with "that" later. The "old man" was 64, 21 years my senior. For someone who supposedly "had money," all he adorned my finger with was a twenty dollar wedding band and I paid for the wedding costs.

Was he kidding? He wanted a wife who could have a baby for him. "My Lord" I thought, "This man thinks we're Abraham and Sarah." God came through I thought ... a Christian old man, with "a little money," VERY little money, (social security), and a last ditch effort to fulfill my dream of a long ago promise from the Lord of a precious gift awaiting me (a son). (But did I do this in my own strength and was it the right man?) Although I knew he was going to lose his house because of the "oil crunch" and turbulent times of '86-88 ... (he HAD BEEN a millionaire ...


Excerpted from Jimmy Swaggart: The Anointed Cherub That Covereth by Patricia Ann Sunday Copyright © 2010 by Patricia Ann Sunday. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Jimmy Swaggart 3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
At first glance of the cover, the picture and title caught my attention, and then i also saw in larger letters Jimmy Swaggart, so i thought he had written the book, So with an oppen mind I bought the book on my NOOK. Well it didnt take long to figure out Jimmy Swaggart hadnt written it. This book was a waste of time, I do feel sad for this women, Another wounded, Disolussioned, resentful, scared, frightened, women, blaming someone else(jimmy swaggart) for failing her and her One women crasade, (calling) to reviel the Anti-Christ. She carries on a love/hate delusional comrodery with Jimmy Swaggart, and acts as though shes knows him first hand, and that if it wasnt for Frances, (Mrs. Swaggart), She would put him on the true path he should be on,. I do know that the Bible dose say, "you'll know them by their fruit". And it would appear to me that the Swaggarts from what i can see, have a strong marrage, family, & ministry, and that they are fighting the Good fight, and threw trials and tribulations have gotten where they, GOD! Has brought them. JESUS tells us to bring everything to the Cross. THE Swaggarts dont strike me as people that would " toss you out, on your, ear", with Hundreds of Others, keeping the true decievers amongst them. This book was like reading a one sided demented, school-girl, crush, paranormal, Oh and did i say, the "boy" , already has a girlfriend. THE TRULY SAD THING IS! THAT THIS IS A FICTIONAL! NON-FICTION! IF YOU CATCH MY DRIFT. I feel really bad for the Author, But our Hope, Deliverece, Healing, Salvation, Love and Grace to name a few are at the Cross of Jesus. Claim it, walk in it find YOUR TRUE CALLING.,
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great book