John Adams: Our Second President

John Adams: Our Second President

by Sneed B. Collard III

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John Adams, the second president of the United States, was born in Massachusetts in 1735. Although his parents could not have known that they were raising a future president, they made every effort to see that he was well educated and yet remained humble and compassionate. John entered Harvard College at the age of 16 and further developed his love of books and his gift for public speaking. After graduating from law school, John married and returned to the family farm to start a family. His restlessness to achieve great things would bring him to the forefront when, in 1765, Great Britain passed the Stamp Act and forced the citizens of the colonies to pay taxes on things that they were buying from England. John Adams felt strongly that the colonies should be given a voice in these taxes and he began writing essays about his feelings. John Adams would go on to become a leader for freedom from Great Britain's stronghold. His stand in the public forum would lead him to be elected president in 1797. This is a part of the series "American Heroes" which also includes titles on David Crockett, Abraham Lincoln, Rosa Parks, Benjamin Franklin, and Sacagawea. The appendices include a chronology, glossary, index, and a list of historical sites to visit. This is a recommended title for middle school biography collections.

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American Heroes Series
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