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John Carter of Mars: A Princess of Mars, The Gods of Mars, The Warlord of Mars (Library of Wonder)

John Carter of Mars: A Princess of Mars, The Gods of Mars, The Warlord of Mars (Library of Wonder)

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by Edgar Rice Burroughs

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Interplanetary perils and swashbuckling adventures on the Red Planet await you in John Carter of Mars, a thrilling trio of science fantasy novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Written during the heyday of the pulp fiction era, these bestselling, epic blends of derring-do and dazzling romance permanently remapped the terrain of fantasy and science fiction.


Interplanetary perils and swashbuckling adventures on the Red Planet await you in John Carter of Mars, a thrilling trio of science fantasy novels by Edgar Rice Burroughs. Written during the heyday of the pulp fiction era, these bestselling, epic blends of derring-do and dazzling romance permanently remapped the terrain of fantasy and science fiction. Lavishly illustrated by comic art celebrity Thomas Yeates, this new edition brings Burroughs’ classic tales vividly to life for modern readers.


A Princess of Mars (1912) introduces officer John Carter, transported magically from Earth to Mars and plunged immediately into intrigues embroiling the Martian races. In The Gods of Mars (1918) and The Warlord of Mars (1919), Burroughs elaborates his colorful vision of Mars as a home to fantastic fauna, airborne pirates, and battling tribes of nomadic, four-armed green Martian giants and city-dwelling red Martians.

Already a seasoned swordsman, Carter becomes an even fiercer warrior, unfettered by the planet’s lesser gravity. Thrust into one deadly battle after another as he seeks to woo the beautiful Dejah Thoris, Princess of Helium, John Carter of Mars magnificently meets his destiny as science fiction’s first larger-than-life hero.

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Library of Wonder
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Meet the Author

Born in Chicago, Illinois, on September 1, 1875, into a well-to-do family, Edgar Rice Burroughs was given an aristocratic private education. But though he tried his hand at several business ventures, he was drawn more to an itinerant life of adventure than to a life in the boardroom.

In 1912, after many failed business ventures, the thirty-five-year-old Burroughs published his first story, “Under the Moons of Mars,” in the pulp magazine All-Story. It was so successful that he turned soon thereafter to writing full-time. He would write nearly 70 novels and numerous short stories before his death in 1950. Although best-known for his immensely popular Tarzan series—he later bought an estate near where the films were shot in Southern California that he named Tarzana—Burroughs didn’t confine himself to a single genre, also writing medieval romances, westerns, and mainstream novels.

Among his many science-fiction works, Burroughs wrote eleven novels in the John Carter of Mars series, the titular final installment of which was published fourteen years after his death in 1950.

Mike Ashley is a full time writer and researcher with nearly a hundred books to his credit. These cover such diverse titles as The Seven Wonders of the World, British Kings and Queens, The Mammoth Book of King Arthur, Incredible Monsters and the biography of Algernon Blackwood, Starlight Man. He has also written a four-volume history of the science-fiction magazines and a book about the British popular fiction magazines The Age of the Story-tellers. He lives in Kent, England with his wife and three cats, and when time allows likes to go for long walks.

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John Carter of Mars A Princess of Mars, The Gods of Mars, The Warlord of Mars Library of Wonder) 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 19 reviews.
BarsoomReader More than 1 year ago
I picked up my copy of John Carter of Mars at my local B & N store. I was blown away. The quality of the book was fantastic. The stories may be old, but with the endless illustrations by Thomas Yeates, the book seemed as new as today. His work is spectacular. I believe that I would have purchased this volume just for the illustration, even if I didn't like the stories. I hope you will do other Edgar Rice Burroughs books in the near future, an please have Thomas Yeates do the illustrations.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This is exactly the type of book you should NOT buy for your Nook. The font is tiny and you cannot adjust it. It looks more like a scanned file than a eBook. Forget this one.
WCW More than 1 year ago
Many readers might be familiar with the basic story line of Edgar Rice Burroughs' classic Martian tales. Familiar with John Carter of Mars, his Martian Princess Dejah Thoris and his fierce six limbed green Martian warrior ally Tars Tarkas. What might not be as familiar is the complex story arc that sweeps through these first three volumes--with concepts and conflicts of war, peace and the survival of a people. Of the inventiveness of Burroughs' Barsoom with its many racial, multi species population, and the ever changing political and religious interests that ultimately lead to a great war and the salvation of an entire planet from the tyranny of a false god. The first three novels in one volume provide a chance to read and absorb the story as one continuous tale. This volume is very handsome, well crafted and put together, with amazing illustrations by Thomas Yeates. The colorful endpapers and volume breaks, page decorations, lists of illustration and other features make this a book of high quality, and at an amazingly low price.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ever since Del Rey began their excellent series of Robert E. Howard collections, I've been waiting and hoping that they or someone similar would do the same for Burroughs' classic, hugely influential works. (How influential? Well, for example, Star Wars fans might be surprised to learn that the "Martian" words "Jed" and "Sith" are used throughout the Mars series of novels.) The problem with collecting Burroughs in this day and age, however, is that many of his novels have fallen into public domain, which basically means that anyone with access to a high speed copier can print their own editions. Still, I have always felt that a well-designed edition of public domain works is still infinitely more marketable than a cheap knockoff from an on-demand printer, and this volume, with its magnificent (and exclusive) illustrations by Thomas Yeates, proves my point (at least insofar as they were able to sell it to ME immediately). The question now, though, is whether Fall River will continue with the rest of the series. As I alluded above, there are a number of publishers who have printed A PRINCESS OF MARS or the trilogy that this edition collects, only to let the rest of the series fall by the wayside. Just as I felt that these books merited a quality package, I also feel that the series as a whole will be much more marketable, both to its oldest fans and to new readers, if the ENTIRE series is made available. Apart from the short-lived Leonaur publications from a couple of years ago (which apparently suffered from numerous character-recognition-derived glitches), I don't believe this has yet been tried. Given the quality of this book, I believe it's crucial for Burroughs fans to pester the living daylights out of Fall River until they agree to complete the series. (And a companion edition reprinting the entire Pellucidar series wouldn't be too shabby an idea either!)
dbash007 More than 1 year ago
When ever you read Edgar Rice Burroughs you are reading the best and the art work in this book is as good as it gets.
BarsoomLover More than 1 year ago
This is how EVERY Edgar Rice Burroughs novel should be reprinted -- lavishly illustrated by an artist who draws evocative, detailed pictures that reflect not only the story but the imagination of the artist. Thomas Yeates is the perfect illustrator for Burroughs, and we can only hope that B&N retains his talents for future ERB reprints. With Pixar's John Carter of Mars film slated for 2012, the rest of the Barsoom canon needs to be reprinted in this format ASAP! My only further request would be a dustjacket to protect the illustrated covers. This is the perfect edition to introduce new readers to Burroughs, the Grandfather of American Science Fiction, or for longtime Burroughs fans to get reacquainted with his stories.
brekkejt More than 1 year ago
I saw a friend's copy of this magnificent trilogy and was so impressed by the Thomas Yeates art which reinvents the characters, creatures, and exotic places from the classic science fiction romances from Edgar Rice Burroughs, the "Master of Adventure," that I ordered multiple copies in order to send them to some of my overseas pen pals who are Burroughs fans. The book is more than worth the price just for the art, but don't forget that these are timeless tales of adventure. Introduce your friends to the exotic world of Barsoom with this excellent book.
manirul01 More than 1 year ago
Uzukitty More than 1 year ago
I love these books, and especially this edition... it not only has the first three books of the John carter of mars series.. but some of the original artwork done for it as well.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This collection of three John Carter stories moves at a rapid pace. It clearly is the inspirational source for Star Wars, Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon. The PagePerfect format was a delight, especially the original illustrations. However, I found it sometimes awkward to turn pages, accidentally zooming instead. By the third story it seemed that Mr. Burroughs was tiring of the premise and resorted to ever greater spectacle to top the previous scene. I found the character dynamics of the first story the most interesting. I really got a sense of the friendship and affection between John, Deja Thoris and especially Tars Tarkis. I think every science fiction fan should read this at least once along with Verne and Wells. It is an excellent example of the roots of the genre.
ahunr661 More than 1 year ago
It is amazing that an author in 1886 could have the foresight to envision so many things that would become real so far in the future. Having also seen the movie now I can say that the book was far better. The film makers tried to stay as far from the original story as possible, and failed miserably. Read the book!
j12345 More than 1 year ago
Great selection for the young to read, something that will challenge their reading skills and provide escapism and adventure. Written as a novel but obviously in a serial type fashion, the action and suspense is nonstop. John Carter does on Mars what Tarzan could only do in the jungle. Amazing characters abound thoughout this three part story. Good always triumphs although there are some scary moments.
Simon_Wagstaff More than 1 year ago
This is a great book to introduce young readers to science fiction. I loved the original illustrations. Kids will love these books(three books bound as one) especially if they are at that time in life where scantily clad, large breasted women are beginning to pique their curiosity and exotic landscapes and creatures appeal to their imagination. Like Burrough's Tarzan character, John Carter is larger than life and a heroic action figure.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Tom_K More than 1 year ago
The novels are swords-and-sorcery fantasy, with an overlay of science fiction as understood a hundred years ago. The writing style is also dated. Having said that, the three novels in this book are well crafted light escapist fiction. The book is lavishly illustrated, handsomely bound and reasonably priced. The same novels are available as separate volumes in paperback, without illustrations, for almost as much a piece as in this volume.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Maggie1234 More than 1 year ago
The first three John Carter novels were some of the best planetary romance novels ever written. So good that movies are now in the works for these books. What makes these first three novels better than what has been done in the past is the accompanying artwork of Thomas Yeates. His 60 illustrations are just incredible and makes this book worthy of the price alone. This is a book for anyone who has ever admired Edgar Rice Burroughs or would like to read some of his best novels. Get this book. Hopefully, if this book is successful, we will get to see Yeates illustrate the reprinting of the next three books in the Mars series. And even beyond that, how about Barnes and Nobles repinting the Tarzan books starting withe the first with Yeates doing the interior artwork as well. Dennis
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The three best books Edgar Rice Burroughs ever wrote! But if the illustration here is the cover for the book I've been waiting for for six months, then the editors should be not only ashamed, but fired. The cover doesn't capture a single iota of the sense of wonder in these novels. In short, it's awful. Is that the immortal hero over there, hidden in shadow??? What's that in the foreground -- a bumblebee with a spear? These look like illos from the interior, colored (badly) and placed out of context on the cover, thus losing their impact. Seriously -- were the book designers both blind and drugged when they came up with this?