John Langstaff Sings Archival Folk Collection

John Langstaff Sings Archival Folk Collection

by John Langstaff

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Revels Records

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Disc 1

  1. O Waly, Waly, folk song
  2. The Carrion Crow, folk song
  3. All 'Round My Hat I Will Wear a Green Willow, folk song
  4. The Cruel Mother, folk song for voice & piano (Folksongs from Newfoundland,
  5. The Farmer's Curst Wife, folk song
  6. I will give my love an apple, folk song for unison chorus & piano (Folk
  7. Lord Rendall, folk song
  8. Billy Boy, song (Thaunton, Massachusetts)
  9. The Croodin' Doo, folk song
  10. John Barleycorn, folk song
  11. The Lovers' Tasks (The Elfin Knight), traditional song
  12. The Green Wedding (English), folk song
  13. She's Like the Swallow
  14. John Riley, folksong

Disc 2

  1. Bonnie Wee Thing (Dedication to L.B.P.)
  2. Pretty Sally
  3. The Two Brothers
  4. The Deaf Woman's Courtship
  5. At The Foot Of Yonders Mountain
  6. The Rich Old Lady
  7. There Was A Man In Our Town, for voice & piano
  8. Baby Bunting, for voice & piano
  9. When I Was A Little Boy, for voice & piano
  10. Rosey Boy, Posey Boy, for voice & piano
  11. The Frog Went Courtin', for voice & piano
  12. The Dæmon Lover, for piano
  13. Jockie to the Fair, for piano
  14. Pretty Sally, for piano

Disc 3

  1. The False Knight Upon the Road
  2. The Little Turtle Dove
  3. Seventeen Come Sunday
  4. Sir Patrick Opens
  5. Blow Away the Morning Dew, folk song
  6. The Trees They Grow So High, folk song
  7. The Crawfish Man's Street Cry
  8. She Moved through the Fair, folk song
  9. The Golden Vanity
  10. The Rich Old Lady
  11. Nottamun Town
  12. John Barleycorn, folk song
  13. The Jolly Ploughboy, folk song for male chorus or unison chorus & piano (Fo
  14. St. James Hospital
  15. The brisk young widow, for voice & piano (Folk Songs, Vol. 5)
  16. Six Dukes Went A-Fishin', folk song

Disc 4

  1. Black Is the Color of My True Love's Hair
  2. Bingo
  3. I Wish I Was a Child Again
  4. Hares on the Mountain
  5. The Two Magicians
  6. The Trees They Do Grow High
  7. Lady Maisry
  8. Edward
  9. As I Walked Through the Meadows
  10. The Lark in the Morn
  11. The Gypsy Laddie
  12. The Go and Tell Aunt Nancy
  13. Soldier, Soldier, Won't You Marry Me?
  14. Cripple Creek Girls
  15. The Tottenham Toad
  16. The Frog in the Well (Virginia variant)
  17. Dance to Your Daddy, folk song
  18. As I Was Going to Banbury
  19. The Swapping Song
  20. Dashing Away With the Smoothing Iron
  21. O My Love, Will You Wear Red?
  22. The Frog and the Mouse (English variant)
  23. Cocky Robin
  24. What'll We Do With the Baby?
  25. The Mocking Bird (Hush Up, Baby)
  26. Bye, Bye Baby
  27. Tiny Man
  28. Weekdays and Sundays
  29. Oh Jacky, Stand Still
  30. Turn Round, Turn Round
  31. A Basket Full of Nuts
  32. Our Baby Prince
  33. All the Ducks
  34. Polly Perkin
  35. Follow the Leader
  36. Poor Doggie
  37. Baby's Song

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

John Langstaff   Primary Artist,Vocals,Baritone,Baritone (Vocal)
John Powell   Piano
Gerald Moore   Piano
Judith Gordon   Piano
Sam Mason   Piano
Nancy Woodbridge   Piano
Martin Best Medieval Ensemble   Guitar
Sam Mason   Piano
John Longstaff   Vocals
Martin Best   Guitar

Technical Credits

John Powell   Arranger
John Langstaff   Liner Notes,Executive Producer,Program Notes
George Martin   Liner Notes
Jermone Epstein   Composer
Malcolm Taylor   Liner Notes
Padraic Colum   Composer
Frank Cunningham   Engineer
Maud Karpeles   Liner Notes
Margaret Davis   Compilation Supervisor
Maxim Langstaff   Producer
Cecil Sharp   Arranger
Traditional   Composer
Pamela Emerson   Director
Jocelyn Carson   Cover Photo
Robert Burns   Composer
David Langstaff   Executive Producer
Gayle Rich   Manuscript Coordinator
Douglas Kennedy   Liner Notes
Oscar Preuss   Compilation Supervisor
Judy Lockhart-Smith   Compilation Supervisor
Joe Carson   Cover Photo
Doug Wechsler   Cover Photo
Michele Langstaff   Producer
John Longstaff   Liner Notes
Colum   Lyricist

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