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John Wyclif: Myth and Reality

John Wyclif: Myth and Reality

by G. R. Evans

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InterVarsity Press
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What People are Saying About This

Alister McGrath
"Easily the most readable, enjoyable and up-to-date biography of this major English political and religious reformer. Highly recommended!"
Alister McGrath, Professor of Historical Theology, University of Oxford
J. I. Packer
"With easy expertise and shrewd insight, medievalist G. R. Evans leads us into the world, the times, the goals, the career and the legacy of combative academic John Wyclif. Though Wyclif was hardly the hero Protestant hagiology has made him, his opposition to papal autocracy and transubstantiation, followed by his ejection from the Oxford establishment, started something, and this fine, full biography enables us to discern just what that was."
J. I. Packer, Professor of Theology, Regent College
Oliver O'Donovan
"Gillian Evans's biography of John Wyclif leaves us with a vivid sense of the theological intensity, the spiky polemicism and the bewildered incomprehension of the hostility he aroused, which make him one of the most intriguing and disturbing of late-medieval intellectuals."
Oliver O'Donovan, Regius Professor of Moral and Pastoral Theology, University of Oxford
Timothy George
"This is the first major study of John Wyclif since Workman's classic biography of 1926. Evans places Wyclif in the turbulent context of the late Middle Ages with exquisite skill, precise attention to detail, and sensitivity to both the politics and ideas that swirled around this enigmatic figure. Wyclif's place in the history of Christian thought remains an open question, but this well-researched book will long remain the standard study in the field."
Timothy George, Dean, Beeson Divinity School, Samford University, and executive editor of Christianity Today
Benedicta Ward
"This original and provocative approach to John Wyclif sheds new light on his life and work and also on the teaching of theology in fourteenth-century Oxford."
Benedicta Ward, S.L.G., Reader in Christian Spirituality, University of Oxford
Mark A. Noll
"The life of John Wyclif is a thicket hemmed in by myths, hagiography, long-standing controversies and a dearth of sources. It is the great merit of this exceedingly well-balanced biography not only to cut through the thicket but also to provide a carefully sifted portrait of this major figure. Wyclif may not have been all that later Protestants held him to be, but in Evans's judicious account we come closer to seeing him as he really was."
Mark A. Noll, author of The Rise of Evangelicalism

Meet the Author

G. R. Evans is Professor of Medieval Theology and Intellectual History at the University of Cambridge and was British Academy Research Reader in Theology from 1986 to 1988. She has written on a wide range of medieval authors including Augustine, Gregory the Great, Anselm, Bernard of Clairvaux and Alan of Lille. She has also written The Language and Logic of the Bible in the Middle Ages (Cambridge University Press) and Faith in the Medieval World (IVP).

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