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Johnnie & Jack and the Tennessee Mountain Boys

Johnnie & Jack and the Tennessee Mountain Boys

by Johnnie & Jack
Multi-disc box set of everything this country duo ever recorded. From their early bluegrass and gospel sides (some featuring Kitty Wells) to their rhumba beat hits of the '50s, it's all here. With heartfelt singing and playing, great songwriting and much good humor in abundance, all box set retrospectives should be this much fun to listen


Multi-disc box set of everything this country duo ever recorded. From their early bluegrass and gospel sides (some featuring Kitty Wells) to their rhumba beat hits of the '50s, it's all here. With heartfelt singing and playing, great songwriting and much good humor in abundance, all box set retrospectives should be this much fun to listen to. Highly recommended.

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Release Date:
Bear Family


Disc 1

  1. Lord, Watch O'er My Daddy
  2. There's No Housing Shortage in Heaven
  3. Love in the First Degree
  4. Too Many Blues
  5. This Is the End
  6. Paper Boy
  7. Sing Tom Kitty
  8. Jole Blon
  9. I'll Be Listening
  10. This World Can't Stand Long
  11. The Old Country Church
  12. I Heard My Name on the Radio
  13. Turn Your Radio On
  14. He Will Set Your Fields on Fire
  15. What About You?
  16. For Old Times Sake
  17. Just When I Needed You
  18. She Went with a Smile
  19. Trails and Tribulations
  20. Buried Alive
  21. I Heard My Saviour Call
  22. Pray Together and We'll Stay Together
  23. Shout
  24. You Better Get Down on Your Knees and Pray
  25. Too Much Sinning
  26. Jesus Hits Like an Atom Bomb
  27. Too Far from God

Disc 2

  1. Jesus Remembered Me
  2. Poison Love
  3. Lonesome
  4. I'm Gonna Love You One More Time
  5. A Smile on My Lips
  6. Take My Ring from Your Finger
  7. I Can't Tell My Heart That
  8. Cryin' Heart Blues
  9. Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide
  10. Humming Bird
  11. How Can I Believe in You
  12. You Tried to Ruin My Name
  13. Ashes of Love
  14. Three Ways of Knowing
  15. When You Want a Little Lovin'
  16. You Can't Fool God
  17. Precious Memories
  18. Shake My Mother's Hand for Me
  19. When the Savior Reached Down for Me
  20. Slow Poison
  21. But I Love You Just the Same
  22. Just for Tonight
  23. Don't Show Off
  24. Heart Trouble
  25. Two Timing Blues
  26. I've Gone and Done It Again
  27. Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes
  28. The Only One I Ever Loved I Lost
  29. Borrowed Diamonds
  30. Private Property

Disc 3

  1. S.O.S
  2. Called from Potter's Field
  3. I'll Live with God (To Die No More)
  4. Angels Rock Me to Sleep
  5. The Eastern Gate
  6. Hank Williams Will Live Forever
  7. South of New Orleans
  8. You're My Downfall
  9. The Winner of Your Heart
  10. Don't Say Goodbye If You Love Me
  11. Pig Latin Serenade
  12. Love Trap
  13. Cheated Out of Love
  14. From the Manger to the Cross
  15. I'm Ready to Go
  16. God Put a Rainbow in the Clouds
  17. Don't Give Away Your Bible
  18. Crazy Worried Mind
  19. Pleasure Not a Habit in Mexico
  20. You've Got Me in Your Power
  21. Dynamite Kisses
  22. I Loved You Better Than Ever You Knew
  23. Pickup Date
  24. Borrowed Diamonds
  25. Private Property
  26. S.O.S
  27. (Oh Baby Mine) I Get So Lonely
  28. You're Just What the Doctor Ordered
  29. I Ain't Got Time
  30. All the Time
  31. Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight
  32. Honey, I Need You

Disc 4

  1. Kiss Crazy Baby
  2. Beware of It
  3. Sincerely
  4. Carry On
  5. No One Dear But You
  6. We Live in Two Different Worlds
  7. So Lovely Baby
  8. Look Out
  9. Don't Waste Your Tears
  10. Weary Moments
  11. Dream When You're Lonely
  12. Tom Cat's Kitten
  13. Feet of Clay
  14. I Want to Be Loved
  15. You Can't Divorce My Heart
  16. Baby, It's in the Making
  17. I Loved You Better Than Ever You Knew
  18. I Wonder Why You Say Goodbye
  19. Love, Love, Love
  20. What's the Reason, I'm Not Pleasing You
  21. Love Fever
  22. Live and Let Live
  23. When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold Again
  24. Why Not Confess
  25. The Banana Boat Song (Day-O)
  26. Mister Clock
  27. Love Me Now
  28. If Tears Could Bring You Back
  29. That's Why I'm Leavin'
  30. Oh Boy, I Love Her

Disc 5

  1. Baby I Need You
  2. Sweet Lies
  3. Move It on Over
  4. No One Will Ever Know
  5. I Don't Mean to Cry
  6. I Wonder Where You Are Tonight
  7. Slowly
  8. Wedding Bells
  9. I Never Can Come Back to You
  10. You Are My Sunshine
  11. Stop the World (And Let Me Off)
  12. Camel Walk Stroll
  13. I've Seen This Movie Before
  14. Yeah
  15. Poison Love
  16. Leave Our Moon Alone
  17. Lonely Island Pearl
  18. That's the Way the Cookie Crumbles
  19. Ashes of Love
  20. What About You
  21. Cryin' Heart Blues
  22. South in New Orleans
  23. Just When I Needed You
  24. I Can't Tell My Heart That
  25. Lonesome
  26. Three Ways of Knowing
  27. No One Dear But You
  28. (Oh Baby Mine) I Get So Lonely
  29. Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight
  30. With a Smile on My Lips

Disc 6

  1. What Do You Know About Heartaches
  2. I Wonder If You Know
  3. It's Just the Idea
  4. It's Just the Idea
  5. Sailor Man
  6. Wild and Wicked World
  7. Sweetie Pie
  8. Happy, Lucky Love
  9. Just Like You
  10. Dreams Come True
  11. Sle Loves Me Know More
  12. Country Music Has Gone to Town
  13. Talkin' Eyes
  14. Lonesome Night Wind
  15. Love Problems
  16. I'm Always by Myself When I'm Alone
  17. Smiles and Tears
  18. Uncle John's Bongos
  19. Let My Heart Be Broken
  20. Sweet Baby
  21. The Moon Is High (And So Am I)
  22. Thirty Six, Twenty Two, Thirty Six
  23. What Do You Think of Her Now
  24. Poison Love
  25. Bye Bye Love
  26. Slow Poison
  27. Foolin' Around
  28. Waterloo
  29. A Little Bitty Tear
  30. I Overlooked an Orchid
  31. You'll Never Get a Better Chance Than This

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Johnnie & Jack   Primary Artist
Buddy Emmons   Steel Guitar
Chet Atkins   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar,Rhythm Guitar
Floyd Cramer   Piano
Hank Garland   Guitar,Electric Guitar
Grandpa Jones   Banjo,Baritone (Vocal)
Benny Martin   Fiddle,Guitar,Baritone (Vocal)
Buddy Spicher   Fiddle
Paul Warren   Fiddle,Bass (Vocal)
Kitty Wells   Background Vocals,Baritone (Vocal)
Buck Trent   Banjo
Anita Kerr   Choir, Chorus
Grady Martin   Guitar,Leader
Clyde Moody   Bass,Guitar,Bass (Vocal),Vocals
Bill Phillips   Guitar,Baritone (Vocal)
Shot Jackson   Dobro,Guitar,Steel Guitar,Slide Guitar
Mother Maybelle Carter   Autoharp
Johnnie Wright   Bass,Guitar,Leader,Maracas,Vocals,Track Performer
Harold Bradley   Guitar
Owen Bradley   Leader
Felice Bryant   Background Vocals
Boudleaux Bryant   Background Vocals,Human Whistle
Paul Buskirk   Mandolin
Ray Edenton   Guitar,Drums,Rhythm Guitar
Charles Randolph Grean   Bass
Buddy Harman   Drums,Maracas,Blocks
Hoyt Hawkins   Choir, Chorus
Eddie Hill   Bass,Guitar,Bass (Vocal),Rhythm Guitar,Vocals,Background Vocals,Baritone (Vocal),Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part,Recitation
Hugh Jarrett   Bass (Vocal),Choir, Chorus,Baritone (Vocal)
Buddy Killen   Human Whistle
Douglas Kirkham   Drums
Millie Kirkham   Choir, Chorus
John D. Loudermilk   Gut String Guitar
Neal Matthews   Choir, Chorus
Wayne Moss   Bass
Ernest Ernie Newton   Bass,Maracas
Louis Dean Nunley   Choir, Chorus
Velma Smith   Guitar
Marijohn Wilkin   Choir, Chorus
Paul Yandell   Guitar,Electric Guitar
Joe Zinkan   Bass,Rhythm Guitar
Dorothy Ann Dillard   Choir, Chorus,Baritone (Vocal),Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part,Dialogue
Roy Huskey   Bass
Herman Wade   Guitar,Electric Guitar
Jack Anglin   Guitar,Vocals,Tenor (Vocal),Track Performer
Andrew L. Goodrich   Saxophone
Charlie McCoy   Harmonica
Dale Potter   Fiddle
William Whitney Pursell   Piano
Paul Rice   Bass,Background Vocals
Stephen H. Sholes   Stick
Culley Holt   Bass (Vocal),Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part,Dialogue
Bob Moore   Bass
Jack Shook   Rhythm Guitar
Hugh Gordon Stoker   Choir, Chorus
Ray "Duck" Atkins   Dobro,Baritone (Vocal)
Claude Casey   Bass
Ernest Ferguson   Mandolin
Harold Morrison   Banjo,Guitar,Baritone (Vocal),Slide Guitar
Floyd Robinson   Guitar,Electric Guitar
Ray C. Walker   Bass (Vocal),Choir, Chorus,Speech/Speaker/Speaking Part,Recitation
Louis Innis   Guitar,Electric Guitar
Thomas Lee Jackson   Fiddle
William Guilford Wright   Choir, Chorus
Neal Matthews   Choir, Chorus
Johnny Degeorge   Drums
Johnny Sibert   Dobro,Steel Guitar
Lester Wilburn   Bass
Velma E. Williams Smith   Guitar
Ray Crisp   Fiddle,Guitar,Vocals
Emory Martin   Banjo
James "Jimmy" Atkins   Guitar
Ruby Wells   Baritone (Vocal)
Robert Lee "Bob" Foster   Guitar
Clyde Carl Baum   Mandolin,Vocals,Baritone (Vocal)
Dorris Paul Warren   Fiddle,Bass (Vocal)

Technical Credits

Norman Blake   Composer
Carl Story   Composer
Doug Kershaw   Composer
Roy Acuff   Composer
Chet Atkins   Composer,Producer
Jimmie Davis   Composer
Benny Martin   Composer
Moon Mullican   Composer
Willie Nelson   Composer
Buck Owens   Composer
Marty Robbins   Composer
Mel Tillis   Composer
Erik Darling   Composer
Alan Freed   Composer
Michael Hurley   Composer
Leon Russell   Composer
Carly Simon   Composer
Fats Waller   Composer
Roger Miller   Composer
Roy Drusky   Composer
Bunny Sigler   Composer
Justin Tubb   Composer
Pee Wee King   Composer
Don Helms   Composer
Marvin Rainwater   Composer
Redd Stewart   Composer
Ernest Tubb   Composer
Cindy Walker   Composer
Johnny Bond   Composer
Anita Carter   Composer
Carl Belew   Composer
Johnnie Wright   Composer,Illustrations
Jimmie Driftwood   Composer
Cliff Carlisle   Composer
Alan Arkin   Composer
Chester B. Atkins   Producer
Owen Bradley   Producer
Felice Bryant   Composer
Boudleaux Bryant   Composer
Bob Carey   Composer
Bob Carlysle   Composer
June Carter Cash   Composer
Hank Cochran   Composer
Colin Escott   Illustrations
Mel Foree   Composer
Francisco Slinger   Composer
David Freeman   Illustrations
Harvey Fuqua   Composer
Berry Gordy   Composer
Charles Randolph Grean   Producer
Reggie Griffin   Composer
Eddie Hill   Composer
Harlan Howard   Composer
Ike Turner   Composer
Paul Kennerley   Composer
John D. Loudermilk   Composer
Ira Louvin   Composer
Charlie Louvin   Composer
Patrick McCarthy   Composer
J.D. Miller   Composer
Charles Mitchell   Composer
Webb Pierce   Composer
Fred Rose   Composer
Steve Sholes   Producer
Jimmy Sigler   Composer
Eddie Stubbs   Liner Notes
Wayne Walker   Composer
Mark Wilder   Disc Dub
Marijohn Wilkin   Composer
Hank Williams   Composer
Joe Zinkan   Composer
Rev. Thomas A. Dorsey   Composer
Jack Anglin   Composer
Jim Anglin   Composer
John Bailes   Composer
Walter Bailes   Composer
Stephen H. Sholes   Producer
Gene Sullivan   Composer
William York   Composer
Helen Carter   Composer
Ray "Duck" Atkins   Vocal Impersonations
Claude Boone   Composer
Albert E. Brumley   Composer
Alton Delmore   Composer
Vaughn Horton   Composer
Johnnie Masters   Composer
Harold Morrison   Composer
Syd Nathan   Producer
Bill Nettles   Composer
Wiley Walker   Composer
Slim Willet   Composer
Tommy Blake   Composer
Jerry Strobel   Illustrations
Leverett   Illustrations
Hoffmann Nienburg   Artwork
R.A. Andreas   Illustrations
Richard Weize   Reissue Producer
M. Christian   Composer
Jacob Brackman   Composer
Hal Culpepper   Composer
Pinky Tomlin   Composer
Walt Trott   Liner Notes,Illustrations
W.S. Stevenson   Composer
Walter Hirsch   Composer
Sidney Wyche   Composer
Elmer Laird   Composer
John Jacob Loeb   Composer
Shirly Lyn   Composer
Clyde Baum   Composer
Vic McAlpin   Composer
Chuck Rogers   Composer
Jimmie Ainsworth   Composer
Pat Ballard   Composer
Ella Barrett   Composer
Bill Carrigan   Composer
Cy Coben   Composer
Bud Deckelman   Composer
Ace Dinning   Composer
Bonnie Dodd   Composer
Marion Easterling   Composer
Lou Wayne   Composer
Bill Becker   Composer
Earl Hatch   Composer
Odell McLeod   Composer
Sidney Prosen   Producer
Nelson King   Composer
Fisher Hendley   Composer
Clyde Carl Baum   Composer
Mary Ann Johnson   Composer
Sherman Bratcher   Composer
Paul Cohen   Producer
James Ray   Composer
Jamie Grier   Composer

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