by Eden Maguire

With the biggest YA audience in history hungry for the next paranormal romance, BEAUTIFUL DEAD is the perfect series to fill the hole left by Twilight. Forbidden love and death have never been so fresh, so new, and so sexy,,, See more details below


With the biggest YA audience in history hungry for the next paranormal romance, BEAUTIFUL DEAD is the perfect series to fill the hole left by Twilight. Forbidden love and death have never been so fresh, so new, and so sexy,,,

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Publishers Weekly
From the quick-cut narrative to the vividly visual descriptions, debut author Maguire’s first book in the Beautiful Dead series reads like a novelization of a TV show. It’s an accessible if shallow style, and the love-after-death theme has popular appeal. High school senior Phoenix, knifed to death in a street fight, returns as a zombie, and his grieving girlfriend, Darina, is a hidden witness to his resurrection. Defying the eerie zombie master, Hunter, Darina claims Phoenix, risking mind erasure or worse. The zombies have a goal—to solve the mysteries surrounding their deaths—and Darina offers to “play detective” for them. Hunter accepts, on the condition that Darina focus on Jonas, one of four newly undead “revenants” from Darina’s high school. From there, the story becomes a series of emotional confrontations, sweet interludes between the lovers, and adrenaline-surging moments of physical threat. Despite all the drama, the characters’ emotions seldom feel genuine (romantic sentiments are especially corny), but fans of the Twilight franchise and shows like Supernatural should be an eager audience. Ages 12–up. (Mar.)
VOYA - Sarah Hill
Darina is grieving—not only was her boyfriend Phoenix just killed in a knife fight, but three other high school students have also died in the past year. While wandering around a deserted house, Darina hears wings fluttering and catches a glimpse of Phoenix fixing a fencepost. Seeing is believing, right? Darina constantly returns to the deserted farmhouse and is rewarded with seeing Phoenix and her other friends, returned from the dead and living as zombies. Darina persuades the Beautiful Dead to allow her to solve the mystery of their deaths in return for her silence and her boyfriend's company. These zombies are not the scary ones portrayed in movies, but instead are pale, non-heart-having, magical zombies who inhabit this author's world. The zombies have an overlord who has given them a second chance and taught them to become invisible, with super-hearing and a desire to help their loved ones. Darina helps her friend Jonas discover the mystery involving his motorcycle crash and enables him to cross over to the other side. The romantic nature of the novel will appeal to preteens who enjoy the clean romance of Stephenie Meyer. The combination of mystery, the supernatural, and romance is enough to keep the reader interested, even if the dialogue is sometimes cheesy and overwrought. Darina accepts the idea of the Beautiful Dead a little too easily and does not seem to have many interactions with real people. The second installment, Arizona, will be published in the United States soon. Reviewer: Sarah Hill
Kirkus Reviews
Two days after the stabbing death of her boyfriend, Phoenix, Darina, hiding inside an old, abandoned barn in a remote wooded area (although it's never explained why the teenage girl ventured there alone) secretly observes his initiation into the Beautiful Dead, a troupe of young zombies who have one year to find out the truth about their deaths and seek justice. Their overlord agrees to spare Darina from having her mind wiped clean and to let her visit her boyfriend for the next year in exchange for playing detective and helping to solve the mysterious deaths of four Ellerton High classmates: Jonas, Arizona, Summer and Phoenix. First up is Jonas, the victim of a motorcycle crash, who only has ten days to find his killer within their small town. Despite its enticing cover, this simplistic, melodramatic story is stocked with flat characters and a pat ending. Even Darina's romance fails to generate any steam. And seriously, Phoenix AND Arizona? Only for fans who really, really can't get enough of the Twilight phenomenon. (Supernatural. YA)

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