Joplin: Rags & Ragtime

Joplin: Rags & Ragtime


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Deutsche Grammophon


  1. The Entertainer, for piano  - Morten Gunnar Larsen
  2. The Cascades, rag for piano  - Morten Gunnar Larsen
  3. Solace: A Mexican Serenade, for piano  - Morten Gunnar Larsen
  4. Scott Joplin's New Rag, for piano  - Morten Gunnar Larsen
  5. The Easy Winners, for piano  -  Philip Jones Brass Ensemble
  6. Gladiolus Rag, for piano  -  Philip Jones Brass Ensemble
  7. The Ragtime Dance, stoptime two-step for piano  -  Philip Jones Brass Ensemble
  8. Elite Syncopations, for piano  - Samuel Sanders
  9. Bethena, waltz for piano  - Eric Rogers
  10. Paragon Rag, for piano  - Eric Rogers
  11. Maple Leaf Rag, for piano
  12. Sugar Cane, ragtime two-step for piano
  13. Swipesy, cake walk for piano (collaboration with Arthur Marshall)  - Eric Rogers
  14. Magnetic Rag, for piano  - Eric Rogers
  15. Pine Apple Rag, for piano  - Eric Rogers
  16. Overture
  17. We're goin' around (A Ring Play)  - Kenneth Hicks
  18. Frolic of the bears
  19. We will rest a while
  20. Prelude
  21. The Entertainer, for piano

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Arthur Fiedler   Conductor
Eric Rogers   Piano
Boston Pops Orchestra   Performing Ensemble
Gunther Schuller   Conductor
Morten Gunnar Larsen   Piano
Philip Jones Brass Ensemble   Ensemble
Kenneth Hicks   Vocals
Heinrich Schiff   Cello
Houston Grand Opera Orchestra & Chorus   Choir, Chorus,Performing Ensemble
Samuel Sanders   Piano

Technical Credits

Scott Joplin   Composer
John Iveson   Arranger
Penny Bennett   Art Direction
Joseph S. Szurly   Executive Producer
Richard Cummins   Cover Illustration
Heinrich Schiff   Arranger
Richard Cummins   Cover Illustration
Joseph Szurly   Liner Notes,Executive Producer

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