Josh Hutcherson: Superstars!

Josh Hutcherson: Superstars!

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by Crabtree Publishing

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Children's Literature - Enid J. Portnoy
It must be a thrill to be labeled one of the "Superstars!" in this series which features life stories of today's popular celebrities. Josh Hutcherson has held several leading movie roles; the latest is in the movie version of the book The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Teenage fans have been very vocal about their love for Hutcherson. He has been acting since he was nine years old. As early as 2006, Hutcherson won a Young Artist Award for Best Performance in the movie "Zathura." Josh has supportive parents who moved from their home in Kentucky to New York, just to give Josh more theatrical opportunities. He won several television roles and appeared in a popular movie in 2003, when he was only ten. One acting role followed another and he has worked with stars such as Michael Caine, Annette Bening, and Julianne Moore. He was quoted as saying "Every time I read anything, whether it be a book, a script, or anything I automatically imagine myself as the boy." He supports many charities but his favorite one is Straight but Not Narrow. This charity campaigns for straight men to support gay teens, and become active against bullying practices. In 2011, he was selected to play, Peeta Mellark in the futuristic movie "The Hunger Games." Nineteen-years-old when the movie was released, Josh is now looking forward to an extremely active career, which he hopes will offer directing opportunities as well. Hutcherson's professional and family photographs included in the book are of interest to teenage movie fans. An index, glossary, website and print further resources pages appear at the end of the book. Aloian has written more than sixty nonfiction books.. Other celebrities in the "Superstars!" series include The Jonas Brothers, Justin Bieber, Kristen Stewart and Jennifer Lawrence. Reviewer: Enid J. Portnoy

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