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Journey Home

Journey Home

3.8 16
by Yoshiko Uchida, Charles Robinson (Illustrator)

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5.20(w) x 7.60(h) x 0.40(d)
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10 - 14 Years

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Journey Home 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 16 reviews.
jessica_wv More than 1 year ago
The main characters in the story are Yuki, her brother Ken, mama, and papa. Yuki and her family are sent to an American concentration camp for the Japanese Americans. Ken is sent to fight against the Japanese. A few months after he is sent away Yuki and her family are free from the American camp. They spend their first night in a church with Mr. Oka and his cat Hokusai. Mr. Oka plans on buying a store with Mama and Papa. Ken comes back from the war to find that his family has moved and started a new life owning a store.
Brookynn_B_WV More than 1 year ago
All Yuki ever wanted was to be back home in California safely with her family and her brother who is fighting in the war. Although times were hard during World War ll. Yuki and her family get sent to concentration camp in Topaz by the government during the time period of Word War ll. After a few months of being in camp, the war ended. The family is allowed to go back home in California, they decided to live in apartments and opened their own grocery store. Time started adding back up again and Yuki had made new friends, everything was beginning to be back to normal again. Eventually Ken, Yuki's brother came home from the war. He wasn't himself at all. Had something happened to Ken besides hurting his leg that he's not told anybody about? Yuki can tell something wrong with him. He's not acting like himself. He is always picking on her, but not now. Something is wrong with Ken! Journey Home is a book that shows emotion, love, care, and conflict. It seem like you are actually there. It is an excellent book. I would highly recommend anybody to read it, all ages. It is very simple to read, but so very good. It shows how close a family can really be. Also how close a family can be kept in such a hard period of time. But in the end. everything will be ok!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Guest More than 1 year ago
The book, THE JOURNEY HOME, didn¿t take that much of time to read it was okay, but not great!!! The story was mostly about her and how she was living and where she was living, Ken her brother was sent to World War II. To help out their Family, he decided to go him self for the good of their Family. He got hit by a bullet and or got wounded in the mountains in France. Mom on the other hand she is caring, Dad he worries too much. Then there¿s Mr. Oka, Yuki¿s Mom best friend, mostly who she considers him like her Grandpa. He is very nice to her, they write poems together in Japanese. Yuki does not understand the writing but her mom reads the poems to her. I think the book should be read at 7th or 8th grade level. They will enjoy the book at that stage level because their minds are those of a child. There is a time when the mind starts to think at a more mature level! I enjoyed the book but not that much because all these books that are coming out are about racism. They don¿t make them like the old times. But that¿s just me writing it right! I¿m not perfect so read the story for your self and you be the judge, and express you¿re self write your own review. But I still enjoyed reading it. Well so have fun reading the book you should like it theirs nothing wrong about it, it¿s just me writing this so read it, love it, and enjoy the book o.k. Until then.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book was fair. Its plot was good enough. The story never really took off until the 4th chapter. The main character could relate to some one who really has gone to a concentration camp. The whole plot was full of drama. Especially when I found out that yuki `s grand- mother and best friend are locked away also. It has it¿s own up¿s and downs. But still has a great story. The plot is pretty much self-explanatory a girl from California has to move to Salt Lake City, Utah because of her race and the war. Her family has to move also. It¿s set during world war two. That kind of reality has a bad effect on the family. Including the main character yuki. The authors writing style in this book was simple the author really got inside the mind of a child and noted exactly how a child would feel if they had no control of how and where they live. This book was meant for the younger generation because it point¿s out exactly what the Chinese had to go through during world war two. This book is not really meant for one gender because the book shows all different sides of the characters, the males and the females. My suggestions upon reading this book is to not stop reading only the first chapter keep reading to see where the story goes. Also keep an open mind of where book is going, and remember who the characters are and what the purpose of the cast had in the book. One of the twists of this story is that the main character (yuki) has a brother that is fighting in the war. There are not really many twists in the book but this is one good one. Besides the book the author also was very great. At first I did not know that this book was secretly about her. Then I looked up lots of good information about her and also I found out that all of these events happened to her at the age of eight.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is about this one girl name yuki is a very sad girl cause she don¿t have any friends and they had move to city to another and her and they live in west cost and her brother ken is in the war fighting japanese and there japanese and yuki keep on writing letter¿s to her brother but her brother never write back to her and her mom got this trunk that she put all her valuable stuff that remind her of my brother and then they move to salt lake city and then yuki accidentally broke this vase and then yuki knew that how much the vase meant to her mom and her mom had this feeling that something happened to ken she just knew it and then in the next morning her mom left the house and yuki stayed in the house and someone was knocking at the door then when she open the door she saw this mailman gave this letter to her then she look at it it¿s from ken then her mom got home then they read the letter it said that ken got hurt in his leg and then they went back to san francisco and then they both this one grocery for their business in the next morning this one white guy was standing on the front of the store and he said that this is going to be the best store ever in this neighborhood then the guy left and then a week later they wear sleeping up stairs then suddenly the store was in fire then they all ran out the house then yuki went to the next door neighbor and she said to call a fire department and then a week later ken got back home and that was the happiest day of her life¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿..
Guest More than 1 year ago
The title of my book is called Journey Home. The authors name is Yoshiko Uchidra, her book tells the adventures of one girl and her family that wants to go back home. A war is going on between the United States and the Japanese and Yuki¿s brother is at war and he is fighting for the Japanese. Her adventures led her to great events and not so many great events. Yuki has dreams that she always ends up in a concentration camp and wakes up scared that they might end up in that camp once more. Yuki sends messages with her mind to her friend that is in one of the camps with her grandmother. They began to get settle at there home when they get a call that they are able to leave home and they are so happy that they get packing there items so they could get back home. When they were move in the neighbor hood their next-door neighbor Mis Jamieson would give them something to welcome them to the neighbor hood and she would give them a boil soup. The thing Yuki hated was that she was family number 13453 and that made her feel like a prisoner. In the mail they had received letters from Topaz Yuki thought it was from Ken, her son that was in the war. The two letters were not from Ken they were from Mr. Toda one of Yuki¿s mother friends that was in a concentration camps. The day came when they had to leave Salt Lake City, she never felt so sad leaving, and she was saying good-bye to Mr. and Mrs. Henley. That is what this book is mostly all about the Journey Home for one girl named Yuki and her determined family to get back home.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Yoshiko Uchida writes a sentimental, yet finger-biting novel about a young girl named Yuki. After an event in history that changed Americans' lives forever, Yuki and all Japanese people are sent to concentration camps against their will. Through all odds, Yuki and her people learn to survive the horrible conditions. There are many tear-jerking moments in the novel, and Uchida's writing will captivate you with every word. I enjoyed this novel because it held a very powerful message of hope, faith, friendship, and forgiveness. I would recommend this novel to a reader enjoys quick reads with long lasting messages. Yuki is a girl every person can relate to in one way or another. Journey Home explains the that the prejudices all human beings hold in their minds and hearts can be overcome by even the littlest person's forgiveness.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Yoshiko Uchida writes about a Japanese American girl and her family during WWII. You share the family's pain and feel the hate given to them by the country they live in and are a part of. They were punished by their new country because of their heritage. I liked this novel because it showed me how hard it was to be a Japanese American girl during WWII. I didn't like it because it lacked action and suspense. It was sometimes like reading a history book. I would recommend the book to anyone that liked to read about history, but be careful not to fall asleep!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Yoshiko Uchida writes a novel about a little girl who has just come back from concentration camp and has to almost completely restart her life. Everyone hates her because she is 'different' and she tries to prove shes not. She is renewing her life, Trying to get all her friends back in place, and deal with the outside world all at one time! Do you think she can do it? (read the first book before reading this one to understand it better)
Guest More than 1 year ago
I thought that this book was okay.It had many boring parts in the book. The worst part of the book is when her Brother comes home. The main part of the book or the 'Adventure' of the book is when they come back home to California after getting out of the concentration camp. I personally didnt like the book because it was to short and because it had many boring parts.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The book I read was called Journey Home. this was a wonderful book with superb details. The part I liked the most was when yuki's brother ken called from the train station and said he was coming home. when I read that part I nearlly jumped up. This book has some adventure , such as when yuki is having a dream and she was with her brother ken and they were climbing up a slippery mountain in the rain and yuki had a M-1 rifle in her hand. I would definatley recommend this book to anybody . This book tells about a japanese girl who doesn't act like she is a japanese and yet people treat her badly.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I really loved this book. First I had to read it because of a book project in school, but it is a great book. I liked it because I could relate to the book.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This was a great book. It will make you sad at some points in the book, but then they will usally get better
Guest More than 1 year ago
I think this book is really sad and so.all that yuki's been throw is sad.I hope you enjoyed this book from the good of it.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Yuki got moved away from her perfect life in Berkeley to a concentration camp called Topaz. Since she was Japanese and this was World War 2 she got pushed around by all the Americans. Her best friend Emi and Emi¿s grandma were both in the camp too. They were never sure if they were going to move back home because of the war. Yuki¿s brother, Ken, went to the army for the United States to prove that not all-Japanese people were for Japan. Their families didn¿t want them to be in the army. One day when Yuki had just gotten home from school and she was home alone, a man came to the door. He was very serious and that scared Yuki because she knew it had to be bad news. She took the telegram and ran upstairs. She didn¿t want to open it but she knew she had to. Her landlord opened it for her. Oh no! It was about Ken. He was hurt. When Yuki and her family moved to Salt Lake City they invited Emi and her grandma to come along. Emi¿s grandma did not want to leave topaz until the war was over because her husband, Emi¿s grandpa, had died while he was in topaz and she wanted to wait until the war was over so he could have a proper burial. This upset Yuki because she might not be able to see Emi for another 5 or maybe even 10 years. I really liked this book because it was very interesting and it made me feel like I was actually going through the pain they were. This book is short so you can¿t get bored with easily. I also loved this book because it had some scenes in it that I could relate to in my own life. To find out what happens at the end you will have to go read this very good book.