A Journey of Faith: A Dialogue between Elie Wiesel and John Cardinal O'Connor

A Journey of Faith: A Dialogue between Elie Wiesel and John Cardinal O'Connor

by Elie Wiesel, John O'Connor

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These two compilations are illustrative of a growing genre of ``instant books.'' The former is based on a four-hour interview conducted by Gabe Pressman for NBC-TV, while the latter is the synopsis of a six-day series of interviews between Wiesel and Saint-Cheron. O'Connor, archbishop of New York, and Nobel Peace Prize laureate Wiesel, are scintillating conversationists who cover a wide spectrum of theological and political issues in their talks. As in all conversation, the contents are somewhat rambling and unfocused. Sharp disagreements emerge concerning such diverse subjects as the actions of Pope Pius II during World War II, the concept of original sin, abortion, and the meaning of suffering. Both men are erudite, thoughtful, and intelligent, and underlying their divergent viewpoints is a sense of deep mutual respect and admiration. Wiesel's interviews with Saint-Cheron are somewhat more structured but lack an integral unity. Saint-Cheron probes deeply, asking searching questions about evil, responsibility, faith, and the meaning of life as well as addressing topics of current political import. Wiesel responds passionately, offering many penetrating, personal comments. The discussions are enhanced by numerous literary illusions, with Wiesel quoting extensively from rabbinic and Hassidic sources. The reader is touched by Wiesel's sensitivity and the profound thoughts sprinkled like gems throughout the text. Still, while the book offers much insight, it is not a substitute for an integrated, incisive exposition of Wiesel's views and beliefs.-- Carol R. Glatt, Northeastern Hosp. of Philadelphia

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