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Journey To Forgiveness

Journey To Forgiveness

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by Laurean Brooks

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It's 1938 and times are hard. The Great Depression strikes the South, forcing many residents to sell their farms. When boll weevils infest her family's cotton crop, Jenny Largent's only option is to accept an invitation to join her aunt in Chicago to seek employment. Her family depends on her.

At the Kankakee depot, Jenny confronts a handsome, blond stranger over


It's 1938 and times are hard. The Great Depression strikes the South, forcing many residents to sell their farms. When boll weevils infest her family's cotton crop, Jenny Largent's only option is to accept an invitation to join her aunt in Chicago to seek employment. Her family depends on her.

At the Kankakee depot, Jenny confronts a handsome, blond stranger over her missing vanity case. She retrieves her case and relaxes. But not for long. The same obnoxious man takes the pulpit in her aunt's church to coerce the congregation into giving to his "worthy cause." Tornadoes struck a small Illinois town, leaving it in ruins. Austin Brady begs the church for money to rebuild the town.

When Jenny's abusive father deserted the family, he left her with emotional scars. She vows never to marry.

Will Jenny ask Austin the tough questions that will ultimately make or break their relationship? Will she obey God's nudging to reconcile with her estranged father?

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Chapter One

May 1938

Scree-eech! The northbound Illinois Central braked in front of the terminal. "Kankakee! Twenty-minute layover. Next stop, Chicago!" the wiry conductor yelled. "Feel free to stretch your legs ... use the facilities. But be back before departure time."

Jenny Hinson tossed a lock of hair behind one shoulder, grabbed her purse, and then swept up her small blue vanity case. She had to get to a telephone. Aunt Violet had insisted she call during this stop. Jenny could use the time to freshen up before greeting the aunt she had not seen in twelve years.

As she stepped to the ground, Jenny sighed. She was happy the twelve-hour journey from Memphis would soon be over. She would arrive at the Chicago depot in an hour or so, and she would be able to rest. The ride was uncomfortable, but the rumbling train was only one reason Jenny hadn't slept well last night. Sylvia Sheridan, a middle-aged socialite who shared Jenny's seat, had boasted well into the night of her husband's wealth gained through a farm machinery venture. Waving a bejeweled hand past Jenny's nose, the woman had woven tales of grand parties, and the famous people the couple befriended. It was a life Jenny could only imagine.

Initially, the one-sided conversation intrigued her. But, when an hour had passed, and the saga continued, Jenny struggled to stay awake. Sometime past midnight, to her relief, Mrs. Sheridan had retired to a berth. Ah, to afford such luxury.

Jenny had finally dozed in her uncomfortable seat, only to be awakened two hours later by the woman, who thought it only proper to bid her farewell. It was there, at the Champaign stop, that Jenny had detecteda distinct accent change in the passengers. The entire group of incoming people spoke the northern dialect. Intrigued by their accents, she had barely catnapped since.

The large clock on the stationhouse wall urged her to keep moving. Most of the passengers had already boarded the train. She sought the attendant for directions to the phones.

"Just around that corner, Miss. In that short hallway," he pointed. "You can't miss them."

Jenny picked up the receiver to dial the operator. A woman with a northern brogue responded. "Operator. How may I help you?"

Jenny requested the exchange, and soon the phone rang three times. "Hello, Hollister residence. Louise a'speakin'."

Jenny cleared her throat. She had forgotten about the housekeeper mentioned in her aunt's letter. "Hello. This is Jennifer Hinson ... Mrs. Hollister's niece. Please tell my aunt that the train is currently on layover in Kankakee." Jenny glanced at the clock. "It's due to leave in eight minutes. I should arrive in Chicago in about an hour."

"Missus Hollister has been expectin' yer call," Louise replied. "I'll give 'er yer message."

"Thank you. I appreciate it."

* * * *

A trail of freshly perked coffee tantalized Austin Grant's nostrils as he stepped inside the Kankakee train station. The delicious aroma lured him to a percolator near the attendant's counter, where he poured a cup. Austin was not a morning person by any stretch of the imagination. The short drive from Bradley, Illinois had left him drowsy. He and his friend, Luke Jennings, had worked well into the wee hours devising a plan to bring relief to the South Pekin disaster victims. A series of tornadoes had wiped out three residential blocks a few weeks ago, leaving many homeless.

Austin picked up his cup and looked around for a place to relax. He spotted a bench, dropped down and stretched his long legs. His friend had just hopped on the train to Peoria. Luke would haunt the city's lumberyards to haggle over the prices of supplies needed to rebuild the small, tornado-stricken town.

Luke, who was pastor of a thriving church in Kankakee, also possessed a good business head. Austin trusted his friend to get bottom-dollar figures without forfeiting quality. Buying in quantity would mean they would be able to get a profitable discount, and would be able to reconstruct more houses.

Luke was also a skilled carpenter. Austin's talents lay in persuasion. He could talk anybody into anything. Together, Luke and Austin made a formidable pair.

Austin looked at his watch. He could spare a few minutes to savor his cup o' Joe. Afterwards, he would head north to meet with a hardware store owner in Chicago and devour a hearty breakfast.

He sipped the aromatic liquid, leaned back, and tucked one foot under the bench. Plunk! His boot heel struck something solid. Bending down to investigate, Austin pulled out a small blue vanity case. When he tugged at the handle, the case fell open to reveal a print dress, neatly folded. He scanned the premises for a possible owner. No one in sight, not even the attendant.

Snapping the case shut, he hurried toward the door. The Illinois Central was still parked. That was good. Austin sprinted toward the porter who was leaning against the rail above the loading ramp. "Hold up a minute, sir! I believe this belongs to a lady on board." He pointed to the case tucked beneath his arm.

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Journey to Forgiveness 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
lsnlj More than 1 year ago
Jenny Hinson must go live with her aunt and find employment so she can help her family survive. Since her father has abandoned them she feels she must provide. Many surprises await her, she has never been to a big city nor lived among electricity. She meets Austin Grant in quite a comical misunderstanding. When she continues to run into him, she can't believe everyone is so drawn to him and can't see him for who he really is (or who she believes him to be). Jenny is a dependent, fun loving, quick witted girl with a past that has left scars. Can she learn to forgive and trust?  Austin Grant never expected Jenny Hinson. He is not sure why she will not trust him. He is a fun, independent, mischievous man. Can he help Jenny deal with her past or is it more than their relationship can handle? I love the writing style of Laurean Brooks, the comedy, relationships, depth, spunky characters and real life issues. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys good, clean, christian, romance. You can feel the pain, sorrow and joy of the characters throughout this novel. I was given a copy of this book from the author and publisher for my honest opinion.
Val-Pearson More than 1 year ago
I reviewed this book for You Gotta Read Reviews and it was simply breath taking. You really must check it out. If an old fashioned tender romance with a deeper purpose than just your ordinary romance novel is what you are seeking, then search no longer, you have now found it. Journey to Forgiveness is a tale that is intricately woven with both romance and a strong sense of faith. I have so much to say about this book but let me just start with the characters. Jenny's character was a woman who had one heck of a time holding her tongue. She was a free spirited woman who spoke things exactly as she saw them and it tended to get her in trouble more than a time or two. She was straightforward without being rude and was a delightful character to spend some time with. The predicaments Jenny gets into while trying to avoid Austin were laugh out loud funny. Austin turned out to be one of my most loved hero's of all the books I have read. He was a powerful and passionate man of God who found a special bond with Jenny. Austin was patient, loving, oh so funny and very outgoing. I think these were traits that made me fall in love with his character. The simple little actions he made towards Jenny touched my heart and by the end of the book, I don't know who was more in love, Jenny or myself. The characters in this book showed intense feelings of both love and conflict. It really gripped my heartstrings. Let's move on to the plot line. Journey to Forgiveness held a genuinely engaging plot line. A riveting read, I felt this was more than a romance novel, it became a part of my heart and soul. The twists and turns throughout the book were fascinating and I certainly didn't see them coming. My jaw hit the floor on many occasions and I felt myself rooting for Austin and Jenny. There were many hilarious parts of the book. My favorite line in the book was by Jenny who thought "Two words could describe a romantic involvement. Ultimate insanity." This is the perfect sentence to summarize this hilarious and poignant story. I took a journey of forgiveness with Ms. Brooks and I enjoyed every single moment of it. Ms. Brooks is a very talented writer who just found herself a new fan. The writing style was very invigorating and unique. I recommend taking your time to read this book. Take time to enjoy the beautiful scenery. Take time to enjoy this book through the eyes of someone who is seeing a great deal of things that are new to her. Journey to Forgiveness contained all the elements of an outstanding novel. Humor, romance, sarcasm, action and drama and what made this book extra special to me was the strong belief of having faith in God. I enthusiastically encourage you to pick this book up. This book is very well deserved of the You Gotta Read rating I gave it. I thank Ms. Brooks for writing a book that is so much more than just another romance book. She has given me inspiration! .