Journey to Scotland

Journey to Scotland


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  1. Scotland the Brave/Bonnie Galloway/The Rowan Tree/Highland Laddie @@Lothian & Border Police Pipe Band
  2. Dumbarton Drums  - Jean Redpath
  3. Dulsie Bridge/Loched Bucket/Shifting Sands  - Ian Hardie
  4. Fear A' Bhata/Lona Boat Song/The Mermaid/The Fair Haired One @@Craig McCallum Scottish Dance Band
  5. Damside/Bowmont Water/Border Worthie's Burns Club  - Ian Hardie
  6. Fife and A' the Lands About It  -  Heritage
  7. When I'm Gone @@Ian McKintosh
  8. Catch a Penny Fox/The Red Herring/Venchen Circle  - Ian Hardie
  9. Liatach  - Ian Hardie
  10. Flowers of Edinburgh/Soldier's Joy @@Porteous, Lindsay & Friends
  11. Aberlady Bay  -  McCalmans
  12. Love Lie Near Me  - Wendy Stewart
  13. The Lea-Rig  -  Heritage
  14. I'll Aye Ca'in Byn Yon Toon/Drops of Brandy @@Porteoous, Lindsay & Friends
  15. Corrie Doon  -  Heritage
  16. Marie MacLean's Reel @@Craig McCallum Scottish Dance Band
  17. Mill, Mill O'/Rowantree March  -  Heritage
  18. The Highland Road  -  McCalmans

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