Joyful Expressions of the Heart & Soul: A Collection of Inspirational Poetry

Joyful Expressions of the Heart & Soul: A Collection of Inspirational Poetry

by Lennice Marie Taylor

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This book contains a collection of inspirational poetry. It is my desire that every person who reads it will find it joyful and encouraging to their mind and soul.


This book contains a collection of inspirational poetry. It is my desire that every person who reads it will find it joyful and encouraging to their mind and soul.

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Joyful Expressions of the Heart & Soul

A Collection of Inspirational Poetry

By Lennice Marie Taylor


Copyright © 2013 Lennice Marie Taylor
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4817-6383-7


    The Fullness of Time ...

    Like the blossom from a bud
    There was a measure of time
    That added to the creativity
    Which caused it to come forth
    In all of its ultimate beauty ...

    The seed that was planted
    In the measure of time
    Brought forth the root that formed the vine.

    The foundation that was laid
    To form the higher tower,
    A job well done
    At the end of the hour ...
    All in the fullness of time.

    Don't be discouraged! Don't become faint!
    Because someone isn't where you think they ought to be,
    On this life's road to eternity!

    Give them a chance, your love, your smile
    Because in every area, they will be complete
    In just a while.

    In the fullness of time
    Everything changes,
    Because every second, God arranges!

    Blessings For Baby In
    The Womb ...

    As my heavenly Father placed me in my
    mother's womb,
    He already had a plan for me!

    I was already alive when He put me there,
    But not ready for the world to see.

    But as I lay in my mother's womb,
    I could feel the gentle touch of her precious hands
    And her warm breath
    As she prayed a blessed tune.
    She sang, "God bless my child",
    "Let my baby enter into this world anointed by you."
    "Dear Lord, let my child be born
    safe and healthy,
    a chosen anointed vessel, too."

    As I listened to my dear mother
    As she asked God to bless me so
    I felt so much love that made
    Me grow and grow!

    Then, the time came near
    And suddenly, it was time to appear!
    Happily, I smiled as I came out of Mother's womb,
    I was amazed,
    And eager to hear all as I listened to the beautiful
    Sound of God's creation!

    And with bright eyes,
    I looked around
    And thought, "Oh, What a
    Beautiful place!"
    As I stared wide eyed
    Into my mother's radiant face ...

    I am so thankful to God
    That my mother didn't get rid of me,
    As I lay contently in her womb
    And because of this,
    She is blessed
    Throughout eternity!

    He Replenishes Me

    There is no such thing as "getting old" for me.
    To me life is an eternal walk.
    Each year, I'll flourish gracefully,
    Daily to God, I'll talk ...

    The useless old slang of "being over the hill"
    Surely does not apply to me.
    Each year, I'll climb higher and higher
    There is no down side for me!

    I thankfully take one day at a time
    Enjoying the simple pleasures of life
    I notice the lilies of the field
    I watch the beautiful fowl of the air
    I'll watch the amazing sun set ...
    As I stand out on the hill!

    Every day, I'll walk! I'll run!
    My heart always sings a brand new song!

    He replenishes me! He restores me!
    Each day, He gives me a new start,
    Trusting in His Holy Word
    Gives me a happy heart!

    To study and believe God's Word that is written
    Is health unto my flesh,
    So, I'll keep pressing higher and higher reaping only the best!

    A Mother's Hope
    For Her Son

shot rang out!
    In the still of the night,
    As Mother sprang from her bed!
    Inside rose an urge of prayer
    As she thought of her son
    Who was not there ...

    She thought of the many times
    He did go out alone,
    Many times, he would get "tied up" somewhere
    And would not return home.

    Mother had a special plan for him
    Hidden in the depths of her heart,
    For she knew that her son was truly blessed
    And God had set him apart!

    Mother knew that her son had to fulfill
    A purpose and plan,
    If only he would slow down for a while
    And begin to understand!

    Her son was a wayward, restless soul
    Never stopping for a moment's rest.
    He didn't take time to consider
    That he was extremely blessed!

    He didn't know how to use the gifts
    And talent that God had given him.
    He was drowning in earthly matters,
    Everything was very dim!

    He got "caught up" in everything
    Always suffering the misery they did bring.
    Intriguing danger became his way of life
    He was always burdened by misery and strife.

    But Mother never gave up on him,
    As she held on to her dream come true.
    She prayed without ceasing
    For her beloved son.
    She was determined for results to come through.
    She wanted total success for him
    In everything that he would ever do ...
    So, once again she gave thanks to God,
    After her son did finally come home.
    No more wondering about the shot she had heard
    That had been fired out in the night.

    So, Mother, keep praying for your son,
    Never give up on him ...
    Soon blessed results will come.
    And you shall find that in due time,
    That his battle will be conquered and won!

    O' Cold and Rainy Day

Cold and rainy day!
    Even when your fierce winds blow
    Like a shower into my face,
    I still capture the rare beauty
    That you bare!

    Through the everlasting warmth
    And the deep beauty of my soul
    I can so joyfully appreciate the rugged beauty that clothed you,
    O' cold and rainy day!

    I will not allow you to turn into
    A dreary day for me,
    The peace and light that I possess lighten up you
    O' cold and rainy day,
    That only my spiritual eyes can see!

    The hidden beauty of you
    My soul so eagerly unfolds,
    Full of assurance and constant endurance,
    I'll face you with a smile,
    I'll even make sure to walk a pleasant extra mile!

    For God, our Father,
    The Creator,
    Has so perfectly created you,
    O' cold and rainy day!
    So, no matter how cold and rainy you might be
    You are still the warmth and sunlight that inspires me.


    A jewel of the soul ...
    Blessed are those that possess it
    A long, enduring quality, untold.

    We must discipline ourselves to have patience
    Remaining content and unmovable
    While waiting for desired results
    And continuously stand anchored,
    No matter what we go through!

    Patience bears kindness and never changes,
    Patience does not make a fuss ...
    The more we allow ourselves to be patient
    We can conquer so much!

    Always find time to wait on others
    As we live from day to day,
    And we must forever remember
    To let patience have its way!


    When you wake up in the morning, press!
    Give thanks to God for a new day, press on!
    Press on! Stand up! Get up on your feet!
    Think higher thoughts than "what you might eat!" Press on!
    Press through the thickness of despair!
    Press through the darkness of dismay!
    Press on to the heights of a new and better day! Press!
    Press onward!
    Press upward!
    Do not just barely move,
    Press with zest!
    Press with zoom!
    Do not stagger, waiver, or stay in a rut
    Because life is so very wonderful,
    We can accomplish so much!
    Press on!
    There is no such thing as "getting bored"
    We have already been given a purpose, press on!
    Until we have conquered,
    Until we have won,
    Until we are certain that we are done, Press!
    Press on!

    My Destiny

    Destiny, oh, Destiny!
    My Destiny, What awaits me?
    For the future,
    I cannot see ...

    I know that a predestined plan
    Has been given unto me
    By He who reigns eternally.
    And you, Destiny,
    I can sense your beckoning me,
    And encouraging me to come on.

    But as I journey toward you, Destiny,
    I must use the wisdom
    That God has given me
    Because you are final.
    You are my ultimate goal
    And because you are unknown,
    Your value will remain untold!

    Destiny, Oh, Destiny!
    I will do the best that I know to do
    While I continuously journey toward you ...
    Each step that I take,
    I will ask God for help
    To correct the mistakes that I make,
    Walking out of darkness.

    Toward the light that reveals you,
    My Destiny,
    Destiny, oh, Destiny!
    While pressing toward you,
    My Destiny,
    Others I shall encourage from day to day
    For to help my fellow man
    Is included in the plan,
    While traveling along life's way!

    Destiny, oh, Destiny!
    I will not get weary on my way
    For He who restores all
    Will strengthen me each day.
    I must say that I do feel
    There are great things that await me,
    So, I'll joyfully journey on
    Until I reach you, my Destiny ...


Excerpted from Joyful Expressions of the Heart & Soul by Lennice Marie Taylor. Copyright © 2013 Lennice Marie Taylor. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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