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Judgment and Wrath

Judgment and Wrath

3.8 8
by Matt Hilton

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“Hilton is a sparkling new crime fiction talent.”
—Peter James, author of Looking Good Dead
“Lee Child’s Jack Reacher could have some worthy competition.”
Following the success of his explosive debut thriller Dead Men’s Dust (“A dose of pure rocket


“Hilton is a sparkling new crime fiction talent.”
—Peter James, author of Looking Good Dead
“Lee Child’s Jack Reacher could have some worthy competition.”
Following the success of his explosive debut thriller Dead Men’s Dust (“A dose of pure rocket fuel,” —Christopher Reich), author Matt Hilton delivers BIG once again with Judgment & Wrath. Ex-military operative-turned-problem solver for hire Joe Hunter is back—and this time he finds himself the prey of a relentless manhunter and targeted for death after rescuing a young couple from the ruthless assassin. Hilton’s Judgment & Wrath starts fast and keeps accelerating—and fans of Lee Child, Robert Crais, and Michael Connelly will discover they’ve got a new author and a new hero to eagerly follow into the dangerous shadows.

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Publishers Weekly
At the start of Hilton's uneven second thriller featuring ex-Special Forces warrior Joe Hunter and his PI partner, Jared "Rink" Rington (after Dead Men's Dust), a distraught father, Richard Dean, hires the two tough, capable men to extricate his beautiful 17-year-old daughter, Marianne, from the clutches of Miami playboy Bradley Jorgenson. Richard shows Joe and Rink a police photo of Marianne taken after Bradley beat her up at a party at his mansion one night. Complicating what should be a straightforward job is an extremely talented hit man, Jean-Paul St. Pierre (aka Dantalion), who's been hired by a mystery man to kill Marianne and Bradley. Joe effectively goes about his job, but readers may lose patience with the overly complicated plot, the explanations for which keep intruding on the more exciting scenes of mayhem. Still, those awaiting the new Jack Reacher or Doc Ford novel will find this a reasonable substitute. (Aug.)

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Meet the Author

Matt Hilton is an expert in kempo jujitsu and holds the rank of fourth dan. He founded and taught at the respected Bushidokan Dojo, and he has worked in private security and for the Cumbria police department. Hilton is married and lives in England.

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Judgment and Wrath 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 7 reviews.
Tigerpaw70 More than 1 year ago
Book 2 in the Joe Hunter Thriller Series If you are a thriller seeker and love high octane stories there is nothing like a romp through the pages with protagonist Joe Hunter. The style follows pretty much the same format as its prequel "Dead Men's Dust" providing the reader with plenty of action, lots of shooting, endless chases and testosterone at its best. The main characters are Joe Hunter and his sidekick Jared Rington (Rink), two professional investigators with an army background and one very sick and macabre master assassin named "Dantalion". In this highly captivating adventure, Joe is hired by Richard Dean to save his daughter Marianne from the hands of Bradley Jorgenson, who happens to be rich, a bully and Marianne's boyfriend. Richard believes she is being abused and sucked into a world of power and fast living. He wants his daughter safe at home and out of a toxic environment at any cost. Bradley's company is a major player in military contracts and the money involved and his connections have attracted many envious people inside his company as well as outside. Joe finds himself in the middle of a hornets nest, he is not the only one targeting Bradley and Marianne, others have a different agenda, and amongst them is a hired assassin..... This is a fast pace thriller, be prepared for never ending action. From the time Hunter sets up shop next to the Jorgenson estate to plot Marianne's extraction to the end you are plunged into an intense, violent and head spinning suspense that is filled with plenty of twists and unexpected turns. You are immersed in a narrative that is without any doubt one of this series' trademarks, it alternates between the first person point of view of Joe hunter and the third person narrative of the bad guy (Dantalion). Mr. Hilton's ability to set a scene and make his characters shine are what makes Joe Hunter's exploits an adrenaline packed experience, edge of the chair gripping from start to finish. I am hooked; I am now a Matt Hilton junky...
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Wasted my time reading this one
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The author identifies too much with sociopaths. His bad guy kills for the sake of killing. I understand an author needs a villian but too much is too much. This is the second book i read looking for a story that justifies the high ratings but it follows the same pattern as the first. This will be the last i will purchase by this author.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
harstan More than 1 year ago
Concerned and fuming Richard Dean hires Florida private investigators, former Special Forces operative Joe Hunter and Jared "Rink" Rington, to extract his seventeen year old daughter Marianne from Miami playboy millionaire Bradley Jorgenson. Richard shows the two sleuths a police photo taken of Marianne after allegedly Bradley beat the crap out of her. Hunter and Rink figure the case will be a cinch as they assume the wealthy Jorgenson will be a typical bully and run from them. However, the simple snatch and rescue proves convoluted when someone hires experienced hit man Jean-Paul "Dantalion" St. Pierre to kill Marianne and Bradley and the detectives find the teen happy with no signs of abuse. The second Hunter-Rink investigation (see Dead Men's Dust) is a terrific but overly knotty mystery as too much goes on especially with the additional denouements. Still, Judgment and Wrath is filled with plenty of action as the lead duo finds nothing is what they expected as Bradley and Marianne seem like a nice loving couple and the professional killer quite adept. Readers will enjoy this exciting South Floridian thriller as Matt Hilton keeps the heat on his heroes. Harriet Klausner