Judy Moody Saves the World! (Judy Moody Series #3)

Judy Moody Saves the World! (Judy Moody Series #3)

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by Megan McDonald, Peter H. Reynolds

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It all started with the Crazy-Strip contest -- and the dream that she, Judy Moody, might one day see her very own adhesive-bandage design covering the scraped knees of thousands. But when her "Heal the World" motif merits only an honorable mention, Judy Moody realizes it's time to set her sights on something bigger. Class 3T is studying the environment, and


It all started with the Crazy-Strip contest -- and the dream that she, Judy Moody, might one day see her very own adhesive-bandage design covering the scraped knees of thousands. But when her "Heal the World" motif merits only an honorable mention, Judy Moody realizes it's time to set her sights on something bigger. Class 3T is studying the environment, and Judy is amazed to learn about the destruction of the rain forest, the endangered species (not) in her own backyard, and her own family's crummy recycling habits. Now she's in a mood to whip the planet into shape -- or her name isn't Judy Monarch Moody!

Editorial Reviews

Megan McDonald's spunky third-grader is back, and her sights are set on protecting the environment in this totally "rare," "double cool" book. When Judy Moody learns of Band-Aid's Crazy Strip Contest, she decides that an environmental design is perfect, since her class is learning about protecting the world. After she enters her Heal the World drawing, Judy focuses on other ecological endeavors, including getting her family to recycle, studying endangered animals for class (her project is to give a report about the northeast beach tiger beetle -- yuck!), and living in a tree like Julia Butterfly Hill. But when she steals her classmates' pencils out of fear they're made from rainforest trees, Judy becomes the inspiration for a bottle-recycling drive that winds up raising enough money to plant several trees in Costa Rica. A fun-loving book with a determined and witty heroine, Judy Moody Saves the World! delivers a terrific message without getting preachy. Thanks for helping make our world a little healthier, Judy!
Publishers Weekly
Inspired by environmental studies in school and a humiliating defeat in a Band-design contest, Judy Moody, in her third adventure, revamps her family's recycling efforts. Ages 6-10. (Apr.) Copyright 2004 Reed Business Information.
Kirkus Reviews
McDonald's irrepressible third-grader (Judy Moody Gets Famous, 2001, etc.) takes a few false steps before hitting full stride. This time, not only has her genius little brother Stink submitted a competing entry in the Crazy Strips Band-Aid design contest, but in the wake of her science teacher's heads-up about rainforest destruction and endangered animals, she sees every member of her family using rainforest products. It's all more than enough to put her in a Mood, which gets her in trouble at home for letting Stink's pet toad, Toady, go free, and at school for surreptitiously collecting all the pencils (made from rainforest cedar) in class. And to top it off, Stink's Crazy Strips entry wins a prize, while she gets . . . a certificate. Chronicled amusingly in Reynolds's frequent ink-and-tea drawings, Judy goes from pillar to post-but she justifies the pencil caper convincingly enough to spark a bottle drive that nets her and her classmates not only a hundred seedling trees for Costa Rica, but the coveted school Giraffe Award (given to those who stick their necks out), along with T-shirts and ice cream coupons. Judy's growing corps of fans will crow "Rare!" right along with her. (Fiction. 8-10)

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Candlewick Press
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Judy Moody Series, #3
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5.50(w) x 7.29(h) x 0.44(d)
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6 - 10 Years

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A Mr. Rubbish Mood

It was still dark out when Judy woke up early the next morning. She found her flashlight and notebook. Then she tiptoed downstairs to the kitchen and started to save the world.

She hoped she could save the world before breakfast. Judy wondered if other people making the world a better place had to do it quietly, and in the dark, so their parents would not wake up.

She, Judy Moody, was in a Mr. Rubbish Mood. Mr. Rubbish was the Good Garbage Gremlin in Stink's comic book, who built his house out of French-fry cartons and pop bottles. He recycled everything, even lollipop sticks. And he never used anything from the rain forest.

Hmm...things that came from the rain forest. That would be a good place to start. Rubber came from the rain forest. And chocolate and spices and things like perfume. Even chewing gum.

Judy collected stuff from around the house and piled it on the kitchen table. Chocolate bars, brownie mix, vanilla ice cream. Her dad's coffee beans. The rubber toilet plunger. Gum from Stink's gumball machine. Her mom's lipstick from the bottom of her purse. She was so busy saving the rain forest that she didn't hear her family come into the kitchen.

"What in the world...?" Mom said.

"Judy, why are you in the dark?" Dad asked, turning on the lights.

"Hey, my gumball machine!" Stink said.

Judy held out her arms to block the way. "We're not going to use this stuff anymore. It's all from the rain forest," she told them.

"Says who?" asked Stink.

"Says Mr. Rubbish. And Mr. Todd. They cut down way too many trees to grow coffee and give us makeup and chewing gum. Mr. Todd says the earth is our home. We have to take action to save it. We don't need all this stuff."

"I need gum!" yelled Stink. "Give me back my gum!"

"Stink! Don't yell. Haven't you ever heard of noise pollution?"

"Is my coffee in there?" Dad asked, rubbing his hair.

"Judy? Is that ice cream? It's dripping all over the table!" Mom carried the leaky carton over to the sink.

"ZZZZ-ZZZZZ!" Judy made the sound of a chain saw cutting down trees.

"She's batty," Stink said.

Dad put the brownie mix back in the cupboard. Mom took the toilet plunger off the kitchen table and headed for the bathroom.

Time for Plan B. Project R.E.C.Y.C.L.E. She, Judy Moody, would show her family just how much they hurt the planet. Every time someone threw something away, she would write it down. She got her notebook and looked in the trash can. She wrote down: 1 orange juice can, 1 inside of peanut butter jar lid, 1 plastic bread bag, 4 broken egg shells, smelly yucky wet coffee grouns, 3 paper muffin holders, 2 smooshed Scarlett O'Cherry juice boxes (and straws!), 1/2 bowl of oatmeal.

"Stink! You shouldn't throw gooey old oatmeal in the trash!" Judy said.

"Dad! Tell her to quit spying on me!"

"I'm a garbage detective!" said Judy. "Garbologist to you. Mr. Todd sais if you want to learn what to recycle, you have to get to know your garbage."

"Here," said Stink, sticking something wet and mushy under Judy's nose. "Get to know my apple core."

"Hardee har har," said Judy. "Hasn't anybody in this family ever heard of the Three R's?"

"The Three R's?" asked Dad.

"Re-use. Re-cycle."

"What's the third one?" asked Stink.

"Re-fuse to talk to little brothers until they quit throwing stuff away."

"Mom! I'm not going to stop throwing stuff away just because Judy's having a trash attack."

"Look at all this stuff we throw away!" Judy said. "Did you konw that one person throws away more than eight pounds of garbage a day?"

"We recycle all our glass and cans," said Mom.

"And newspapers," Dad said.

"But what about this?" said Judy, picking up a plastic bag out of the trash. This bread bag could be a purse! Or carry a library book!"
"What's so great about eggshells?" asked Stink. "And smelly old ground-up coffee?"

"You can use them to feed plants. Or make compost." Just then, something caught her eye. A pile of Popsicle sticks? Judy pulled it out. "Hey! My Laura Ingalls Wilder log cabin I made in second grade!"

"It looks like a glue museum to me," said Stink.

"I'm sorry, Judy," Mom said. "I should have asked first, but we can't save everything, honey."

"Recycle it! said Stink. "You could use it for kindling, to start a fire! Or break it down into toothpicks."

"Not funny, Stink."

"Judy, you're not even ready for school yet. Let's talk about this later," said Dad. "It's time to get dressed."

It was no use. Nobody listened to her. Judy trudged upstairs, feeling like a sloth without a tree. . . .

Her family sure knew how to ruin a perfectly good Mr. Rubbish mood. She put on her jeans and her Spotted Owl T-shirt. And to save water, she did not brush her teeth.

She compled downstairs in a mad-at-your-whole-family mood.

"Here's your lunch," said Mom.

"Mom! It's in a paper bag!"

"What's wrong with that?" Stink asked.

"Don't you get it?" said Judy. "They cut down trees to make paper bags. Trees give shade. They help control global warming. We would die without trees. They make oxygen and help take dust and stuff out of the air."

"Dust!" said Mom. "Let's talk about cleaniing your room if we're going to talk about dust."

"Mo-om!" How was she supposed to do important things like save trees if she couldn't even save her FAMILY tree?

JUDY MOODY SAVES THE WORLD by Megan McDonald. Copyright (c) 2002 by Megan McDonald. Published by Candlewick Press, Inc., Cambridge, MA.

Meet the Author

Megan McDonald is the creator of the popular and award-winning Judy Moody and Stink series. She is also the author of two Sisters Club stories and many other books for children. She lives in Sebastopol, California.

Peter H. Reynolds is the illustrator of the Judy Moody and Stink books and the author-illustrator of THE DOT, ISH, SO FEW OF ME, THE NORTH STAR, and ROSE'S GARDEN. He lives in Dedham, Massachusetts.

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Judy Moody Saves the World 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 106 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The book Judy Moody Saves the World, by Megan McDonald, is a very interesting book. It Deals with Judy just sitting in class one day, when she realizes that there are many things she can do herself to save the environment. Judy is the heroine and garbologist, famous for her many mood. She feels that if everyone in the world gave up some of there stuff to save the environment that the it would be a better, cleaner world. She thinks of making a band-aid that would help and win her a prize. There is a crazy strip contest for kids who want to enter their designs for a new band-aid. Judy enters a design with a world on it but her brother enters one with a bat on it, which Judy thinks is stupid. After all her hard work for the crazy strips she didn¿t win but her brother got second. After all the attempts Judy tried to save the world she came up with an idea of a school project that would help the whole world.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
SO GOOD ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I would read this whenever I have time to
Guest More than 1 year ago
I liked when Stink won the Crazy Strip contest and got his sunglasses. I liked it because Judy Moody got crazy because her brother won.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The book I am, reviewing is Judy Moody Saves the World written by Megan McDonald and illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds I give this book five stars. Judy enters a crazy stripe contest. And she has to make her own band aids. If she wins the whole world will use them. Stink, Judy¿s brother starts to make his own crazy stripes. He uses her thoughts and thinks he can win the big prize. Judy gets annoyed with her brother stink. I would recommend this book to my friends.
Guest More than 1 year ago
this book was realy good. i couldnt put her books down.I recommend this book to all ages . this book was so much fun to read if i enjoyed it you well probaly to!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
This book is very good
Logan Shaw More than 1 year ago
Judy moody, Wow her and her friends are going green they raised enough money to plant one hundred trees!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is very hilariously comical and I recommend it to anyone who loves very funny books.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This book is funny and great that could read over over and over again!!!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I think this book is good!! I learned that you should recycle and and i learned more things but i am not going to tell u the rest of them!! you should read it it's the bomb! i loved it!! i am not going to tell you some more information because i want you to go read it yourself !! bye HAVE A GREAT TIME READING IT AND READING SOME MORE BOOKS!!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I really liked this book a lot. The story was interesting, the characters were fun, and the message (recycle and save the environment) was a great message too!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Not many reviews But...... ILOVE ALLof them
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
STORE NOOKUSER More than 1 year ago
It was so cool!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Thes are awesome
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I will friend you bit what is your email
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Dear Ninjia Jayden Hi ninjia Jayden! My name is Jayna and I have a little brother named Jayden he is in kindergarten as is 5 years old. Oh and I have some questions for you, how old are you? (I am 7 years old) What grade are you in? (I am in 3third grade) From Jayna
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It looks awesome
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Ha ya! I am Ninja Jayden! I am your protector! Be my friend!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago