Juke Joints, Vol. 4: That's All Right with Me

Juke Joints, Vol. 4: That's All Right with Me


Four discs of ragged, rocking blues and R&B that might have blasted from a jukebox in the 1950s South, this generous set features both familiar names and not-so-familiar names, and that's part of the fun of it. Included are rare sides like the Leap Frogs' "Things Gonna Change," Willie Nix's "Midnight ShowersSee more details below


Four discs of ragged, rocking blues and R&B that might have blasted from a jukebox in the 1950s South, this generous set features both familiar names and not-so-familiar names, and that's part of the fun of it. Included are rare sides like the Leap Frogs' "Things Gonna Change," Willie Nix's "Midnight Showers of Rain," and Cousin Leroy's "Highway 41." Welcome to Saturday night.

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Jsp Records


Disc 1

  1. Things Gonna Change  -  Leap Frogs
  2. Boogie Like You Wanna  - Charlie Bradix
  3. Catfish  - Cousin Leroy
  4. Loudella  - Ernest Lewis
  5. I'm Him  - Lightnin' Slim
  6. Notoriety Woman  - Eddie Burns
  7. Drove From Home Blues  - Wright Holmes
  8. Black Snake Blues  - John Hogg
  9. Cross Country Blues  - Frankie Lee Sims
  10. Netta Mae  - Sonny Boy Johnson
  11. Crawlin' King Snake  - Tony Hollins
  12. Can't Love Me and My Money Too  - James Scott
  13. Tall Skinny Mama Blues  - Manny Nichols
  14. Howling Wolf  - Willie Lane
  15. Which Woman Do I Love  -  Sugarman
  16. You Gonna Need Me  - Monister Parker
  17. Cadillac Blues  - James Tisdom
  18. Rhythm Blues  - Sonny Boy Davis
  19. Hard Pill To Swallow  - John Brim
  20. I'm Going Upstairs  -  Big Son Tillis
  21. Whole Lotta Drinkin' On the Block  -  Left Handed Charlie
  22. I Don't Know What's Happening Baby  - Willie "Bo" Thomas
  23. Let's Take a Little Walk  - Willie Nix
  24. I Treated You Wrong  - Rattlesnake Cooper
  25. Nelly Mae  - Detroit Slim
  26. Big Stars Are Falling  - Thunder Smith
  27. Fish Tail Blues  - Square Walton

Disc 2

  1. Last Time  - Woodrow Adams
  2. Texas Blues (T.P. Railer)  - Joseph Butler
  3. That's All Right With Me  - Duke Bayou
  4. Weekly Blues  - Lafayette Thomas
  5. Blue and Lonesome Blues  - Andrew "Smokey" Hogg
  6. My Baby Quit Me Blues  - Andrew Thomas
  7. Waitin' At the Station  - Cousin Leroy
  8. No More Lovin'  - Ernest Lewis
  9. Southern California Blues  - Beverley Scott
  10. Lonesome Highway  - Elmon Mickle
  11. Overhaul Blues  - James Tisdom
  12. Easy Ridin' Buggy  - Little Al
  13. Mr. Engineer  - Jesse Fuller
  14. I Don't Live Here No More  - Sonny Boy Davis
  15. Operator  - Bob Gaddy
  16. Gone With the Wind  - Melvin "Lil' Son" Jackson
  17. You Did Me Wrong Baby  - Lightnin' Slim
  18. I Got a Letter  -  Big Son Tillis
  19. She's Alright With Me  - Sonny Boy Johnson
  20. Playing In the Park  - Phillip Walker
  21. Single Man Blues  - Frankie Lee Sims
  22. Ramblin' Around Blues  - Sam Kelly
  23. Dirty Britches  -  Leap Frogs
  24. Leave My Money Alone  - Lonesome Sundown
  25. Good Rockin' Mama  - Henry Smith
  26. All the Way From Texas  - Perry Cain
  27. Riding In the Moonlight  - Willie Nix

Disc 3

  1. I (Believe You Got a Sidekick)  - Bob Gaddy
  2. Midnight Showers of Rain  - Willie Nix
  3. Tell Me Pretty Baby  - Lazy Lester
  4. Quinsella  - Sonny Boy Johnson
  5. Black Snake Blues  - Monister Parker
  6. Don't Be Funny Baby  - Doug Quattlebaum
  7. Nothing But the Blues  - Little Son Willis
  8. Midnight Hours  - Larry Dale
  9. Lonesome Blues  - Black Diamond
  10. Lost Woman Blues  - Rattlesnake Cooper
  11. Black Cat Rag  - Willie Lane
  12. Goin' Back Home  - Cousin Leroy
  13. Shreveport Blues  - David "Pete" Mckinley
  14. I Feel So Good  - James Tisdom
  15. Train is Comin'  - Woodrow Adams
  16. The Thing  - Lafayette Thomas
  17. Rocky Mountain Blues  - Lightnin' Slim
  18. Honey Babe  - Arthur Gunter
  19. Little Mae Belle  - Ernest Lewis
  20. I Got To Get Some Money  - Elmon Mickle
  21. Flypaper Boogie  - James Scott
  22. Pepper Head Woman  - Square Walton
  23. Worryin' Blues  - John Hogg
  24. Home Again Blues  - Frankie Lee Sims
  25. I Love My Baby  - John Brim
  26. Miss My Lagnion  -  Left Handed Charlie
  27. Freedom Train Blues  - Melvin "Lil' Son" Jackson

Disc 4

  1. No Jive  - Little Al
  2. Highway 41  - Cousin Leroy
  3. January 11, 1949 Blues  - Luther Stoneham
  4. Too Many Women Blues  - Willie Lane
  5. Train Time  - Woodrow Adams
  6. I Love My Baby  - Andrew Thomas
  7. Rocks is My Pillow  -  Big Son Tillis
  8. Last Affair Blues  - James Tisdom
  9. Bloodstains  - Lazy Lester
  10. Misery is My Life  - Andrew "Smokey" Hogg
  11. Don't Forget Me Baby  - Frankie Lee Sims
  12. Bop Cat Stomp  - King Charles
  13. Lonesome Blues  - Henry Smith
  14. Lonesome Whistler  - Lonesome Sundown
  15. Truckin' Little Woman  - Willie Nix
  16. Please Tell Me  - Larry Dale
  17. West Coast Blues  - Ernest Lewis
  18. Cruel Hearted Woman  - Thunder Smith
  19. Up For It  - Johnny Wright
  20. Louisiana Walk  - Phillip Walker
  21. Skin and Bone  - Little Son Willis
  22. Don't Bring No Friend  - Blue Charlie
  23. That's All Right  - Lightnin' Slim
  24. Worried Life  - Manny Nichols
  25. Rattlesnake Blues  - Rattlesnake Cooper
  26. Cold Blues  -  Big Son Tillis
  27. Shakin' the Boogie  - Beverley Scott

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Champion Jack Dupree   Piano
Jesse Fuller   Guitar,Harmonica,Drums,Vocals
Big Walter Horton   Harmonica
Melvin "Lil' Son" Jackson   Guitar,Vocals
Lazy Lester   Harmonica,Vocals
Lightnin' Slim   Guitar,Vocals
Eddie Taylor   Guitar
Katie Webster   Piano
Mickey Baker   Guitar
Warren Storm   Drums
Doug Quattlebaum   Guitar,Vocals
Robert Fox   Drums
Pauline Adams   Bass
John Brim   Guitar,Vocals
Brownie McGhee   Guitar
Joseph Butler   Guitar,Vocals
Perry Cain   Guitar,Vocals
Panama Francis   Drums
Guitar Gable   Guitar
Cornelius Green   Guitar,Vocals,Human Whistle
Hall   Bass
Andrew "Smokey" Hogg   Guitar,Vocals
Jimmy Johnson   Harmonica
Moody Jones   Bass
Joe Martinez   Drums
Bobby McBride   Bass
Gene Moore   Drums
J.D. Nicholson   Piano
Willie Nix   Drums,Vocals
Fats Perrodin   Bass
Buster Pickens   Piano
Frankie Lee Sims   Guitar,Vocals
Sunnyland Slim   Piano
Fletcher Smith   Piano
Thunder Smith   Piano
Sonny Terry   Harmonica
Lafayette Thomas   Guitar,Vocals
Lloyd Trotman   Bass
Phillip Walker   Guitar
Sid Wallace   Bass
Marty Wilson   Drums
Gene Brooks   Drums
Rattlesnake Cooper   Guitar,Vocals
Larry Dale   Guitar,Vocals
Sonny Boy Davis   Piano,Vocals
Tony Hollins   Guitar,Vocals
Willie Johnson   Guitar
Willie Lane   Guitar,Vocals
Monister Parker   Guitar,Vocals
James Tisdom   Guitar,Vocals
Calvin Frazier   Guitar
Bob Gaddy   Piano,Vocals
Leslie Johnakins   Alto Saxophone
Johnny Williams   Bass
John Hogg   Guitar,Vocals
Elmon Mickle   Harmonica,Vocals
John Hart   Tenor Saxophone
Tal Miller   Piano
Schoolboy Cleve   Harmonica
Washboard Willie   Washboard
Clarence "Jockey" Etinne   Drums
Charlie Morris   Guitar
Kid King   Drums
Wright Holmes   Guitar,Vocals
Sonny Boy Johnson   Harmonica,Vocals
Louis Campbell   Guitar,Vocals
Robert Richard   Harmonica
Ernest McClay   Guitar
Ernest Lewis   Guitar,Vocals
Henry Smith   Guitar,Vocals
David "Pete" Mckinley   Guitar,Vocals
Square Walton   Vocals
Bobby Tinsley   Drums
L.B. Lawson   Vocals
Sam Kelly   Harmonica,Vocals
Left Handed Charlie   Guitar,Vocals
Bob Harris   Bass
Manny Nichols   Guitar,Vocals
Sammy Drake   Drums
Ray "Diggy Do" Meaders   Drums
Wild Bill Phillips   Harmonica
King Charles   Trumpet
Duke Bayou   Guitar,Vocals
Cousin Leroy   Guitar,Vocals
Sugarman   Guitar,Vocals
Blue Charlie Morris   Guitar,Vocals
John T. Smith   Guitar
James Scott   Vocals
Big Son Tillis   Guitar,Vocals
Andrew Thomas   Vocals
L.C. Green   Guitar
Eddie Burns   Harmonica,Vocals
Wilson "Thunder" Smith   Piano,Vocals
Louis Jackson   Piano
Beverley Scott   Guitar,Vocals
Luther Stoneham   Guitar,Vocals
Heywood Henry   Baritone Saxophone
Charlie Bradix   Guitar,Vocals
Gunter   Guitar,Vocals
John Perrodin   Bass
Woodrow Adams   Guitar,Vocals
Billy Love   Piano
Sam Taylor   Tenor Saxophone
Lloyd Renaud   Drums
Willie "Bo" Thomas   Guitar,Vocals
Johnny Wright   Guitar,Vocals
Detroit Slim   Harmonica,Vocals
Arthur Gunter   Guitar,Vocals
Cousin Leroy Rozier   Guitar,Vocals
Charles McClelland   Guitar
Charles "Skippy" Brown   Bass
Bob Tensley   Drums
Yank Perrodin   Bass
Willie Gresham   Tenor Saxophone
Sylvester Hayes   Harmonica
Peter Brandbull   Piano
Malcolm "Little Son" Willis   Piano,Vocals
Junior Gunter   Drums
Joseph "Black Diamon" Butler   Guitar,Vocals
James Scott   Guitar

Technical Credits

Neil Slaven   Annotation

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