Jukebox Hits of the '50s [Collectables]

Jukebox Hits of the '50s [Collectables]


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Collectables' Jukebox Hits of the '50s is an attractive package for consumers who want the biggest hits of the era. All of the 75 songs spread out over these five discs are recognizable. Unlike other similar sets, these songs are not re-recordings; these are the original hit versions. More than likely the casual listener will only need one track from …  See more details below


Collectables' Jukebox Hits of the '50s is an attractive package for consumers who want the biggest hits of the era. All of the 75 songs spread out over these five discs are recognizable. Unlike other similar sets, these songs are not re-recordings; these are the original hit versions. More than likely the casual listener will only need one track from the Skyliners, Ed Townsend, the Big Bopper, the Impalas, or Phil Phillips. The one major flaw of the series, besides lack of decent packaging, is that while disc one has 25 tracks, the other four feature half the songs per disc. This could have easily been contained to a more cost-effective three-disc set.

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Disc 1

  1. Jailhouse Rock  - Elvis Presley
  2. Peggy Sue  - Buddy Holly
  3. Since I Don't Have You  -  Skyliners
  4. At the Hop  -  Danny & the Juniors
  5. Blueberry Hill  - Fats Domino
  6. Sorry (I Ran All the Way Home)  -  Impalas
  7. Tell Me Why  -  Norman Fox & The Rob Roys
  8. It's Only Make Believe  - Conway Twitty
  9. For Your Love  - Ed Townsend
  10. Heartbreak Hotel  - Elvis Presley
  11. Sea of Love  - Phil Phillips
  12. Chances Are  -  Ray Conniff & His Orchestra
  13. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes  -  Platters
  14. Hound Dog  - Elvis Presley
  15. This I Swear  -  Skyliners
  16. It's All in the Game  - Tommy Edwards
  17. Chantilly Lace  - Big Bopper
  18. Johnny B. Goode  - Chuck Berry
  19. Pledging My Love  - Johnny Ace
  20. Shout, Pts. 1-2  -  Isley Brothers
  21. La Bamba  - Ritchie Valens
  22. Sleepwalk  -  Santo & Johnny
  23. Love Potion #9  -  Clovers
  24. Chapel Bells  -  Fascinators
  25. Bye Bye Love  -  Everly Brothers

Disc 2

  1. Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  2. Hushabye  -  Mystics
  3. Story Untold  -  Nutmegs
  4. All I Have to Do Is Dream  -  Everly Brothers
  5. Whispering Bells  -  Del Vikings
  6. The Gleam in Your Eyes  -  Channels
  7. I Wonder Why  -  Dion & the Belmonts
  8. Venus  - Frankie Avalon
  9. At My Front Door (Crazy Little Mama)  -  El Dorados
  10. You Cheated  -  Shields
  11. Rockin Robin  - Bobby Day
  12. I'm So Young  -  Students

Disc 3

  1. Book of Love  -  Crests
  2. Six Nights a Week  -  Earl Lewis & the Channels
  3. Blue Suede Shoes  -  Videos
  4. Just to Be With You  -  Danleers
  5. Turn Me Loose  -  Moonglows
  6. Great Balls of Fire  -  Harptones
  7. Wake up Little Susie  -  Everly Brothers
  8. Stormy Weather  -  Five Satins
  9. The Angels Listened In  -  El Dorados
  10. Susie-Q  - Dale Hawkins
  11. Short Shorts  -  Kodaks
  12. Church Bells May Ring  -  Spaniels

Disc 4

  1. Oh What a Night  -  Dells
  2. Deserie  -  Charts
  3. Why Don't You Write Me  -  Jacks
  4. Get a Job  -  Silhouettes
  5. Eddie My Love  -  Teen Queens
  6. When You Dance  -  Turbans
  7. In the Still of the Night  -  Five Satins
  8. Tequila  -  Champs
  9. A Teenager in Love  -  Dion & the Belmonts
  10. For Your Precious Love  - Jerry Butler
  11. Tonight, Tonight  -  Mello-Kings
  12. Bo Diddley  - Bo Diddley

Disc 5

  1. Sixteen Candles  -  Monotones
  2. The Closer You Are  -  Crests
  3. Trickle, Trickle  - Carl Perkins
  4. One Summer Night  -  Danleers
  5. The Ten Commandments of Love  -  Fabian
  6. A Sunday Kind of Love  - Jerry Lee Lewis
  7. Come Go With Me  -  Everly Brothers
  8. To the Aisle  -  Spaniels
  9. I'll Be Forever Loving You  -  Crests
  10. I'm So Happy  - Dale Hawkins
  11. Oh Gee, O Gosh  -  Royal Teens
  12. Goodnight, Sweetheart, Goodnight  -  Willows

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Conway Twitty   Track Performer
Johnny Ace   Track Performer
Chuck Berry   Track Performer
Big Bopper   Track Performer
Jerry Butler   Track Performer
Channels   Track Performer
Clovers   Track Performer
Crests   Track Performer
Del Vikings   Track Performer
Dells   Track Performer
Everly Brothers   Track Performer
Buddy Holly   Track Performer
Isley Brothers   Track Performer
Jacks   Track Performer
Jerry Lee Lewis   Track Performer
Nutmegs   Track Performer
Platters   Track Performer
Elvis Presley   Track Performer
Royal Teens   Track Performer
Turbans   Track Performer
Frankie Avalon   Track Performer
Harptones   Track Performer
Champs   Track Performer
Danny & the Juniors   Track Performer
Fabian   Track Performer
Dale Hawkins   Track Performer
Skyliners   Track Performer
El Dorados   Track Performer
Spaniels   Track Performer
Tommy Edwards   Track Performer
Moonglows   Track Performer
Danleers   Track Performer
Santo & Johnny   Track Performer
Kodaks   Track Performer
Monotones   Track Performer
Fascinators   Track Performer
Silhouettes   Track Performer
Five Satins   Track Performer
Bo Diddley   Track Performer
Fats Domino   Track Performer
Phil Phillips   Track Performer
Ed Townsend   Track Performer
Ritchie Valens   Track Performer
Willows   Track Performer
Teen Queens   Track Performer
Earl Lewis & the Channels   Track Performer
Ray Conniff & His Orchestra   Track Performer
Students   Track Performer
Videos   Track Performer
Dion & the Belmonts   Track Performer

Technical Credits

Conway Twitty   Composer
Louis Prima   Composer
Jerry Butler   Composer
Cooper   Composer
Buddy Holly   Composer
Carl Perkins   Composer
Elvis Presley   Composer
Grey   Composer
Robert Allen   Composer
Harold Arlen   Composer
John Moore   Composer
Marvin Sease   Composer
Mort Shuman   Composer
Tom Austin   Composer
Cryan' Shames   Composer
Graham Gouldman   Composer
Jerry Leiber   Composer
Oliver Sain   Composer
Skyliners   Composer
Norman Petty   Composer
Otis Blackwell   Composer
Michael Lewis   Composer
Silhouettes   Composer
Jerry Allison   Composer
Jimmy Beaumont   Composer
Bo Diddley   Composer
Arthur Brooks   Composer
Richard Brooks   Composer
Felice Bryant   Composer
Boudleaux Bryant   Composer
Milton Campbell   Composer
Calvin Carter   Composer
Sunny David   Composer
Maxwell Davis   Composer
Johnny Funches   Composer
Jack Hammer   Composer
Marshall Buzzy Helfand   Composer
O'Kelly Isley   Composer
Ronald Isley   Composer
Rudolph Isley   Composer
Andrew Jones   Composer
Marvin Junior   Composer
Leroy Kirkland   Composer
Lewis   Composer
Mel London   Composer
Joe Martin   Composer
Lewis A. Martineé   Composer
Jack Nance   Composer
Fred Parris   Composer
Doc Pomus   Composer
J.P. Richardson   Composer
Chuck Rio   Composer
Don Robey   Composer
Vincent Rose   Composer
Graham Russell   Composer
Carl Sigman   Composer
Stillman   Composer
Larry Stock   Composer
Mike Stoller   Composer
Jimmy Thomas   Composer
Ed Townsend   Composer
Ritchie Valens   Composer
Robbie Van Leeuwen   Composer
Sonny Boy Williamson   Composer
Dave Williams   Composer
Ewart Abner   Composer
Mae Boren Axton   Composer
Clarence Bassett   Composer
Don Burch   Composer
Aaron Collins   Composer
Bill Crandall   Composer
Richie Davis   Composer
Ann Farina   Composer
Johnny Farina   Composer
Santo Farina   Composer
Leroy Griffin   Composer
Wally Lester   Composer
Billy Myles   Composer
Clarence E. Quick   Composer
Joe VerScharen   Composer
Janet Vogel   Composer
Bobby Robinson   Composer
Morty Craft   Composer
George Khoury   Composer
Ed Marshall   Composer
Maxwell Anderson   Composer
Ted Koehler   Composer
Tommy Durden   Composer
Anita Leonard   Composer
Sam Ling   Composer
Stan Rhodes   Composer
Joe Rock   Composer
Joseph Rock   Composer
Phillip Baptiste   Composer
Barbara Belle   Composer
Charles Dawes   Composer
Ferdinand Washington   Composer
Ricardo Weeks   Composer
Luis Martínez Serrano   Composer
Traditional   Composer
Clarence Johnson   Composer
Lorenzo Patterson   Composer
W. H. Tyrus Jr.   Composer
L. Goodman   Composer
Andrew Jones   Composer
William "Prez" Tyus   Composer
David "Curly" Williams   Composer
Lowery   Composer
Lennie Martin   Composer
John C. Moore   Composer
M. Kalfin   Composer
T. Koeler   Composer

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