Julep: Another Yoyo Studio Compilation

Julep: Another Yoyo Studio Compilation


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Yo-Yo Records


  1. Cake Walk @@Kreviss
  2. She's the One  -  Heavens to Betsy
  3. Hello Kitty  -  Cub
  4. Bitch Theme  -  Bratmobile
  5. Lucky  -  Kicking Giant
  6. Half-Life  -  Slowpoke
  7. Penny Lock  -  Crayon
  8. Backline  -  Young Ginns
  9. Leatherface  -  Karp
  10. Fly Away  -  Tattle Tale
  11. No More @@Nikki & Rachel
  12. Alien Movie Star  -  Slant 6
  13. Dusk  -  Long Hind Legs
  14. Beer Is the Answer @@Rockin' Rod And The Strychnines
  15. Turtle  -  Lync
  16. 13 @@Fruit Bat
  17. Bugs in Nevada  -  Adickdid
  18. Sick Friend @@Chorea
  19. Baby Blue  -  Tiger Trap

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Nikki   Guitar,Vocals
Heavens to Betsy   Track Performer
Lync   Track Performer
Bratmobile   Track Performer
Brandt   Drums
Sara Lapsley   Guitar,Vocals
Patrick Maley   Drums
Molly Neuman   Drums
Brad Roberts   Guitar
David Schneider   Drums
Erin Smith   Guitar
Allison Wolfe   Vocals
Slant 6   Track Performer
Tiger Trap   Track Performer
P.O.W.E.R.   Vocals
Tattle Tale   Track Performer
James Bertram   Bass
Sam Jayne   Guitar,Vocals
Cub   Track Performer
Karp   Track Performer
Kicking Giant   Track Performer
Long Hind Legs   Track Performer
Slowpoke   Track Performer
Michael Ledwidge   Organ
Paul Kimball   Drums
Rose Melberg   Guitar
Vern Rumsey   Guitar
Tracy Sawyer   Drums
Tae Won Yu   Guitar,Vocals
Adickdid   Track Performer
Corin Tucker   Guitar,Vocals
Kaia Wilson   Guitar,Vocals
Young Ginns   Track Performer
Jennifer McNeil   Guitar
Stuart Fletcher   Guitar
Kevin Keating   Drums
Heather Dunn   Drums
Robynn   Guitar
Crayon   Track Performer
Rachel Carns   Drums,Vocals
Brandt Sandeno   Guitar
Angela Loy   Guitar,Vocals
Tim   Guitar
Bret   Vocals
Jen Braun   Bass
Rachel   Drums,Vocals
Christina   Vocals
Sean Tollefson   Bass,Vocals
Nalini Cheriel   Drums
Dee Ann   Guitar
Sara Bellum   Bass
Christina Calle   Bass
Rod Chavarry   Guitar,Vocals
Jeff Fell   Drums
Kurt Flansburg   Guitar
Fiona Harris   Guitar
Krista's Boy Friend   Vocals
Sara Lorimer   Electric Guitar
Jen Louise   Guitar,Vocals
Aaron Olson   Drums,Vocals

Technical Credits

Patrick Maley   Producer
Conrad Uno   Engineer
Sam Jayne   Cover Art,Cover Photo
Brian Learned   Engineer
Sara Lorimer   Engineer

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