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Jump Cut (Seven Series)

Jump Cut (Seven Series)

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by Ted Staunton

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Spencer loves movies, but real life is boring, right? When his late grandfather's will reveals the tasks he wants his grandsons to undertake, Spencer thinks he got screwed. He's not going to France or Spain or Africa. He's not even getting a cool tattoo, like his younger brother. No, he's going to Buffalo to get a kiss from an ancient movie star. Gross. And he's


Spencer loves movies, but real life is boring, right? When his late grandfather's will reveals the tasks he wants his grandsons to undertake, Spencer thinks he got screwed. He's not going to France or Spain or Africa. He's not even getting a cool tattoo, like his younger brother. No, he's going to Buffalo to get a kiss from an ancient movie star. Gross. And he's supposed to film it. Grosser. But Spencer hasn't bargained on Gloria Lorraine, star of the silver screen back in the day. Gloria has big plans – plans that involve her granddaughter AmberLea, a gun, a baker who might be a gangster, some real gangsters and a road trip to Nowheresville, Ontario. After being shot at, jumping into an icy lake and confronting some angry bikers, Spencer finally realizes that real life can be as exciting (and dangerous) as reel life.

Editorial Reviews

TriState YA Book Review Committee
"This madcap adventure will appeal to those readers who like action novels, mob related novels, or road trip novels. A first class read about loyalty, first love and how life can imitate film... Strongly recommended for middle and high school libraries. Easy to read vocabulary with nonstop action, adventure and humor."
Back to Books blog
"Exciting and good fun...It's wonderful to read a book where you love all the characters and here I certainly did, right down to the dog."
Resource Links
"The dialogue is very amusing, sharp and revealing of character...This intriguing series will appeal to both boys and girls at the junior high level."
CM Magazine
"Staunton offers plenty of action, intrigue, and well-placed humour. The way the story intertwines with Spencer's younger brother's journey adds further interest and keeps readers guessing to the end. The film allusions throughout are clever and appropriate, and the cast of characters is both interesting and convincing...Readers will thoroughly enjoy Jump Cut on its own or as part of this unique new series. Highly Recommended."
YALSA Teens' Top Ten Galley Review
"An inspirational story of tying up loose ends even when it might seem that it's too late."
CanLit for LittleCanadians blog
"If Jump Cut were a movie, and it would make a fantastic film, it would an action thriller with a quirky cast and many surprises, and the audience would be relentlessly sitting on the edge of their seats and falling back with belly laughs. Ted Staunton's sense of humour is divine, especially when verbalized by the indomitable Gloria Lorraine...Jump Cut has the eccentric elements of a cult classic. But, I suspect, that Jump Cut and all the other books in Orca's Seven (the series) will definitely stay in the mainstream for a long time with their popularity ensuring their status as classics."
NJ Youth Services
"[The] adventures are exciting and readers will be anxious to pick up the next book in the series. Great for middle grade boys who want realistic fiction with action and suspense."
Children's Literature - Meredith Kiger
One of seven in a series by seven different authors that traces the journeys of seven grandsons as they fulfill the last wishes of a revered grandfather, this title follows Spencer on a quirky adventure with an aging film star named Gloria Lorraine, or GL for short. GL was a romantic acquaintance of Grandpa D's from the old days and grandpa's wish is for Spencer, an aspiring filmmaker, to take a picture of GL kissing him....Spencer. Simple, right? Not really. GL turns out to be more of a character than Grandpa D. ever was. When Spencer's dad drops him off at the senior living home where GL resides, GL has an adventure of her own in mind which includes her granddaughter Amberlea and a questionable character named Al and his dog Mister Bones. This motley group sets out on a trip across rural Ontario, often chased by mob characters after Al. GL has a destination reunion in mind that eventually unites most of the group in more ways than one. Readers will enjoy the pace of this lively tale, the humorous "mobese" language in use and the uniting of the various generations, handled with equal irreverence. Spencer's dream of becoming a film director is woven throughout the story, giving it an extra dimension. Part of the "Seven" series. Reviewer: Meredith Kiger, Ph.D.
School Library Journal
Gr 6–9—In Staunton's plot-driven hi/lo story, readers travel with Spencer as he fulfills his grandfather's last wish that the teen get a kiss from the old man's all-time favorite movie star and film it. When he arrives at a nursing home, Gloria Lorraine drags him on a harrowing road trip that involves mobsters and white powder. The action moves fast, and although Spencer is a sweet kid, there is little character development; readers may have a hard time caring about him and his adventures. Some of the story is told in screenplay, some in prose. Ink Me picks up where Jump Cut leaves off, told from Spencer's younger brother's point of view. Grandpa's dying wish was for Bunny to get a tattoo. It has a gang affiliation, and Bunny ends up running from the police after they think he is selling guns. He is eventually arrested and finds out that his tattoo was meant for someone else. When writing a book for students who have a hard time reading, it's not a good strategy for authors to pretend they can't spell or use correct grammar: "I walkd past places that fixd cars and places that sold candy and places that I don't know what they did and places that dint do any thing cuz of the bords in the windo." Because the writing is so distracting, this book can't be recommended for anyone.—Pamela Schembri, Newburgh Enlarged City Schools, NY
Kirkus Reviews
Grandfather's will sends a 17-year-old boy on a zany adventure. Unlike his brother and male cousins, Spencer is not athletic or adventurous. Instead, he's rather timid, a watcher rather than a doer. That all changes after the reading of his grandfather's remarkable will, which sends Spencer on a quest to find and get a kiss on the cheek from an aging B-movie actress named Gloria Lorraine. Turns out that Gloria has a larger-than-life theatrical personality, a bulldozer-strong will and an agenda of her own. In the sometimes hard-to-get-a-grip-on madcap adventure that follows, Spencer and Gloria pick up Gloria's granddaughter, AmberLea (who is under house arrest), and discover that the thumping coming from the back of their "borrowed" Cadillac is being caused by an armed thug and cannoli baker who is tied up in the trunk. In the course of the story, Spencer tangles with Mafia toughs and motorcycle gang members, finding maturity, smarts and personal strength in the process. Like much of the novel, the wingding climax is funny, inventive and hard to follow. The author makes some inexplicable choices affecting reader comprehension. For example, do the two men in Gloria's young life really need to be named Danny and Davey? Muddled but entertaining story with a heart of gold. (Fiction. 10-14)

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Orca Book Publishers
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Orca Seven Series
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10 - 17 Years

Meet the Author

Ted Staunton divides his time between writing and a busy schedule as a speaker, workshop leader, storyteller and musical performer for children and adults. His previous books include the well-loved Green Applestreet Gang series, the Cyril and Maggie series, the Morgan series, Puddleman, Simon's Surprise, several titles in the Dreadful Truth series including the Canadian Children's Centre Our Choice selection The Dreadful Truth: Confederation, and the acclaimed Hope Springs a Leak, which was shortlisted for both a Silver Birch Award and a Hackmatack Award.

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Jump Cut 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Heidi_G More than 1 year ago
Orca's The Seven Series gives us seven authors each writing the story of one of David McLean's grandsons.  During the reading of David's will, four of his daughters and six of his grandsons learn that David left letters instructing each grandson to complete a task.  At the same time, they learn there was another daughter and another grandson.  A family tree showing David's descendents and the book covers in which each is the protagonist, and a map showing where each grandson will travel, are good additions in the front of the book. Spencer's task is to find a certain actress from decades-gone-by and have himself filmed getting a kiss from her.  The filming part is important, because it is Spencer's dream to become a filmmaker.  Interspersed in the story are several segments which are written as if a film script, with terms like fade in, close up, and tracking shot.  Readers will learn a bit about filmmaking while enjoying Spencer's hilarious adventure with the stubborn, opinionated Gloria Lorraine, or GL as she lets her friends call her, GL's granddaughter, AmberLea, who has secrets of her own, and a baker who seems to be hiding more than icing sugar in the trunk.  Spencer texts his younger brother, Bunny (Bernard), several times during the journey, asking if Bunny has completed his task, which is to get a tattoo.  Bunny's story is chronicles in Ink Me.  The humor is sometimes goofy but that will be just fine for the intended audience.