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Junior Drug Awareness: Alcohol

Junior Drug Awareness: Alcohol

by Terri Peterson Smith, Ronald J. Brogan (Introduction)

Editorial Reviews

Children's Literature - RevaBeth Russell
Another book in the "Junior Drug Awareness" series is this one on alcohol. The history of alcohol, as far as we know, can be traced back to ancient times. Its use was more often as a safe drinking source than today's more common recreational uses. The source of a "toast" came about when a piece of burnt bread was dropped into the wine to take away the acid taste. I love factoids such as this because I think it keeps students reading. Other nations and cultures have different approaches for alcohol use among young people, and all have their cultural reasons. In this country, where the legal age for buying alcohol is twenty-one, there are people who both agree and disagree with this law (often very vocally). Because alcohol consumption is ever-present, young people must learn the facts and responsibilities of its use. Often times, peer pressure is portrayed as someone forcing a friend to drink, but the book explains that peer pressure more often comes about when a friend or two are drinking and a young person does not want to stand out so they might drink so as not to be seen as different. The best part of the book is the explanation of the science of alcohol. For example, the difference in male and female tolerance is because women have less water per pound and alcohol is water-soluble, not fat-soluble. The hangover occurs because of intense dehydration of the body, so organs pull water out of the body, including the brain. The brain shrinks a little, thus pulling the connections between it and the skull. Add to the fact that salts and sugars have also been depleted, which cause nerve and muscle fatigue. For an athlete, alcohol is bad because it dehydrates, reduces sugar levels, andslows reaction time, coordination, and balance. Alcohol-related motor vehicle crashes kill someone every thirty-one minutes. The book is straightforward and level. Teens who read this accessible text will be better informed to make responsible decisions for themselves now and for the rest of their life. Reviewer: RevaBeth Russell

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Junior Drug Awareness Series
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