The Jury Trial in Criminal Justice / Edition 1

The Jury Trial in Criminal Justice / Edition 1

by Douglas D. Koski

ISBN-10: 0890893497

ISBN-13: 9780890893494

Pub. Date: 01/28/2003

Publisher: Carolina Academic Press

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Carolina Academic Press
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New Edition
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Table of Contents

Editor's Preface
Ch. 1The Declining Importance of the Jury Trial and the Plea Bargaining Problem3
On the Myth of Written Constitutions: The Disappearance of Criminal Jury Trial6
Happy New Year - You're a Juror11
Bargaining in the Shadow of the Hammer: The Trial Penalty in the USA23
Juries: The Great American Myth30
Ch. 2The Defense Counsel: The Duty of Zealous Representation and the "Usurpation" Problem43
Defending the Defenders47
The Practice of Law As a Confidence Game59
But How Can You Sleep Nights?70
Address to Prisoners in Cook County Jail, 190283
Ch. 3The Prosecutor: The Duty to Seek Justice and the Abuse of Discretion Problem95
The Decision to Prosecute99
The Prosecutor's Domain110
A Moral Standard for the Prosecutor's Exercise of the Charging Discretion123
Prosecutors As Crime Creators: The Case of Prenatal Drug Use137
Ch. 4The Victim: The Nature of Victimization and the "Victim Legitimacy" Problem149
Introduction: The Social Framework of Victimization150
The Ideal Victim154
Placebo Justice: Victim Recommendations and Offender Sentences in Sexual Assault Cases161
The Victim-Offender Relationship in Convicted Homicide Cases: 1960-1984168
Repeat Victimization among Adolescents and Young Adults177
The Criminal Among Us183
The Vilification of the Crime Problem186
Ch. 5Jury Selection and the "Biased Juror Problem"203
The Socialization of Jurors: The Voir Dire As a Rite of Passage206
Juror Honesty during the Voir Dire214
Social Psychology in Court221
Scientific Jury Selection: What Social Scientists Know and Do Not Know232
Jury Selection: A Social Scientific Analysis242
Ch. 6The Story Model of Jury Decision-making and the "Jury Nullification Problem"269
Introduction: Jury Decision-making and Its Assessment269
Memory for Pragmatic Implications from Courtroom Testimony277
Storytelling in the Courtroom282
The Story Model for Juror Decision Making292
Some Steps between Attitudes and Verdicts301
Effects of Jurors' Identification with the Victim Depends on Likelihood of Victimization316
Jury Nullification in the United States of America: A Brief History and 21st Century Conception322
Suggested Readings333

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