Just Kiss Me

Just Kiss Me

3.8 6
by Rachel Gibson

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New York Times bestselling author Rachel Gibson returns with this dazzling love story filled with sizzle, sass, and just a bit of southern charm . . .

"Hello, Ms. Vivian . . . it's been a long time."

And with those words, Vivian Leigh Rochet nearly melted. It's been years since she last saw Henry Whitley-Shuler. She was a teenager


New York Times bestselling author Rachel Gibson returns with this dazzling love story filled with sizzle, sass, and just a bit of southern charm . . .

"Hello, Ms. Vivian . . . it's been a long time."

And with those words, Vivian Leigh Rochet nearly melted. It's been years since she last saw Henry Whitley-Shuler. She was a teenager scrubbing houses for a living. He was the gorgeous son of rich parents, not fit for the likes of her.

Vivian had vowed to get out of Charleston, become a big Hollywood star, and stick it to the snooty girls who made her cry. She got what she wanted—and more—but why does her glamorous life seem so trivial?

Henry got out too . . . making it all the way to Wall Street, until a heart attack forced him to trade in his cufflinks for a good set of hand tools.

Making furniture soothes his soul, but escaping the Whitley-Shuler heritage is nearly impossible. And now he's come face-to-face with the one who got away. He's not looking for love. He's not even looking for sex . . . so why is resisting her the hardest thing he's ever done?

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Rachel Gibson lives in Idaho with her husband, three kids, two cats, and a dog of mysterious origin. She began her fiction career at age sixteen, when she ran her car into the side of a hill, retrieved the bumper, and drove to a parking lot, where she strategically scattered the car's broken glass all about. She told her parents she'd been the victim of a hit-and-run and they believed her. She's been making up stories ever since, although she gets paid better for them nowadays.

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Just Kiss Me 3.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous 5 months ago
Good storyline but to short not worth the cost of the book. I wanted more of a story like some of her earlier books last few books have been to rushed as is this one.
Anonymous 25 days ago
BookReaderAnnie 4 months ago
I'm always happy to see when Rachel Gibson has a new book out. I only wish they were so few and far between. I really enjoy her brand of humor and romance. Just Kiss Me filled me with so many emotions. It's one of those books that run you up and down, I wasn't sure if I loved it, hated it, or something in the middle. I went with something in the middle. I really enjoyed both Henry & Vivien as people. I even liked them as a couple. I just didn't like how they acted together as a couple. Who I didn't care for was Henry's mother. Which was okay, you need someone in the story to dislike and Nonnie is very unlikable. I also didn't care for Vivien's assistant, Sarah. She really shouldn't have made me feel anything thing, she's only in the story very little but she did. For the most part I really liked the story and then...it just explode and not in a good way. (yes there is a good way) I don't know what happened. I really loved all the deep dark secrets, of course I figured them out right away, but whatever. One minute I was enjoying the story and then I wasn't. I was kind of shocked when that happened. I really didn't care for the way Vivien acted at the end of the story. Like a child. I would love to say more but I don't want to ruin in for you. You might now be bothered by the way she acted. Hell, some might have even agreed with it. I'm just not one of them. Of course even though I didn't care for all of the ending, I did like some, enough to find out the story on a high note. If anything, the story gave me something to talk about.
RomanticReadsandSuch 5 months ago
(BTW, I received an advanced copy of this book, which is one of the reasons I love what I do :) In my copy the male lead is Henry but in the blurb it is shown as Harrison. I'm not sure which is right in the the release so I'm going to go with what was in my book.) This story is so much more than just a romance. Like any good Southern story, there are a lot of family secrets, past hurts, and long held beliefs that need to be re-evaluated. Vivian is back in town for her mother’s funeral and to put her things to rights before heading back to her life in Hollywood. Unfortunately that also puts her in the sphere of the Whitley-Shulers again, the last place she wants to be. Growing up in their carriage house led to a lot of mixed up feelings and resentment for the wealthy family in the big house. Only things seem much different seen through grown up eyes. Henry towed the family line for more than 30 years but a heart attack sent him back home to a quiet life. While it isn’t what his mother expects of him, working with his hands makes him happy and he’s managed to make a life that works for him. Until Vivian comes home in all her bigger-than-life glory, throwing things into a tailspin and threatening a lot of long-buried secrets. Thrown together Henry and Vivian start getting close, pushing each other’s buttons and creating sparks. But while they fight their developing feelings, there’s also the chance to get to know each other as adults - with adult issues but also with adult understanding. Vivian also gets to know Henry’s mother a little better, seeing her as more than the scary force she was in her young life. Unfortunately it also shows her a new view of her own beloved mother. One that shines a light on some things that she might not want to look at any closer. I don’t think you can have a South Carolina story without skeletons in the closet and Gibson gives us some doozies. With mint julep charm and a lot of Bless Your Hearts, Just Kiss Me is definitely the perfect summer read and the start of a great new series. I can’t wait to see what she does next. (Complimentary copy provided in exchange for an honest review)
MTSmith 5 months ago
I really liked this story. Current day Vivian and Henry were interesting. Vivian hadn't really lost the quirkiness she had as a kid. The seriousness and dutiful son Henry was as a teenager still peeked through the man he became. But, for me, the best parts of the story were Vivian's diary entries. It was weird, believe me, to see so many of them throughout the story but they made sense. There were events and memories they remembered from their growing up years that wouldn't have made as much sense if those diary entries hadn't been there. Despite the wealth Vivian had acquired, despite the fancy house and things she bought her mother, I was deeply moved by the significance of the cork. It was just a cork. To an outsider, to this reader, it wouldn't have meant anything. To Vivian, it was a memento of a fabulous day that celebrated her mother. After her mother died and she searched frantically for it, I wondered if she ever would find it. It meant more to Vivian than the money and fame she'd amassed, and I really hoped she would find it. Vivian and Henry's romance was really, really subtle. It wasn't love at first sight or love born from lust. It happened throughout the entire book. Coming home, for both of them, was the catalyst. Love took its time with them, layering bricks and mortar for a firm foundation that withstood an earth-shattering truth, hurt, and anger. There are a few surprises in this story that were handled well by Ms. Gibson. They revealed so much about Henry in particular and spoke volumes of his character. He was a fixer, a bearer. He did what he felt was right to keep the world going even though the strain took a toll on him. In the end, the others saw it. Some appreciated it. Someone else, not so much. But it showed how good a man he was, how great a man he could be, and he amazing he would be. I've only read one other book by Ms. Gibson, What I Love About You, and I have to say I like Just Kiss Me better. The reason, honestly, might seem insignificant to some but it matters a whole deal to me. The way she wrote out their conflict and how forgiveness eventually came was beautifully done in this story. The time span wasn't ridiculously short. The uncertainty of Vivian trusting Henry again. The frustration of trying to prove he was trustworthy and falling short because of Vivian's uncertainty. The ultimate gesture made at the end that brought them together again. I'm telling you, it was a hard but satisfying resolution. This isn't a fast-paced book so be prepared to take your time if you choose to read it. Like I said, their love doesn't happen overnight or even after a few short weeks. It grows slowly and it is lovely to see happen. Received from publisher for an honest review
beckymmoe 5 months ago
It's been a while since I've read a Rachel Gibson book, so I was really excited to have a chance to read this one. It does have a slow start...partly, I think because the "one who got away" aspect of the blurb isn't really correct. If you go into this one thinking that Henry (the hero's name in my ARC is Henry, so that's the name I'm going to use here) has ever lusted, secretly or otherwise, after Vivien in the past, you may be a bit disappointed by the h/H interactions for the first quarter or so. This is probably a book you're better off going into without preconceived notions. Instead, just read the book. :) It starts with a few of young Vivien's (full name: Vivien Leigh Rochet--so Southern; love it!) diary entries, a device that I really enjoy in books and which is used for a nice effect throughout the novel. Since this is a return-home story as much as it is a enemies-to-lovers one, the entries are a fun way to bring us up to speed on her childhood without bogging us down in flashbacks. In the novel's real time, she's just come back home for her mother's funeral. Since leaving North Carolina for Hollywood years ago, she's come back as little as possible, so there's quite a few things about her mother's life in the interim (and earlier, for that matter) that she had no idea about--some which are going to come as quite a shock. But the biggest shock of all just might be Henry Whitley-Schuler, who may or may not still be a scary butthead, but is most definitely much hotter than Vivien remembers. This is going to be a problem. Or not be a problem, depending on your perspective. ;) Their romance is a slow burn, and seems doomed to failure due to their history and the fact that she's now a movie star and he's dedicated himself to a low-stress life as a carpenter. Despite this, I loved the two of them together and really, really hoped Ms. Gibson would find a way. Spoiler alert: she does :) My only complaints? 1) The resolution happens very quickly. It felt pretty rushed, especially given how slow moving their relationship is for so much of the book. 2) How they're ultimately going to make their seemingly incompatible lifestyles work isn't really explained. 3) Not enough cute Vivien-and-Henry togetherness time (at least partly related to complaint #1). Still, There was a lot to like in Ms Gibson's latest book, and I very much enjoyed the time I spent reading it. I'm so glad she's back! Rating: 4 stars / B I received a complimentary copy in exchange for an honest review.