Just Like Candy

Just Like Candy

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by Kimberly Kaye Terry

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The Sweetest Temptation. . .

Davis Strong has no business lusting after the new director of the Youth Center his aunt has hired. But who can resist a woman named Candy? He wants to make love to her luscious lips, caress her smooth and creamy skin, and savor her mocha-colored body. Only then will he get the dessert he's been waiting for--a taste of her sweet,


The Sweetest Temptation. . .

Davis Strong has no business lusting after the new director of the Youth Center his aunt has hired. But who can resist a woman named Candy? He wants to make love to her luscious lips, caress her smooth and creamy skin, and savor her mocha-colored body. Only then will he get the dessert he's been waiting for--a taste of her sweet, hot center. . .

Sinfully Delicious. . .

It isn't fair that one man should consume her thoughts the way Davis Strong does. But no man does it for her like this one. At night, alone in her bed, Candy dreams about her lover, lying beneath his rock hard body, naked and exposed, begging him to touch her, to taste her, to fill her. It's the ultimate sexual fantasy and Candy's ready for the real thing. . .

"A scrumptious page turner. . .a must-read author!" --Jaid Black

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Just Like Candy

By Kimberly Kaye Terry


Copyright © 2008 Kimberly Kaye Terry
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-0-7582-2249-7

Chapter One

"Please ... don't stop this time."

The sounds of her groans were loud and harsh in the still of the room as she tossed her head on the pillow. She arched her body up from the bed in sharp response to her lover's latest ministrations.

Oooh, it felt sooo good.

When he pressed the heel of his palm in just the right spot-in her special spot-the spot that no other man had ever figured out did it for her, she almost came.

She felt the ease of cream as it slid down the inside of her thigh despite her automatic and natural inclination to clench her legs together.

He laughed low and throaty and then she felt his strong, capable hands spread her legs even further apart. He forced her thighs wide, and she was left open and vulnerable as he stared at her naked, bared flesh.

She was forced to close her eyes, the excitement was nearly too much to bear.

She exhaled a long, shaky breath.

In all honesty she didn't care that she was exposed. Not here, not now.

Neither did she feel the slightest bit of embarrassment ... nothing mattered as long as he gave her what she needed.

And she was more than certain he would.

He knew just what to do to get her wet and ready. Ready for anything and everything he had in store for her.

"Candy, I bet you taste as good as your name, baby, just the way I like it, sweet, sugary ... and sticky."

He bent his head and inhaled long and deep.

"Ummm. You even smell good," he rumbled in his deep, throaty, "let-me-do-you" voice. The kind of voice that made a woman want to snatch off all her clothes and give in to his every heated, pussy-clenching demand.

Candy felt no shame accepting-no, begging-for his sweet, sweet touch. She was wanton and didn't give a hot damn. As long as he would give her what she wanted, she was one happy woman.

"Do you want it, Candy? Do you want me?" he breathed against the inside of her thigh.

Candy nearly came from his low-talking barrage, from the way one of his big hands stroked back and forth over the short, tight hairs covering her mound.

As he spoke, the heel of his other hand kept the pressure steady and direct above her pubic bone. Lord, this man was lethal.

"Ummm. Yes," she moaned.

Candy didn't have the strength to say much more than that. She was helplessly trapped in a sensual web of her own making.

"What do I want to hear? What do you have to say for me to give you what you need, baby?"

If he didn't give her what she wanted soon, didn't just do her the way she longed to be done, she was going to lose her ever-lovin' mind.

At the point they'd currently reached, there was nothing she wouldn't say or do to get him to finally finish what he'd started months ago.

"Please," she whispered, barely able to choke the words out, past the tight constriction in her throat. "Please, please ... give me what I want ..."

Her shameless plea was cut off mid-beg by a long keen when he licked one finger, gently separated her slick folds and stroked her.

"You beg so pretty, Candy. But what else? What else do I want to hear? Tell me what you want me to do to you."

"Please, don't make me say it!" she pleaded. "You know what I want," she said in a low, barely audible voice.

She cried out again when he slid one finger, and then another into her wet slit, working his way inside the tight opening. She squirmed around his thick fingers and clenched the walls of her vagina in response.

"You tell me what I want to hear and I'll give you what we both want," he lifted his head and promised. The look in his light grey eyes was lusty and demanding, before he turned his attention back to her bared pussy.

He stroked a swift, deadly caress with his tongue, separating her vaginal lips. He captured the hood covering her clit between his teeth, ferreted out her tightly drawn bud, and slowly, so slowly ... released it.

The sudden, unexpected caress forced Candy to cry out in passionate disbelief.

This was as far as he'd ever gone in his lovemaking. She was filled with nervous excitement, hoping this time, at last, he would satisfy her.

Candy would finally get to feel the long hard length of him embedded deep inside her. She lay back down against the pillows with her heart pounding erratically in her chest and knew it was now or never.

It always came to this. This was the point where he'd offer her an ultimatum and she would retreat, unable to give him what he demanded. Afraid.

But not this time.

No. This time, she was ready and beyond tired of being strung out, begging him for the release only he could give her. No other man would do.

She was tired of fear holding her back. This was the man she wanted, and no one else.

No one else did it for her. No one created this deep, all-encompassing, yearning ... this crazy ache in her heart, like he did.

She took a deep, determined breath and held it for a fraction of a second, before she slowly released the pent-up air.

This time she would give him the words he demanded. She'd admit to him what he already knew.

"I want you to fuck me."

She knew the words were stark, bold. Didn't leave much to the imagination. But there it was.

"Nice start, Candy," he breathed against her inner thigh and stroked her again with his hot, talented tongue. "But how do you want me to fuck you?"

Oh god. This was going to be harder than she thought. To actually say out loud her secret kink, to risk being exposed ... the thought alone was enough to scare the hell out of her.

She almost backed out, almost.

Taking another deep breath, she allowed the words to trip from her tongue. "Get the binds ... and the paddle. I'm ready. I want you to ..."


She uttered a cry of disbelief. Her eyes flew open and she looked down between her legs hoping to see a dark blond head lying between her spread thighs, ready to give her what she needed ... Lord, what she craved!

The only thing she saw as she glanced down was one of her own hands buried deep inside her creaming opening, the other braced against her thigh.

Well, damn!

At that point, Candy felt like howling out loud in sheer frustration.

"Oh damn ... not again," she groaned. She reluctantly withdrew her wet fingers from her vagina and sat straight up in bed.

With a sinking heart she realized she'd been dreaming. Reality had reared its ugly head with a vengeance in the form of her alarm clock going off.

She whipped her head around, almost giving herself whiplash as she searched the room.

As though she was trying to see if anyone had witnessed what she'd been doing in bed, under the covers, lights out and all alone, she thought, completely disgusted with herself.

She acknowledged she was a mess. Or better still, as Pauline Rogers, her new assistant at the youth center, would say ... "a hot mess."

With a sigh of disgust at her unreasonable embarrassment, Candy reached over and slammed a hand on top of the offending apparatus. It was one of those art nouveau, old-fashioned-looking alarm clocks that friends who thought they were funny gave you for Christmas gifts.

The type whose alarm was so shrill and long, it could wake the dead.

With a groan, Candy flopped back down and pulled the comforter up to her chin as she snuggled deeper into the covers.

She'd had another erotic, wake-up-with-her-panties-wet-and-fingers-smelling-like-her-own-coochie, unfulfilling dream.

Candy released a heartfelt groan, grabbed her pillow and shoved it over her face as she rolled over in the bed to lie face down.

She stayed in that position for long moments and allowed her heartbeat to return to normal.

Damn it.

Just when she was ready to admit what she wanted. Just when she was ready to give her dream lover the words he needed to hear, before he'd give her what she wanted-the friggin' alarm had to go off.

"Oh well, guess I wasn't exactly ready to go down that path of discovery anyway. I ought to be ashamed of myself for even wanting to, even in a dream," she mumbled, her lips pressed into the bed.

With forced determination she made herself climb out of the bed and start her day.

She looked around for her slippers. She groaned when she only found the one near her bed and spied the other one clear across the room.

"Doggone it, Rus! Leave my house shoes alone, boy!" she fussed out loud when she spied her tomcat, Russell, laying his big striped head on her slipper as though it were his pillow. The cat had an unnatural love for all things furry.

She grumbled as she put one foot in the available slipper, grabbed the thin robe hanging from the foot rail of her bed and hopped over to retrieve the other slipper, snatching it from under the big cat's head. She rolled her eyes at his indignant cry of anger.

"Sorry, sugah, but Mama's tootsies get cold on these hard wood floors. Especially this time of the year."

With affection she patted the top of his large head on her way out of the bedroom after she placed the matching slipper on her foot.

Yawning deeply, Candy walked into the small bathroom at the end of the narrow hallway. She stood before the vanity and stared at her reflection.

"Ummm. Girlfriend, you need a man. This dream lover stuff is seriously not cutting it."

She reached a slender arm up and opened the medicine cabinet to withdraw her toothbrush and toothpaste and began her morning ritual.

"I mean, it's not as though you can't find a man, right?" she asked herself around a mouthful of white paste.

As she brushed her teeth, she carefully examined her face. Without conceit, Candice knew she was attractive enough. Her smooth, oval, mocha-colored face was clear and free of blemishes.

Her teeth, despite her never having had braces as a child, were fairly straight. She had a small space between her front two teeth that even if she had been able to afford to have straightened as a child, or as an adult, she wouldn't have.

Her father had the same gap and said it was a Cain family trait. He said it added character to her face.

As Candy had never met any other Cain family members besides her father and her older brother, Corey, she could only take his word.

When she was a child, other children had teased her because of the gap between her teeth, among other things.

She remembered her father telling her the small imperfection was something to be proud of, not ashamed of. It was a part of who she was, and no matter what, she was never to be ashamed of who she was.

As usual, his words had helped ease the sting of their cruelty.

She smiled in remembrance and the deep dimples she'd also inherited from her father flashed in the mirror as she did so.

She missed her dad. It had been too long since his last visit. Too long since he'd breezed into town and made her couch his bed.

But she knew it was only a matter of time before he'd come around. When he grew bored with his current job or he got fired. Either way, she knew she'd see him soon.

It wasn't that he wasn't a hard worker. It was just ... hard for him to stay in one place for too long. As a child she'd seen it all as one big adventure, she remembered with a melancholy smile.

She grabbed the washcloth from the bar attached to the wicker shelf and ran warm water over it. She added a bar of her favorite homemade rosemary-scented castile soap and got a good lather going. She gently wiped her face clean. The warm water and pleasant smell helped to invigorate her, fully waking her up.

After she finished, she draped the washcloth over the side of her vintage, cream-colored porcelain pedestal sink in order to tackle her hair.

She deftly unbraided the thick French braid and allowed her kinky mass of hair free rein. She eased her fingers into the thick tresses and massaged her scalp and moaned.

It always felt good when she unbraided her hair and allowed it to breathe.

Candy loved wearing her hair natural and chemical-free. She enjoyed the sense of completeness, of wholeness, she'd gotten when she'd kicked her creamy crack pusher, formerly known as the relaxer, to the curb.

Within moments her hair was a wild mass of riotous kinks and curls all over her head. Candy laughed at the image in the mirror.

She opened the door to the small, old-fashioned mirrored cabinet mounted on the wall and removed a few of her favorite natural hair oils.

She poured a quarter-sized dollop into her palm, rubbed her hands together and began to massage the fragrant oils into her hair and scalp.

Candy had learned how to make her own soaps and oils during the course of one summer, as a young girl, from an older women who'd babysat her as her father worked.

The woman hadn't had much money and the small change her father had been able to give the old woman to watch Candy had been needed and appreciated.

The skills the older woman had willingly passed on to Candy, she'd not forgotten.

It was a skill that came in handy when she began to create her own concoctions as a young teenager and sell them, often helping to make ends meet.

She was more than happy to share that talent with the girls at the youth center where she was the director, knowing many of them came from poor backgrounds.

Since wearing hair natural and using natural hair and skin products was the latest cool "nouveau culture" thing to do, she could teach them a useful skill. Also, they wouldn't be made fun of by others because they couldn't afford store-bought products.

Instead it was seen as cool to make something uniquely designed. Candy chuckled out loud about the change in times.

She continued to stare at her reflection, the smile sliding from her lips as she kept on massaging her scalp. She noticed how the movements of her hands on her hair caused her small breasts to rise and gently slap against each other.

Her gaze hesitantly dropped to her plum-colored nipples. They were beaded and stood stiff and proud, right in the middle of her dark areolas.

Slowly she dropped her hands and allowed them to brush over the small mounds, before she cupped their light weight in her hands. She imagined that was just how he would do it.

He'd never actually touched her breasts in real life. But in her dreams, he'd come close.

Deliciously so.

In fact, he'd come close to doing more than caressing her breasts this last time.

But not in real life. In real life her dream lover was a man who saw her as little more than an irritant. Someone he was forced to have dealings with. At least it was the impression Candy always got from him.

Whatever. His loss.

She forced negative thoughts away. She didn't feel like treading down that path of no fulfillment from her dream lover, or his real life counterpart.

It was time to get ready for work anyway. No time for thoughts along those lines or she'd have to turn to Big Billy.

However, of late, Billy had provided her with little or no relief as she craved something more than what the plastic toy, no matter how many vibrating levels it boasted, could provide.

After she'd taken her shower, Candy grabbed the thick cotton towel and dried herself. She pulled out a small, lidded crock that sat in one of her baskets near her bathtub.

After she opened the lid to the crock, she scooped out a generous portion of the cocoa butter/shea butter blended smoothie she'd made herself.

The dry weather would ash her skin to death if she didn't keep it moisturized, and her own homemade products kept it nice and supple, better than anything she could find over the counter.

She loved how the blended creams felt sliding over her skin as she anointed her arms, torso and legs, before recapping the crock and returning it to the basket.

She rewrapped the thick towel around her oiled body and walked back to her bedroom and toward her closet.

Candy stared at the contents of her closet for long moments, just trying to figure out what she'd wear for the day.

It wasn't like she had that many choices. Her closet was filled with all very similar clothes. The main differences were the pattern and color.

The closet was filled with an assortment of long, loose-fitting dresses, a few pairs of jeans she'd had forever, what looked like a hundred T-shirts and tons of various colored and textured fabric.

Just fabric.

She wore her various fabrics most often. She'd stand with her legs spread apart so when she finished wrapping it, the fabric would swing natural and loose on her body. Holding both ends of the fabric in each fist, she'd then start wrapping the cloth around her body and end when the tips met, and knot it.


Excerpted from Just Like Candy by Kimberly Kaye Terry Copyright © 2008 by Kimberly Kaye Terry. Excerpted by permission.
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Just Like Candy 4.2 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 32 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Who could resist a book with a cover like this...and after reading the rave reviews, my curiosity was peaked...I must say that I enjoyed this novel! It was definitely, HOT, SPICY, FUNNY and it even tugged at your heart strings! I thought the plot involving Davis' daughter was quite intriguing and highly emotional. Although some of the sexual activity was explicit at times, it wasn't ALL 'over-the-top'! The main characters were quite memorable and we also got to catch up with some of Mrs. Terry's previous characters from her 'Make It Last' novel. I enjoyed the fact that Davis and Candy didn't fight their attraction to each other. They knew each other for nine months, and during those nine months the heat only became more intense. So, once they took their relationship to the next level, there was NO holding back the very HOT & STEAMY loving that went on between these pages. Davis Strong definitely knew how to SATISFY his woman, and Candy had no trouble keeping up with his creative and adventurous nature. I have to say I didn't care for the way Candy let Davis get away with his many assumptions, misconceptions and let's not forget the MAJOR indiscretion that he never answered for 'ladies you'll know what I mean when you read the story'. Candy's willingness to let his behavior go unanswered was quite unrealistic and I would have found it more believable if she confronted him and made him grovel a bit before she forgave him. Mrs. Terry is quite a creative author, and very capable of writing an intensely erotic yet, passionate tale. Unfortunately this book had WAY TOO many typos the editor definitely dropped the ball on this one. However it was still a deliciously tempting read!
Guest More than 1 year ago
Kim really did a OUTSTANDING JOB. This book has everything AWESOME LOVE SCENE the attraction between the character. I fell in love with Candice (bka) Candy Cain what a name, and Davis Strong his last name says it all. This is a must read book and once you begin you will not be able to put it down. I read this book in a day it was just that good. ALSO AS YOU ARE READING KEEP IN MIND CAMEO the group. This book is SWEET 'JUST LIKE CANDY' Great title Kim. Louise
harstan More than 1 year ago
Youth center board member Davis Strong knows he must ignore his desires for Candy, but has found it impossible to pay no attention to her. Youth center director Candice Cain knows she must ignore her desires for Strong, but has found it impossible to take no notice of him.------------- Davis dreams of making love with the woman who infatuates his every thought. Candy dreams of making love with the man who infatuates her every thought. Both wants their hot wet respective fantasies hard rock real, but neither seems able of turning hard core wet dreams into reality. Yet each considers but who will make the first move remains to be seen for each knows one taste will never be enough.------------ This relationship drama stars two likeable hesitant protagonists who each fear rejection and even more that the reality will not be as good as the fantasy that is until the Jacuzzi, which readers will never look at the same way. Fans will need asbestos gloves as this is a scorcher even when the audience just reads the thoughts of Davis and Candy. JUST LIKE CANDY is an equatorial heater as the audience will appreciate the sexual antics of this pair as Nash is right that ¿candy is dandy¿.---------------- Harriet Klausner
Slim6388 More than 1 year ago
Very sweet, sexy, hot love story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I cant decide if i enjoyed this or the sweet spot more,intensely erotic.poor ending and certain things left undeveloped,but it still didnt dissapoint.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
It is H-O-T and like candy.
Guest More than 1 year ago
Just Like Candy kept me up until the wee hours of the morning flipping the pages. The story was incredibly erotic and romantic, and the plot was nicely fleshed out. I fell in love with both hero and heroine and felt Ms. Terry gave us two characters you could root for, while turning the pages of this off the charts hot romance! There were some funny moments as well as heart-tugging moments in the book and for those who've read Ms. Terry before you will definitely see her amazing blend of hot and sweet, an author I can't wait to read more from. Those not familiar with her work, you're in for a treat.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I enjoyed this book thoroughly, loved Davis but the book is only 200 pages and practically $10.  Thats a rip off
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
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