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Just Like Ice Cream

Just Like Ice Cream

by Lissa Halls Johnson
This best-selling novel depicts a young girl's summer romance, the consequences that follow, and the lessons she learns about the importance of sexual purity.


This best-selling novel depicts a young girl's summer romance, the consequences that follow, and the lessons she learns about the importance of sexual purity.

Editorial Reviews

School Library Journal
Gr 10-12-Julie Marshall, 16, falls for Kyle Browning the first time he speaks to her. So, when he suggests that she would love having sex as much as she loves ice cream, she gives in. Predictably, she becomes pregnant and he loses interest. She tries to face the issue alone at first but eventually tells her family and a couple of close friends. Interwoven with Julie's story is information about having (or abstaining from) sex, becoming pregnant, determining options, finding help, and facing the decision(s), but it's often so involved that it interrupts and overshadows the somewhat contrived and didactic plot. At times, it's difficult to believe that Julie gets so far into her pregnancy without learning what to expect. As with all her books, Johnson writes from a Christian perspective; non-Christians will either be interested in or put off by the additional side lessons about God, Jesus, and religious beliefs.-Dona Weisman, Northeast Texas Library System, Garland
Shelley Townsend-Hudson
Several contemporary issues relating to teen sexuality and new information about contraceptives and sexually transmitted diseases are included in this update of a book that has been out of print since 1985. When 16-year-old Julie finds herself pregnant after a summer romance, life begins to move faster than she can handle. The teenage father-to-be is unsupportive and drops Julie when she chooses not to abort. Her best source of support comes from the woman for whom she baby-sits, a woman with maturity and deep faith whose guidance helps Julie gain a sense of self and make the right personal choice. Even though the novel is prescriptive (it advocates abstention from premarital sex and presents abortion as a frightening option), the message doesn't seem too heavy handed. Facts about pregnancy are convincingly integrated into the narrative, as is information about birth control and STDs, including AIDS. Unfortunately, the title, derived from Julie's boyfriend's description of sex, belies the complexity of the issues involved.

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Random House Children's Books
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Meet the Author

LISSA HALLS JOHNSON is a freelance writer and story editor, author of novels for teens, tweens, and young adults.Included among her twenty published books are the most recent:"Rich in Love"with Irene Garcia, and"Still Growing" with Kirk Cameron. She has edited over fifty novels for publishers including Howard Books, WaterBrook, Thomas Nelson, and NavPress, and has been published in Reader's Digest and other periodicals. She is a conference speaker and teacher. She currently lives in the country with two dogs, a horse, and one husband.

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