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Just Like Max

Just Like Max

by Karen Ackerman, George Schmidt

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K-Gr 3-- A four-story brownstone is home to Aaron's extended family, but it's the fourth floor that beckons him to where Great-uncle Max works ``all hours of the day and night'' making fine garments for the ``fancy folk.'' After school, Aaron climbs the narrow stairs to watch Max as he traces, cuts, and sews; and to listen to the stories he tells as he works. Later, when Max lies weakened by a stroke, Aaron sits at his bedside and traces, cuts, and sews a garment of his own. Forty years later, a new generation climbs the same stairs to watch Aaron at work--writing this book. Soft pastels in muted pinks, greens, and browns capture the nostalgic quality of this very personal reminiscence. Unfortunately, they are less sensitive to other elements of the text. (Where are the ``tiny, coved windows?'' Why are the characters dressed in a fashion more appropriate to 50 or 60 years ago rather than 40?) Schmidt's figures are wooden, ill-proportioned, and inconsistent from page to page. (If Aaron weren't wearing the same striped shirt and knickers page after page--day after day--readers would be hard pressed to know him for the same boy.) These somber illustrations do little to engage readers, nor are they helped by an equally leaden text. Ackerman clearly intends to convey the essence and, therefore, the value of one generation to the next. Her Song and Dance Man (Knopf, 1988) proves it can be done, but Just Like Max just misses the mark. --Marcia Hupp, Mamaroneck Public Library, NY

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