Just One Kiss

Just One Kiss

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by Rita Hestand

The second in the Dream Catcher series, a sensual interracial romance that proves love knows no color. After the war was over, Lee Nelson went home. Little did he know that he was supposed to be dead, nor that little Hattie Tanner had taken over his farm and that the land war was still on going.

The love he had nurtured all those years for Hattie had grown

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The second in the Dream Catcher series, a sensual interracial romance that proves love knows no color. After the war was over, Lee Nelson went home. Little did he know that he was supposed to be dead, nor that little Hattie Tanner had taken over his farm and that the land war was still on going.

The love he had nurtured all those years for Hattie had grown even stronger when he saw her fight for his land, and how hard she had struggled to help others safe along her way, he knew he had to make her his, forever..

Hattie Tanner had grown into a beautiful young woman. A woman he wanted to claim as his own, and rightfully so. Only problem was, even though the war was over, the battle of color still existed. Perhaps even more now, with the reality that the south had lost, and the bitterness of it remained to choke the people.

Lee had lost an arm in the war, and he had quickly disguised as another to protect Hattie. Seeing Hattie again melted his heart and made him even stronger now.She had become a courageous young woman who fought for what she believed in. She'd proven her love for him in how she protected his property, and grieved his death.

When Hattie was threatened he revealed himself to her and vowed to always keep her safe. He claimed her as his own.Hattie was overcome with joy at his return. They swore their love for each other. Yet their problems weren't over.

Fighting over mineral rights with old enemies, was still a problem. One that Lee knew he had to settle personally.

Lee's biggest struggle was finding a place he could marry Hattie, without having to fight hate and violence every day. He wanted to make her his wife, for he loved her with all his might. Where could they go, and be accepted as a family? Lee refused to give up his love for her, and was determined to find a haven for them.

Book Two of the Dream Catcher series.

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Rita Hestand
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Dream Catcher , #2
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