Just Tell Me What to Eat!: The Delicious 6-Week Weight-Loss Plan for the Real World

Just Tell Me What to Eat!: The Delicious 6-Week Weight-Loss Plan for the Real World

by Timothy S. Harlan

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Dr. Timothy Harlan has counseled thousands of overweight patients searching for weight-loss answers. He noticed that patients were usually told what they could not eat, rather than all the wonderful foods they could eat. Now, physician-chef Harlan provides a solution: an exact prescription for what to eat, how to cook it, when to eat it, and, best of all, why…  See more details below


Dr. Timothy Harlan has counseled thousands of overweight patients searching for weight-loss answers. He noticed that patients were usually told what they could not eat, rather than all the wonderful foods they could eat. Now, physician-chef Harlan provides a solution: an exact prescription for what to eat, how to cook it, when to eat it, and, best of all, why eating great food is the best health decision you will make.

Just Tell Me What to Eat! is a medically based weight-loss plan for the real world, for anyone tired of dubious fad diets, restricted meals, and unappetizing strategies. It emphasizes a Mediterranean diet with high-quality calories and home cooking whenever possible. Dr. Harlan offers a "food mantra" for each day, paired with a menu and easy recipes. By the time you incorporate all the lessons in your diet, you will have naturally slimmed down and changed your eating habits for the better

With chapters like "What You Should Eat for Breakfast," "How to Arrange Your Dinner Plate," and "Carbs are Good for You Too!" this unique day-by-day plan will help even the most frustrated dieters achieve a slimmer, healthier, and happier lifestyle.

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Editorial Reviews

From the Publisher

Library Journal, 5/1/11
“Offers a different approach than other diet books on the market in addition to valuable health information. Recommended for…anyone looking to lose weight and adopt healthy food practices.”

Publishers Weekly, 5/2/11“The first recipe in this food-focused title—fettuccini Alfredo—should reassure readers that [Harlan’s] six-week diet (with eight weeks of meals and recipes) is not about deprivation. In this accessible guidebook, Harlan helps readers to achieve daily goals…as they learn to cook tasty Mediterranean diet dishes, a variety of ethnic favorites, and comfort foods. While Harlan's suggested two- to four-pound loss per month might pale before fad-diet promises, his solutions are simple…and his recipes, satisfying.”
Kirkus Reviews, 6/1/11
“A winning, easily implemented blend of medically sound weight-loss advice and recipes for delicious, nutritious food…Clear, simple directives tell readers not only what to eat, but when, how and why…Recommended for those who need meal-by-meal guidance and aren’t willing to forgo their favorite foods—the perfect marriage of medical knowledge and gourmet cooking.”
TheSpiffyCookie.com, 5/3/11
“Filled with recognizable, family-favorite meals, and realistic healthy options for those times when eating out and convenience foods are unavoidable…A great book.”
EveryDiet.org, 5/30/11
“When you get to the end of Just Tell Me What to Eat!, you will have dramatically changed your eating habits and naturally reduced your weight.” 
Newsday, 6/14/11
“Harlan has a different emphasis than most diet-book writers…His Big Easy background means recipes are anything but bland.”
Internet Review of Books, 6/15/11
“Chef-turned-doctor-turned-author Timothy Harlan is in a position to know the ins and outs of healthful eating. He not only tells us why certain foods are good for us, but he provides menus and shopping lists to help us stay on track…[Harlan] even knows which foods you can get away with eating more of.”
Blogcritics.org, 6/11/11
“If you like deprivation diets, then this book is NOT for you. Rather, Just Tell Me What to Eat! is so chock full of deliciously healthy recipes, I feel as though I'm getting away with something every time I crack open the book. Who wouldn't want to follow a six-week plan that not only delivers the goods, but does it in a way that leaves you feeling satisfied?...If you're looking for a simple, medically-based action plan, then Dr. Gourmet's delicious prescription was written for you.”

DietsInReview.com, 6/7/11“Offers a refreshingly real approach to eating healthier and losing weight…Dieters will find that this book offers everything needed to get healthy and start eating well…Anyone that doesn’t mind cooking and that has a desire to lose weight can benefit from this book.”

FamilyCircle.com, 6/22/11
“Dr. Harlan is trying to simplify the confusing dieting guidelines out there, and he manages to do it without limiting our options.” 

Asbury Park Press, 6/25/11
“There are only about 63,000 diet books…But this author is both a physician and chef and tells us bluntly what food to buy, how to cook it and when to eat it.”
Publishers Weekly (Twitter post), 6/25/11
“[Harlan’s] cooking demo has librarians eating it up.”
Technorati.com, 6/27/11
“Filled with useful tips to help dieters stay on track…Amazingly, some very popular dishes often thought to be off-limits for dieters are included: pizza, cheese steak, sloppy joes, spaghetti, ziti, crème brulee (!), fried chicken. With choices like these, dieting is suddenly more appealing.”
EatDrinkBetter.com, 6/20/11
“With nearly sixty dinner recipes, this is as much a cookbook as a diet book.”
Two Belles, Four Biceps and the Pursuit of Fitness, 6/23/11
“Offers a practical and achievable solution designed to fit into event the busiest of lifestyles…Delicious recipes…Laid out in an easy-to-follow, easy-to-read manner.”

Tucson Citizen, 7/1/11
“Dr. Harlan shares delicious recipes from a variety of cuisines including Italian, Mediterranean, Spanish, French, and American. They range from a tasty Herbed Zucchini to a White Bean Chili, a delightful change of pace from the red bean and meat variety.”

InfoDad.com, 7/7/11
“An exceptionally clever idea.”
BestOfYouToday.com, 7/14/11
“Harlan has an interesting perspective on the whole notion of eating well.”

Kingman Daily Miner,
“An outstanding feature of this book is that in simple terms you are shown how to change your eating habits by putting a variety of healthy food items into meal planning…Just Tell Me What to Eat! is just what the doctor ordered.”

Deseret News, 7/20/11
“If you are looking for a diet that includes fettuccine alfredo with shrimp and broccoli, barbecue chicken pizza and chocolate cheesecake, look no further…This diet is not a short-term fad; it’s a lifestyle change. If you are looking for guidelines and tips to healthy eating based on current scientific knowledge and an emphasis on plant-based whole foods, this book is worth looking at.”

New Orleans Magazine, July 2011
“Takes a crack at making dieting goof-proof.”
January Magazine, 7/20/11
“What Harlan does is revolutionary…yet stunningly simple. Just Tell Me What to Eat! isn’t a diet plan or fad diet. It just looks at good, wholesome food and how to prepare it and what it’s made of and how it will manifest inside your body…Great, easy to follow recipes indicate that this one should be added to many people’s cookbook shelves. If you have more questions than answers about diet and dieting, Just Tell Me What to Eat! is a terrific idea.”
Bookviews, August 2011
“An informed and informative book about dieting that should prove helpful to take its advice and stick to it.”
Midwest Book Review, August 2011
“An encouraging, supportive guide dieters will relish.”

WomanAroundTown.com, 9/20/11
“A six week weight loss plan for those of us who have to exist in the real world. What’s special about this book are the tips on how to read a label, how to understand dietary cholesterol, and the fact that he provides info on meals you can eat in restaurants without going off the plan. Recipes like Roasted Yams With Rosemary help ease the way to healthier eating.”

Suite101.com, 9/25/11
“The easy-to-follow menu guide approach for weight loss makes Just Tell Me What to Eat a great one for those who have never put a menu together, let alone one for healthy cooking…The recipes include a wide variety of cuisines…so there is no flavor burnout during the 6-week diet plan.”

Gumbo Entertainment Guide, January 2012
“Shows just how you can eat food you love and still lose two to four pounds per month.”

Taste for Life, March 2012“Not a fad diet or a typical weight-loss plan, this book offers a solution for those who are tired of being told what they can’t eat.”

Portland Book Review, 1/11/13
“Harlan’s book is comprehensive, offering menus, name brand food options, and cooking techniques. Each recipe shares nutritional information, and breakfast, lunch and dinner options abound. There are many good pieces of advice in this book—from how to read labels, ingredients to steer clear of, to understanding cholesterol. If you are truly ready to commit to a healthier lifestyle, including eating better, Just Tell Me What to Eat! is a must have for your shopping list.”

Portland Book Review, March-May 2013
“Offers long-term solutions to weight control…Comprehensive…There are many good pieces of advice in this book…A must have.”

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The medical director at Tulane School of Medicine, Timothy S. Harlan, MD (aka Dr. Gourmet), is a doctor, chef, columnist, and Emmy-winning television personality. He lives in New Orleans.

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