Just the Right Sound: The Association Anthology

Just the Right Sound: The Association Anthology

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by The Association
The Association had quite a few singles and album tracks other than the four or five big hits that everyone remembers from constant radio play. This thoroughly annotated two-CD, 51-song compilation, though, has way too much stuff to pore through unless you're an unforgiving sucker for their light harmonies and clever arrangements. Those are matched to material that's


The Association had quite a few singles and album tracks other than the four or five big hits that everyone remembers from constant radio play. This thoroughly annotated two-CD, 51-song compilation, though, has way too much stuff to pore through unless you're an unforgiving sucker for their light harmonies and clever arrangements. Those are matched to material that's sometimes good, but often too airily lightweight and closer to the Lettermen than Brian Wilson. On the positive side, this does have all five Top Ten hits, the odd, interesting low-charting singles like "Pandora's Golden Heebie Jeebies" (their most psych-pop-conscious outing), plenty of LP cuts that haven't been on CD before, and the obscure, pre-"Along Comes Mary" folk-rock covers of "Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" and Bob Dylan's "One Too Many Mornings" (both from 1965, and both decent). Some of the tracks are presented in single versions that aren't easily available, and there are a couple of previously unreleased outtakes from their 1966 album And Then...Along Comes the Association, neither very memorable, though "Better Times" is reasonable bouncy California harmony pop
ock. There's a rare 1966 Columbia single by Larry Ramos and Jules Alexander recorded in the 1970s by Russ Giguere and the side project Bijou (again, rarer than they are exciting). There's also the occasionally ambitious effort, like the cover of P.F. Sloan's fine "On a Quiet Night," the moody "You Hear Me Call Your Name," or the queasily morbid "Requiem for the Masses," which is interesting if not wholly successful. But much of this is pleasant, too-wholesome puffery, edging further into blandness on much of the late-'60s and early-'70s material that occupies disc two, including their cover of Jimmy Webb's "P.F. Sloan," which is a more interesting idea than it is a good song. The two 1975 and three 1981 tracks that close the set are for the most part going to stretch the patience of all but the most devoted fans. Unless you're a sunshine pop fanatic, a basic Association greatest-hits comp (or their frequent spins on oldies radio) should be enough to maintain your tan.

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Disc 1

  1. The Machine
  2. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
  3. One Too Many Mornings
  4. Forty Times
  5. Along Comes Mary
  6. Your Own Love
  7. Don't Blame It on Me
  8. Cherish
  9. Standing Still
  10. I'll Be Your Man
  11. Remember
  12. Enter the Young
  13. Better Times
  14. It'll Take a Little Time
  15. You Hear Me Call Your Name
  16. Memories of You
  17. Pandora's Golden Heebie Jeebies
  18. Looking Glass
  19. No Fair at All
  20. Windy
  21. On a Quiet Night
  22. We Love Us
  23. When Love Comes to Me
  24. Never My Love
  25. Happiness Is
  26. Requiem for the Masses

Disc 2

  1. Come on In
  2. Everything That Touches You
  3. Barefoot Gentleman
  4. Time for Livin'
  5. Birthday Morning
  6. Like Always
  7. The Time It Is Today
  8. Six Man Band
  9. Goodbye, Columbus
  10. Under Branches
  11. Yes, I Will
  12. Look at Me, Look at You
  13. Goodbye Forever
  14. What Were the Words
  15. Just About the Same
  16. Along the Way
  17. P.F. Sloan
  18. Pegasus
  19. Darling Be Home Soon
  20. Names, Tags, Numbers and Labels
  21. Carry On
  22. One Sunday Morning
  23. Dreamer
  24. Small Town Lovers
  25. Across the Persian Gulf

Album Credits

Performance Credits

Association   Primary Artist
Rodney Dillard   Acoustic Guitar,Dobro
Buddy Emmons   Steel Guitar
Lincoln Mayorga   Keyboards
Larry Carlton   Guitar
Don Randi   Piano,Keyboards
Bud Shank   Flute
Steve Nelson   Vibes
Bijou   Track Performer
Curt Boettcher   Percussion,Oscillator,Tone Generator
Mike Deasy   Guitar,Sitar
Michael Fennelly   Guitar,Percussion
Jim Gordon   Drums
Russ Giguere   Percussion,Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Ruthann Friedman   Background Vocals
Gary "Jules" Alexander   Acoustic Guitar,Bass,Vocals
Hal Blaine   Percussion,Drums
Ben Benay   Guitar
Ted Bluechel   Percussion,Drums,Rhythm Guitar,Vocals
Michael Boddicker   Synthesizer
John Boylan   Piano
Larry Bunker   Percussion,Conga
Clark Burroughs   Background Vocals
David Cohen   Guitar
Gary Coleman   Percussion,Marimbas
Paulinho Da Costa   Conga
Ron Edgar   Drums
Gene Estes   Percussion,Mallets
Wilton Felder   Bass
Dan Ferguson   Guitar
Toxey French   Drums,Vibes
Ed Greene   Drums
John Guerin   Drums
Milt Holland   Percussion,Mallets
Bones Howe   Tambourine
Terry Kirkman   Harmonica,Percussion,Reeds,Recorder,Vocals,Brass
Larry Knechtel   Organ,Bass,Piano,Harpsichord,Keyboards,Electric Piano
Lee Mallory   Guitar
Timothy May   Guitar
Butch Parker   Keyboards
Dean Parks   Guitar
Herb Pedersen   Banjo
Larry Ramos   Guitar,Vocals
Doug Rhodes   Bass
Emil Richards   Percussion
Sandy Salisbury   Percussion
Jerry Scheff   Bass
Alexandra Sliwin   Vocals
Joan Sliwin   Vocals
David Spinozza   Guitar
Joey Stec   Guitar
Neil Stubenhaus   Bass
Tommy Tedesco   Background Vocals
Marsha Temmer   Vocals
Artie Wayne   Guitar
Mike Williams   Drums
Jerry Yester   Background Vocals
Jim Yester   Guitar,Rhythm Guitar,Keyboards,Vocals
James M. "Jimmy" Troxel   Drums
Michael Melvoin   Synthesizer,Keyboards,Electric Piano
Brian Cole   Bass,Vocals
Joe Osborn   Bass
Richard Thompson   Piano,Keyboards,Vocals
Tony Greco   Keyboards

Technical Credits

Association   Arranger,Producer,Engineer,Vocal Arrangements
Bill Holman   Arranger,Producer,Brass Arrangment,Instrument Arrangement
Don Randi   Arranger
Barry De Vorzon   Producer
Curt Boettcher   Producer,Vocal Arrangements
Albert Hammond   Producer
Russ Giguere   Producer
Bob Alcivar   Arranger,Vocal Arrangements
Jules Alexander   Composer
Angel Balestier   Engineer
John Bahler   Vocal Arrangements
Don Blake   Engineer
John Boylan   Producer,Engineer
Bob Breault   Engineer
Hugh Brown   Art Direction
Clark Burroughs   Arranger,Vocal Arrangements
Capps   Orchestration
Brian Christian   Engineer
John Fiore   Engineer
Mort Garson   Arranger
Benny Golson   Arranger,Producer
Jimmie Haskell   String Arrangements,String Conductor
Rudy Hill   Engineer
Bones Howe   Arranger,Producer,Engineer
Bill Inglot   Liner Notes
Frank Kejmar   Engineer
Terry Kirkman   Arranger
Henry Lewy   Engineer
Lewis Merenstein   Producer
Miguel Morales   Engineer
Brian Ross-Myring   Engineer
Keith Olsen   Producer
Bobbi Page   Arranger
Gary S. "Flip" Paxton   Engineer
Gary Peterson   Discographical Annotation
Ray Pohlman   Producer,Instrumentation
Jack Richardson   Producer
Pete Romano   Engineer
Stan Ross   Engineer
David Spinozza   Producer
Allen Stanton   Producer
Armin Steiner   Engineer
John Tartaglia   Producer
Jerry Yester   Producer
Dawn Eden   Liner Notes
Don Altfeld   Producer
Michael Melvoin   Instrumentation
Rachel Gutek   Art Direction
Steven Chean   Editorial Research
Alex Kasanegras   Engineer
Leigh Hall   Liner Notes
Randy Steirling   Producer
Richard Thompson   Arranger

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Just the Right Sound: The Association Anthology [Rhino] 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is a great CD If you like the Association. Many familiar tracks and some that are not so familiar.
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is the best antholigy CD I've seen by any band. It covers The Association. Very well. The last few songs on this are some of the best they ever did and nobody ever really heard them.If you like The Association this is truely a winner
Guest More than 1 year ago
All of the classics are here, but the 2 CD set includes what I consider to be a good deal of filler. As you listen through the compilation, it isn't hard to see why the classic tunes (about 5 of them) stand out from the rest: much of the other material really sounds dated now, but the long-lasting tunes such as Along Comes Mary and Everything That Touches You are much more 'timeless' in their appeal. If you're not a true Association fan, you can find better value in the single-disc anthologies. A great band if you enjoy harmonies.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The classical songs of The Association are knowed by all the world, but in my opinion, for me, the best song is Dreamer. All the rest...ok but not great thing.