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Just the Thought of You

Just the Thought of You

4.5 2
by Loure Bussey-Jackson
Haunted by a lover's cruel betrayal, novelist Diamond Tate has given up her dream of a happy ending in real life.  Instead, she puts all her passion and longing into her writing, trying to forget the past. But it soon catches up with her on a Caribbean cruise that leaves her alone and


Haunted by a lover's cruel betrayal, novelist Diamond Tate has given up her dream of a happy ending in real life.  Instead, she puts all her passion and longing into her writing, trying to forget the past. But it soon catches up with her on a Caribbean cruise that leaves her alone and adrift once more  . . . until she encounters entertainment attorney Jake Dupree, a man who just might inspire her to let her guard down-and let love in.

After a failed marriage, Jake never thought he'd meet a woman who could reawaken such a powerful desire.  As their physical attraction grows into an enduring spiritual bond, he must protect Diamond from the vindictive schemes of someone who's determined to destroy all they cherish most.  Now, two people with a renewed faith in love must decide if they're willing to take the greatest risk of all . . . by promising their hearts to each other

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Arabesque Series
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4.20(w) x 6.88(h) x 0.83(d)

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       "Do you want to eat first, go over the book or talk about marketing it?" Jake

asked Diamond after Harrison left the house.  He eased toward her, slipping his arms

around her waist.  Instantly his body hardened, and he weakened more smelling her

perfume.  Roses-he missed smelling that fragrance on her.

       Diamond was affected, too. Her body warmed against the weight of his chest,

crushing against her.  She slid her hands across the front of his white, cotton shirt,

before she unhooked the tie.  Tossing it aside, she confessed, "I'm hungry.  For


       Jake's eyes fed off the heat in hers.  He bent his head down toward her,

delicately holding the sides of her face.  Gently, he kissed her lips, wasting no time

in sliding his tongue beyond their fullness.   Drinking in her sexy juices, throbbing

thickness wakened between his thighs.  He held her closer and harder. 

       Feeling her chest mashed against his, Diamond couldn't help moaning out her

delight between their mouths.   She couldn't taste enough, feel enough.  Lost in the

hungry lovemaking of their tongues and closeness of their bodies, an insatiable

desire spread down through her. 

       Jake kept hugging her on their way to the dining room.  The bedroom is where

he really wanted to escort her to, but didn't want to scare her away by being too

anxious, not after he had been foolish enough to let them part before. 

       Diamond felt as hot as the steaming Italian feast that finally spread before her. 

Smelling the highly seasoned aromas, she admired the faux marble table with a

matching cabinet and scooted her chair close to the table.  "Beautiful furnishings."

       "Thank you," Jake said, scouring over the table.  "Want something to drink


       "Yes, something cold."

Grinning, Jake grabbed the ice dropper, then placed several cubes in a glass.  So

you want something cold. I wonder why?  "How about some sparkling cider?"

       "That sounds great.  We both love that."

       "Anything for you."  Smiling, he picked up the bottle of cider and poured her a

glass.  "Am I the reason you need to cool off?"      

       "What do you think, Mr. Dupree?" Diamond teased, feeling like they had been

back in each other's lives much longer than two days.  "Jake, tell me more about

you.  You told me a lot yesterday and in our chats on the phone, but I want to know

more."  She watched him sit across from her.
     "What do you want to know?"  He started to hand her the lasagna platter, but

was stilled by the vulnerable expression on her face.

       "I want to know . . ." She gazed through the sea of food, trying to piece the

words together without getting emotional or ruining the heavenly mood between them. 

"I want to know . . . I want to why you said what you said to me in your office months

ago.  Why did you cut me out of your life?"

       Expelling a breath, Jake sat back.  He wasn't ready to deal with why he had

been so foolish.  The reason went beyond that package he received.   "Diamond, I

know I said we should discuss some things, and I will.  But all I can say now is that

I'd been in two situations that really put something heavy on me, and I just didn't

want to take a chance on it happening again with you."

       Diamond frowned.  "You mean you thought I would hurt you?"

       He sighed, refusing to make himself sound weak.  Why couldn't he share what

happened to him long ago and how it affected him?  He could sit around a conference

table talking multimillion-dollar business deals, but couldn't share what weighed on

his heart with a woman that meant everything to him. 

       Diamond saw him grappling for words and noticed the vulnerability on his face. 

It all explained that he had been afraid of being hurt.  Her heart lightened, and it

relieved her.  At least she knew more than she did.  One of these days she would

know everything, because he would tell her.  She knew that because she knew that

he really cared about her.  Nothing and no one could make her think otherwise-not

even him.  "I was hurt too, Jake.  That's why I did some things in my past that I'm not

proud of."

       "What type of things?" he asked, though he knew what she referred to.

       She looked off.  "I just hurt people because I was so hurt.  Just tried to protect

myself, my heart, my spirit.  That's all it was."

       He looked at her, thinking about what she said, relating it to himself.  By running

from her, he tried to protect himself, too.  "Do you want to talk more about it?"

       She wasn't ready to share that intimately, either.  "Not tonight.  Is that all right

with you?"

       Jake stared across at her, feeling the caring and honesty developing between

them compounding the desire.  He grew warm and weak for her.

       Jake stood up and yanked the tablecloth carefully toward him.  Everything

shifted toward his end.   

       Bewildered, Diamond frowned and smiled at the same time.  "What are you


       Without answering, Jake stepped toward her.  Reaching Diamond, he lifted her

up by the waist.  His tongue played with her lips.  Loving it, wanting more, she let

him ease her back against the vacant end of the table.  He laid her down on its cool


       Silently, Jake stared down at her.  "I've wanted to be inside you so long.  In

every way."  He leaned over to her face.  Slowly, tenderly, his lips caressed her skin.  


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Just the Thought of You 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
A past hurt has caused novelist Diamond Tate to do hurtful things that do not make her proud. She is now determined to turn her life around and be happy. But that is easier said than done. As she travels on a cruise to a writer's conference in St. Thomas with Mathew Everhart she is full of hope. Mathew who is years older clearly worships Diamond. She thinks that she has found happiness until she meets the woman who will bring her world crashing down as her past catches up with her and destroys any chance of a future with Mathew. Then Diamond meets high powered entertainment attorney Jake Dupree at the conference and finds that she is offered a second chance at real love. Jake soon finds himself in the role of lover and protector as Diamond's past continues to haunt her to the point of danger. Jake also finds himself a victim not only of Diamonds past but his own as well. Tangled information and mis-information comes between the lovers and together they must find a way renew their love and rebuild trust. JUST THE THOUGH OF YOU is a tightly woven love story loaded with intrigue and sub plots at every turn. Vannie(~.~)
Guest More than 1 year ago
When I first started to read the book "Just the Thought of You," I knew i was in for a good book. If you like romance as well as suspense you need to get going on reading this book. Within the book Diamond Tate was hurt by an ex-lover as well as someone she thought was a friend. Out of all the anger she was letting build up she had a breakdown which leaded her into hurting men around her by promising them things that she know wasn't going to come true. After she decided to change her life for the better Matthew who was a much older guy as well as her boyfriend left her. That's when she met Jake Dupree. Jake is a man determined to live his dream, also being hurt by his wife he was eager to let nothing stop him in succeeding his goal. Then the two met it was love at first site. Just when Diamond thought everything would be pure bliss, She started getting stalked. The out come of the book is truely astounding