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Justice Incarnate (Shadows of Justice Series #1)

Justice Incarnate (Shadows of Justice Series #1)

3.8 27
by Regan Black

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"Move over Lara Croft-Jaden Michaels is the quintessential heroine of the 21st century, full of heart and totally lethal!" - Best-selling suspense author Debra Webb

Whoever said, "you only live once..."

Attacked by an evil nobleman on the eve of her wedding in 1066, her life took a dramatic detour. In the millennium since, she's lived repeatedly with one goal:


"Move over Lara Croft-Jaden Michaels is the quintessential heroine of the 21st century, full of heart and totally lethal!" - Best-selling suspense author Debra Webb

Whoever said, "you only live once..."

Attacked by an evil nobleman on the eve of her wedding in 1066, her life took a dramatic detour. In the millennium since, she's lived repeatedly with one goal: eliminate the demonic entity that continues to prey on women and children. Through each of her multiple incarnations, she's chased him down to exact her fatal brand of justice, only to lose her own life in the process.

Didn't know Jaden Michaels.

Now, in 2096, he's embodied as a powerful judge and Jaden must fight the monster and the system he manipulates in order to find the one weapon that will break the cycle and banish him forever.

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CreateSpace Publishing
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Shadows of Justice Series , #1
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5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.63(d)

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Chapter One

"There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root."

--Henry David Thoreau

Chicago: 2096

Jaden Michaels splashed the last of her best Merlot into the only clean glass in the kitchen. Presentation didn't matter when a woman only needed to rinse the taste of a poor lover from her lips.

And poor he'd been. She'd almost been able to catch up on her sleep as he bounced rhythmically. But the indulgence would've cost her a source of invaluable information.

Bouncy-boy reported to another in the criminal food chain, this one with enough clout to bring her closer to her target.

She swirled the wine in the glass and her mind flashed with timeless, bloody memories. She tossed it back and imagined the day when she could rest. She prayed this life would break the cycle.

The wine at last relieved her of the stale taste of her informant. He needed advice in the sex department, but Jaden wouldn't waste her time. She'd probably serve him better by teaching him to defend himself against the wrath of dissatisfied women. On the off chance one of them would care.

She stripped the sheets from her bed, unwilling to sleep amidst the smells of a sweaty bar fly. Cocooning herself into a clean blanket she closed her eyes, willing her elusive quarry to behave himself tonight.

Then the crying began. The frightened, jittery tears of an innocent child pushed into a new world of horrors. Naturally, he couldn't be less than the demon he was.

The bastard.

Jaden had tried for years to tune out the echoes of pain and terror that sounded in her mindeach time he struck. She'd even grown cold enough to sleep through the attacks occasionally, if the new victim happened to be too shocked to do more than whimper. But she knew anyway.

Her body harbored the same residual grief in the morning. It's what fueled her to keep slugging her way through the bottom dwellers, the middlemen, the lieutenants and bodyguards until she could take the head off the beast-permanently.

The cries escalated as the current victim panicked. "No sleep tonight."

She rolled from bed and crossed her apartment to work off her useless fury.

This unbreakable connection between the demonic entity living as the Honorable Stewart Albertson and her would only cease when he did. And he wouldn't cease his perverse brand of torture without her help. Her violent, fatal brand of help.

Jaden punctuated each thought with a kick or punch into the bag. Not a fan of the technical marvel of today's electronic sparring partners, she kept an antique, sand-filled bag of 120 kilos. She liked the challenge it gave her body, the technology would've spoiled her. Besides, if she needed a sparring partner, she could just hit the streets.

She lunged into an uppercut, sending the bag swinging. Then the girl shrieked and Jaden froze. But the bag finished its arc and knocked her to the floor.

"Damn you," she hissed, rubbing her head where the weighted canvas connected. "You'll pay for this Albertson. The moment I find you, this time you'll pay with your soul."

Wasn't that the same thing she'd been vowing for centuries? To make him pay for all the evil he'd committed against her and countless others. The same evil she'd failed to dispatch for all these centuries.

In every life she'd come up against him. Never really knowing him until it was too late. Until she was the girl screaming for mercy. Until she was the woman too terrified to whisper. Until in the lacy light of predawn she recognized an ageless predator; recognized her greater purpose and vowed to expose him. To exact justice.

"For all the good that's done."

Here she sat, a martial artist bested by a sandbag, while he continued to wreak havoc on innocence and purity. Nearby, if the volume in her head was any indicator.

She'd searched the neighboring warehouses and failed to find his current house of horrors. She knew his home address. She'd snuck into his chambers at the courthouse more than once. She'd even had opportunity to cut him down, but had hesitated.


Jaden stood, knowing the lie for what it was. Frustration and fatigue. Moving her body through a soothing yoga routine she reviewed the facts.

Her hesitation had not stemmed from cowardice. Sure, an armed deputy had accompanied him, but death wasn't a scary unknown to her. She'd aborted her rash attack at the sight of his daughter. How much should one child suffer?

"Dunno? How much?"

Jaden whirled, furious that she'd spoken aloud, more so that she hadn't heard the 'friendly' intruder.

"Cleveland." Her heart slowed at the sight of the pale, narrow face. "How'd you get in here?"

"I used the key you gave me."

"I didn't give you a key," Jaden said, glaring at her not-so-reformed burglar friend.

"Does it really matter? I'd never rip from you, kid."

"Thanks. I think."

His bark of laughter made her jump.

"So how much should one child suffer? And why do we wanna know?"

Jaden ground her teeth. "Children shouldn't suffer at all." Innocence should be guarded, especially in this wide-open, free-for-all time.

Cleveland gave her a wide berth as he walked through the kitchen toward the wall with a fire escape to the alley. "A little late for that, don't ya think?" He jerked his thumb to indicate all the societal injustices within easy view.

"Whatever. It's late, what d'you want?"

"Got a live one here, Jade."

She shrugged and filled a glass with water, trying not to notice the murky color. She'd lived how many lives? A little pollution wouldn't hurt. Not much anyway.

"C'mon, babe. Show a little interest?"

She swallowed.

"Fine. Spoil my fun. But he's got cold cash and a bunch of frightened mules."

She shrugged.

"Female mules."

Cleveland knew just what button to push. Regardless of the Common Era's perceptions, Jaden acted from a view of right and wrong molded by centuries of experience. Anyone less fortunate deserved her help, but especially the female side of a population. She'd witnessed countless sacrifices made by women determined to survive and protect the next generation.

This era 'juiced' its men with a human growth hormone cocktail for war's sake and women from all walks of life suffered from the physical iniquity. Jaden gave her time and expertise in an effort to balance the scales.

Employing the combat conditioning she'd originally learned at the turn of the twenty-first century, she taught women how to protect themselves regardless of physical differentials.

"What are they afraid of?"

Cleveland barked another laugh. "Him, probably." He walked over and tucked the business card into the strap of her tank top. "Nah, more like the rivals. Someone's making a move and all the little people are worrying."

"Like that'd help."

"Look, if you want more money to stuff your mattress, make the call."

Cleveland left as quietly as he'd come, only this time via the fire escape.

Jaden shook her head. She wanted more money all right. But not to squirrel away. She wanted money to fund her research into the perfect weapon to dispatch one particular evil entity. And paying the rent on time wouldn't hurt, either.

Meet the Author

Regan Black is an award winning author dedicated to providing action-packed stories with a paranormal twist so readers can savor a fantastic escape from the daily routine.
If you're looking for an author who can deliver stories from the heart, full of unforgettable characters willing to risk it all to reach the goal, you've come to the right place!

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Justice Incarnate 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
grammy1GL More than 1 year ago
Our Guild was approached for a Submission for Review for Veil of Justice Book #3 of the Shadows of Justice Series by Regan Black. Since I must suffer from ADD or OCD or whatever they call it, the need to have things orderly, I e- mailed Ms Black and asked "where Book 1 and 2 were.?" Even though books are sometimes stand alone, it is good to have a feel for the author and her story and read them in order. All I can say is I am so glad I asked. Instead of one review for Ms Black, you now will be forced to hear me probably rave about all three, if Book One is any indication. The idea is so unique, and yet we have all voiced this thought at one time or another in our lives."I wish I could do that over".Well what would happen if you were re-incarnated for over thousands of years , through hundreds of lifetimes, and not gotten IT right. The year 2096, in Chicago, Jaden Michaels finds herself in that spot again, searching for the evil that permeates her life. Jaden is working hard teaching women to protect themselves, she holds classes in these martial arts. She works with the local police at times. Thousands of years ago she was abused, raped and marked by a serial rapist. With this occurrence, she lost her family, a sister in one of her lives and her one true love Bryon.These three souls have been in a macabre dance, over and over .Her need is to destroy the man who soullessly has been torturing all women, especially young women for thousands of years. Their names and lives change over these years as they are reborn . The reason for the re-birth is her failure, for someone to see the Demon as the monster he is and just believe in her. .. We are reading with frustration from the past, the writings of Gabriella Stamford's Diary.. Gabriella is now Jaden. We follow this demon through every name he has been, as he himself is reborn, changing, growing stronger, getting more and more arrogant. In 2096, the Demon is The Honorable Judge Stewart Anderson. Ms Black tantalizes us with gadgets of the future, cell cards, monitoring devices, all fun to think about how incredible our electronics might be in another 75 years. We meet Police Chief Brian Thomas, who is the third element in our story. The Judge and Jaden remember all of their past. lives, while Brian has no idea of the part he will play. He just knows, Jaden is someone he wants to first watch, and then love. The story is intriguing, fast paced, well written. Your palms sweat at the twists and turns. You want Jaden to prevail. You want the Judge to be vanquished. Does this happen?????Aww you are going to have to read the book..NO SPOILERS HERE.Only this review and soon to come a review of Book 2 Review by Gloria Lakritz Senior Reviewer Paranormal Romance Guild
harstan More than 1 year ago
In 2096 Chicago, security expert Jaden Michaels knows more about her past lives than ever before and vows to make a final victorious stand in this reincarnation against the evil that successfully has killed her over and over again since he first killed her in 1066. Although she acknowledges that is the same pledge she has made in each of her previous lives, Jaden feels she remembers more than ever before so takes hope in that...................... Her beloved over the years this time is a by the book cop Brian Thomas, who enforces the law to the strictest level including those peddling contraband like black market coffee. Unlike his beloved Jaden, he remembers nothing and never has about previous lives. Her malevolent killer, whose memories run the millennium, happens to be Albertson, a man that Brian, holds in high regard sort of like a beloved father figure. He rejects Jaden¿s plea that he will kill her as she offers no evidence except some cockamamie story. Will history repeat itself or will Jaden succeed on what she vows is her last stand?........................... JUDGE INCARNATE is a terrific reincarnation thriller that the audience will read in one sitting as the tense story line grips the audience because of the relational triangle through lifetimes. Jaden is a fabulous besieged protagonist who cannot get her beloved to believe her as he needs proof to believe something as intriguingly Brian is the only ignorant member of the war. Fans will appreciate this strong tale in which the audience will believe in past lives while looking forward to future Shadows of Justice novels............................... Harriet Klausner