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4.8 9
by Jennifer Harlow

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"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." –E. Burke

For Det. Joanna Fallon, it's damn hard being a police officer in Galilee Falls, a city with the highest concentration of superheroes and villains in the country, and working under the specter of the city's champion, Justice. It's even harder watching her best friend, the


"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing." –E. Burke

For Det. Joanna Fallon, it's damn hard being a police officer in Galilee Falls, a city with the highest concentration of superheroes and villains in the country, and working under the specter of the city's champion, Justice. It's even harder watching her best friend, the man she's secretly in love, with planning to marry another woman while keeping the growing relationship with her boss a secret.

When the city's vilest supervillain, acid spewing Alkaline, escapes from maximum security prison, and an attack close to home, Joanna must contend with her increasing fear and prejudices while struggling to choose between her soul-mate and her new-found love.

With a coy blend of whimsy and vivid imagination, Justice delivers humor and thrills in an action-packed and edgy blend of comic book cool, fantasy-noir, hard-boiled mystery, and bitter-sweet romance.

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The Galilee Falls Trilogy , #1
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Meet the Author

Jennifer Harlow spent her restless childhood fighting with her three brothers and scaring the heck out of herself with horror movies and books. She grew up to earn a degree at the University of Virginia which she put to use as a radio DJ, crisis hotline volunteer, bookseller, lab assistant, wedding coordinator, and government investigator. Currently she calls Northern Virginia home but that restless itch is ever present. In her free time, she continues to scare the beejepers out of herself watching scary movies and opening her credit card bills. She is the author of the Amazon best-selling F.R.E.A.K.S. Squad, Midnight Magic Mystery series and Justice, the first in the superhero thriller trilogy. For the soundtrack to her books and other goodies visit her at www.jenniferharlowbooks.com

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Justice 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great action packed read. Love the whole story of super hero alter ego. As the reader you figure out pretty quickly who is who, but that doesn't deminish the story. I'll definetly be reading the next book!
SantaFlash More than 1 year ago
Justice is a book of superheros, super villains and the people stuck in between. I was never a heavy reader of comic books, though I have read more than a few in my lifetime. I haven't followed series involving The Flash, despite him being my favorite superhero. My husband is a fan with knowledge of just about every universe written and rewritten and revamped and revised and brought back to life by Marvel, DC and Dark Horse. He's the one that pulled me into the online game, City of Heroes. How did I respond? I loved it! Why hadn't I discovered this world of heroes while growing up? So when I was contacted about the Justice book tour, my curiosity pushed me to read it. I was not disappointed. Justice is titled after the superhero in the story, a hero with lightning speed and super strength. With the escape of Alkaline, we are quickly introduced to the hero. But don't assume the book is focused on him. If it were, I have no doubt it would be a boring read, at least for me. Honestly, I have no desire to read about Superman (zzzzzzz). With Jo (aka Joanna), I could identify with her attitude. Despite the starry eyed public around her, she's less than impressed with Justice. I fear I can't say much more, otherwise I'd spoil the story. Trust me, it's worth checking out. I truly enjoyed reading Justice. For superhero fans (die hard or just starting) this is an entertaining read and one I'd recommend to my friends. For those who love stories with action, love and intrigue, give Justice a try. The writing style is entertaining, the dialogue is smooth and the story is overall good.  **Note: I received a free copy of Justice in ebook format in exchange for an honest review.**
damlindabks More than 1 year ago
I got my reviews mixed up and posted my review for this book on the Galilee Rising review section - which is OK because it was an excellent followup to a really great intro in to this trilogy!  Superheroes - YAY - and a fresh, fast-paced, well-written take on them.  Love this trilogy!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
starcrazy More than 1 year ago
A look inside the secret life of super heroes and their alter egos, told from the point of view of a woman who interacts with them. While I figured out the alter ego of the main super hero way before the reveal, this was still a great take on the genre and gives a more plausible background/reasoning for the super hero.
IYamVixenBooks More than 1 year ago
Jennifer Harlow had me with MIND OVER MONSTERS: A F.R.E.A.K.S. Investigation and has kept me with TO CATCH A VAMPIRE and a book in her Midnight Magic series, WHAT'S A WITCH TO DO....now I have another series of hers to love, Galilee Falls. JUSTICE, book one in the series, is awesome. Joanna Fallon is a straight up, hard working detective in a city that has the highest concentration of supers..both heroes and villains. She has to be extra vigilant as she is normal, no extra powers, but it doesn't keep her from catching the bad guys and putting them super-villain prison. There is plenty of action, secret love interest or two, gut-wrenching drama. I was in tears at one scene. I had one or two things figured out, but I can see how it would be missed by the characters in the book since it was right in front of them. And it's easy to miss that which we do not want to see. Jennifer has made it easy to suspend belief that there is a world with superheroes and super-villains and the normal people who live with them. I loved this book and can't wait for the next in the series. Hurry up Jennifer...
MariaD1 More than 1 year ago
I received a complimentary copy of this book as a part of a book tour in exchange for a fair and honest review. I did not receive any additional compensation for my opinion of the reading material provided. I rated it 5 out of 5 Stars. While I've never been a huge fan of graphic novels, I will admit to a certain fondness for a good super hero movie. Being over a certain age (yeah so not telling you how old I am), and watching plenty of horrible super hero adaptations, I can quite honestly say that Justice by Jennifer Harlow is without a doubt one of the best books I've read in years. Ms. Harlow's character development is superb, the plot moves at an engaging pace and the bittersweet romance is heart gripping. While strictly fiction, Justice is full of what I can only assume to be Ms. Harlow's commentary on society, the fight between good versus evil and just what it takes for us to change the world we live in. Growing up in a city like Galilee Falls, Detective Joanna Fallon knows what it's like to watch the battle between good and evil on a daily basis. A city inhabited by a number of "super heroes and villains", Galilee Falls is also home to Joanna's best friend, Justin Pendergast, the city's golden boy and the man she's secretly been in love with for twenty years. While dealing with crime is hard, having to watch, and even take part in Justin's upcoming wedding to someone else is even worse. Just when it doesn't seem things could get any worse, Alkaline, the city's worst villain, escapes from his maximum security prison and terrorizes the city. Something Joanna is determined to put an end to. Leading the investigation against Alkaline with her partner, Joanna has to deal with her boss, Captain Harry O'Hara, her secret lover, and with Justice, the super hero who caught Alkaline and put him in prison the last time he was on a rampage. Both men are concerned with Joanna's "kick butt" attitude and her personal safety. Unfortunately Joanna could care less what Justice wants, she's no longer a fan of his because he let her down when she was just a child. Told from the first person perspective of Joanna, Ms. Harlow introduces us to a strong willed woman who won't take no for an answer - regardless of the personal cost. Determined to prove that the police are the best answer to dealing with evil, and that they need to do away with all "supers" and "super villains", Joanna is relentless, hard working and more driven than everyone around her. She's also vulnerable when it comes to her heart, afraid to make a choice about her love life, and incredibly judgmental about herself. She is her own worst critic and takes responsibility for everything bad that happens around her or in the lives of those she loves. Besides giving us an incredibly strong and very human heroine, Ms. Harlow gives us great dialogue (both internal and external) and a heroine with a snarky sense of humor. I seriously fell in love with Joanna within a couple of pages. The secondary characters, from Justin to Harry, make great contributions to the story and it's easy to see why Joanna is attracted to both (though Harry is her senior by more than 10 years). The villain of the story is seriously evil - just like he should be and Justice is the hero everyone wants him to be. Even though his secret identity was easy for me to figure out - it took Joanna almost to the end of the book to discover it. Her reaction is just what you would expect it to be too. Will Joanna and the police prove they can capture a super on their own? Will Justice end up making more than one sacrifice to save Galilee Falls? And will Joanna finally make up her mind about her love life? You'll have to read Justice to find out, I loved it and can't wait to see what takes place in Galilee Falls next.
jojoNE More than 1 year ago
As a fan of superhero stories I thought I knew what to expect when reading Justice. Upon completing it though I realized it was so much more than specially-powered individuals duking it out as it took on a more average joe perspective when defining a hero. There were numerous twists and turns that kept me on the edge of my seat and an immensely likable cast of characters that kept me fully invested in this story's outcome. As the start to a series it's set up an intriguing premise that has me greatly anticipating the next installment. It's an unending battle between super-powered individuals that keeps the officers of the Galilee Falls police force on their toes. With the escape of a particularly vile super villain it will take every member of the force, along with assistance from superhero Justice, to track down Alkaline before he brings the city to its knees. The lead officer is Joanna whose childhood was one of sadness that left her contemplating suicide on a bridge's ledge. From the darkness she's risen to become a no-nonsense strong-willed woman who's still fighting the feelings she has for the man who saved her on the bridge, billionaire Justin. They worry for each other and have an exceptionally strong friendship that brought a tear to my eyes. Even though Joanna has more than friendly feelings for him she doesn't begrudge the happiness he's found with his upcoming nuptials and keeps a smile on her face to show her support. Even though she's the kind of woman who acts like she doesn't need a man I thoroughly enjoyed the clandestine romance she has with her boss as it brings out a particularly naughty girl side to her that's unexpected given her badass attitude. Her boss is supportive and let's her be who she is, never feeling the need to change her. The mystery surrounding Alkaline's escape is a cleverly concealed one that was full of twists and turns that kept me guessing until the explosive conclusion. That were a few red herrings before the surprising reveal that actually made me gasp. The reveal led to further heartache in some emotionally intense scenes that were completely unexpected but left me in awe of the author's gutsiness. No one was safe in this story which meant even more tears being shed. The conclusion was particularly gut-wrenching and completely upended the story's perceived theme. Ultimately this story is about the strength of the everyday person in triumphing over evil. True justice is never simple or straight-forward and there are no true HEA. This story leaves you in tears but also leaves you with hope and I look forward to the remaining characters rising from the ashes of their losses to fight another day. From the immensely likable main characters to the equally fleshed-out secondary characters this story had me hooked. There was nothing comical in the battle between those with superpowers as they each displayed human weaknesses throughout the story. The subtle romance between Joanna and her boss was given enough time to make it meaningful but not overshadowed the powerful mystery with its fast-paced action. Ms. Harlow's created unforgettable and larger than life characters and I look forward to revisiting this cleverly created world.
Judy-Ree More than 1 year ago
This is the first book in the Galilee Falls Trilogy by Jennifer Harlow.  I haven't read anything by Ms. Harlow before, but when I saw this was about Super Heroes, I decided to give this book a try.  After all, Geek Girl here, and we do love our Super Heroes. :) The story opens with a prologue from the villain's POV.  Our bad guy, Akaline, is about to be captured by the police in his home base and is tying up loose ends in preparation of going to jail.  But we know from his commentary, that this is just a small set back.  He plans to win the war, even if he has lost this battle.   Chapter one begins three years.  Detective Joanne Fallon is at a party to welcome her best friend's fiance's mother to town, as she has come to help with their wedding.  This is incredibly tough on Joanne since she has been in love with her best friend Justin for over 20 years. Since the night he stopped her from jumping off a bridge at 12 years old and then became her best friend.  But Justin doesn't see Joanne that way and never has.  Justin's fiance Rebecca, is the perfect in Joanne's eyes.  She is an pediatric surgeon, is gentle, kind and has the sweetest most even disposition.  She even has a young daughter, Daisy, giving Justin the instant family he has always wanted. The worst part as far as Joanne is concerned is that Rebecca wants to be her best friend too.  It's all just one big happy family. Joanne feels that she has gotten a reprieve when she gets a call from her partner Terrance Cameron about an interview that needs to be conducted at the prison immediately.  But when they get there and get inside, it turns out that Alkaline has engineered an escape plan.  Joanne recognizes him just a bit too late and he escapes into the night.  This leads to a task force being set up and calls for Justice, the masked hero who tracked Alkaline down and captured him once, to do so again.  A fact that irks Joanne no end.  See she can't stand Supers. Thinks they do more harm that good, with the destruction they bring.  After all, several of the local villains had donned masks specifically to take down some of the local heroes.  Joanne thinks that the Supers should all leave the hero work to those actually trained to to it.  This was an awesome book.  I can tell you how good it is with this anecdote:  I was having lunch at a local fast food restaurant and reading this on my ereader.  When I got up to leave, a woman at the next table stopped me and asked what I was reading.  She said that it must be a good book, because I kept smiling and giggling to myself. When I told her a little about what was going on, she wrote the name and author on a napkin to take home to look up herself.  Of course, it was a good thing it was early in the book while I was there.  Later on that evening, when I got towards the end of the book, there were several times when I was crying and sobbing so hard I couldn't read the words on the page.  Oh, yes, sobbing, I who hates to read books or watch movies that I know will make me cry.  It's a superhero story for heaven's sake!!   This book took my on a roller coaster of emotional highs and lows. All wrapped up in the beautiful geekiness of a superhero universe.  At this point I don't know how Ms. Harlow plans to aim higher for book 2, but rest assured,  I will can't wait to find out. This was a most awesome Goodreads 5 star review.