The Justice Motive in Everyday Life

The Justice Motive in Everyday Life

by Michael Ross

This book describes how a concern for justice affects people's judgements and behaviours.See more details below


This book describes how a concern for justice affects people's judgements and behaviours.

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Cambridge University Press
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New Edition
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Table of Contents

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1Overview of the Volume3
2Pursuing the Justice Motive10
Theoretical Perspectives on the Justice Motive
3Doing Justice to the Justice Motive41
4The Justice Motive in Perspective63
5Perverse Justice and Perverse Norms: Another Turn of the Screw79
6Justice Motivation and Moral Motivation91
Victim Derogation and the Belief in a Just World
7Why We Reject Innocent Victims109
8Helping and Rationalization as Alternative Strategies for Restoring the Belief in a Just World: Evidence from Longitudinal Change Analyses127
9Violence in the Workplace: The Explanatory Strength of Social (In)Justice Theories149
10The Just World and Winston Churchill: An Approach/Avoidance Conflict about Psychological Distance When Harming Victims168
The Justice Motive and Prosocial Behavior
11Just World, Social Responsibility, and Helping Behavior189
12Policies to Redress Social Injustice: Is the Concern for Justice a Cause Both of Support and of Opposition?204
13Justice and Empathy: What Motivates People to Help Others?226
14The Justice Motive and Altruistic Helping: Rescuers of Jews in Nazi-Occupied Europe251
15Acting Righteously: The Influence of Attitude, Moral Responsibility, and Emotional Involvement271
Justice-based Reactions to Transgressors
16Redistributive Justice: Its Social Context291
17Just Punishments: Research on Retributional Justice314
18Deservingness, Entitlement, and Reactions to Outcomes334
19Just World Processes in Demonizing350
Justice and Reaction to One's Own Fate
20Belief in a Just World as a Personal Resource in School365
21Awakening to Discrimination382
22Deservingness and Perceptions of Procedural Justice in Citizen Encounters with the Police397
23Fairness Judgments as Cognitions416
Name Index433
Subject Index441

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