by Jean Stilwell

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Musica Viva


  1. Ganz leise kommt die Nacht aus weiter Ferne
  2. Leben ohne Liebe kannst du nicht (for the film Nie wieder Liebe)
  3. Eine Frau wird erst schön durch die Liebe (for the film Heimat)
  4. Lang ist's her...
  5. Nachtgebet, for voice & piano
  6. Ich bin Kopf bis Fuß (Falling in love again) (for the film The Blue Ang
  7. Give me the man (from an instrumental in the film Morocco)
  8. Illusion
  9. Du bist wie eine Blume, song for voice & piano (Myrthen), Op. 25/24
  10. 2. Con moto
  11. Schlafe, Mein Geliebter
  12. Excerpt
  13. Heilige Nacht, for voice & piano, Op. 2/I 1 (from "Songs, 2 volumes")
  14. Lost in the Stars, song for voice & piano (from "Lost in the Stars")
  15. Galathea
  16. Mahnung
  17. Sagt dir eine schöne Frau "Vielleicht" (for the film Das Lied der Wüste
  18. Sex Appeal, song
  19. Saga of Jenny

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Jean Stilwell   Primary Artist,Mezzo-Soprano (Vocal)
Marie Berard   Violin
Joe Macerollo   Accordion
James Spragg   Trumpet
Andy Morris   Percussion
George Kohler   Bass
Robert Kortgaard   Piano
Peter Tiefenbach   Conductor

Technical Credits

Max Reger   Composer
Arnold Schoenberg   Composer
Robert Schumann   Composer
Kurt Weill   Composer
Ira Gershwin   Text
Leo Robin   Text
Doug Doctor   Engineer
Kenneth Chalmers   translation,Text Translation
Mischa Spoliansky   Composer
Maxwell Anderson   Text
Kenneth Winters   Author
Theo Mackeben   Composer
Bruno Balz   Text
Caroline Brown   Graphic Design
Franz Grothe   Composer
Arthur Hammond   translation,Text Translation
Lionel Salter   translation,Text Translation
Robert Liebmann   Text
William S. Mann   translation,Text Translation
Francis Marchal   translation,Text Translation
Charles Metz   translation,Text Translation
Neil Crory   Producer,Liner Notes
Willy Dehmel   Text
Françoise Ferlan   translation,Text Translation
Afanasij Fet   Text
Michael Gesell   Text
Heinrich Heine   Text
Robert Gilbert   Text
Ralph Maria Siegel   Text
F.M. Bodenstedt   Text Translation
Frank Wedekind   Text
Robert Gilbert   Text
Doctor Doug   Engineer
Helmut Reichenbaecker   Text Translation
H.F. Beckmann   Text
E.H. Hess   Text
Afansij Afanas'evic Fet   Text
Gustav Hochstetter   Text
Nico Dostal   Composer

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