Kamasutra Positions: A Roundup Of The Most Erotic And Inspiring Sex Ideas!

Kamasutra Positions: A Roundup Of The Most Erotic And Inspiring Sex Ideas!

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by Stephen Williams
Self-indulge with the best sexual positions that will excite you and your partner!

Do you wish to have your usual sex routine change to an exciting one like in porn movies?

“Thanks to Kamasutra Positions, I am having a fun and always looking forward to have a hot sex night to try new

positions!” – A. King



Self-indulge with the best sexual positions that will excite you and your partner!

Do you wish to have your usual sex routine change to an exciting one like in porn movies?

“Thanks to Kamasutra Positions, I am having a fun and always looking forward to have a hot sex night to try new

positions!” – A. King

Sex is scientifically proven to be healthy for you. And it is sufficient and important to improve it for everyone's

This book will give you exciting sexual positions that are so hot and steamy you would want to try all. This can be

applicable to you and your sex partner as this book gives both pleasure and guaranteed satisfaction for both men and

women. To feel those things is to see this book and try the positions here in actual and will be truly effective.

Below are some of the things that you'll find inside:

Flexible sexual positions for pleasure and excitement
Animal-inspired kamasutra positions
Intimate sexual positions that will surely be loved by your partner
Sexual positions that could strengthen relationships

And much more!
This book may seem short but it goes straight to the point. It gives the best promise of sexual satisfaction as well

as additional excitement in bed that brings unforgiving anticipation of every sexual activity. With this book, your

sexual urge will definitely go up the ladder! Get this book now to feel it for yourself!

Lastly, you can find answers on this book from questions like:
"Will this help my challenging sex life?"
"Will this be an effective tool to regain my sexual urge?"

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Kamasutra Positions: Stop Searching and Improve Your Sex Life 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
RJameson More than 1 year ago
The Kama Sutra is an ancient Hindu text that most people know as a manual for hundreds of different positions to be used in the bedroom. Aside from containing a mix of many different kinds of creative and unconventional positions, the original Kama Sutra also acts as a guide to a righteous life centered around love and family, and every part of human existence that gives pleasure. While this book by Stephen Williams does not feature as much about “virtuous living” and the pleasure of family, it does understand the central philosophy of the Kama Sutra which is that a healthy, happy life is focused around finding as much pleasure as you can in all aspects of your existence. Williams' “Kamasutra” features dozens of positions, some of the original Kama Sutra's best, with detailed descriptions and clear, easy-to-follow instructions for each one. Anyone looking to improve their time in the bedroom, from beginner to advanced, will find something for them in this book. There are enough positions in Stephen Williams' “Kamasutra Positions” to have you trying something new every day for the next few months! As Williams puts it – every night will feel like the first time with the exciting positions found in this book. “Kamasutra Positions” will have you seeing love-making in a new way, giving you one mind-blowing night after another. I especially love that Williams understands that a healthy love-life is key to having a healthy life in general. Since buying (and using) this book, I find myself more relaxed and having more energy, and racing home from work, excited for another amazing night with my guy and this book! No matter how great your relationship is, every couple thrives on spontaneity and the thrill of doing new things together. This book will not only help you improve your time together in bed, but also your entire relationship. And if you are single and dating, this book will definitely help give you everything you need to have the ladies or gents keep coming back for more! The truly great thing about Williams' “Kamasutra” is that it is so accessible to almost everybody. No matter your age, size, athletic ability, bedroom experience or even health status, there is a position (or even multiple positions) in this book that will work for you. This book encourages you to put your caution aside and try as many new things as you can in order to find what things work the best for you and your significant other. Another really nice thing about this book is that each description explains the advantages of each position and exactly what makes each position so wonderful – if you enjoy eye contact you might love the “Yawning Position” or if your man loves to be in control, “Splitting of a Bamboo” might be the position for you. Variety is the spice of life, and this book gives you all the variety you could ever wish for!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Book is a sample patched in after the table of contence. Do not waste your money
RussellG More than 1 year ago
What is it about the Hindu text (later bowdlerized in Western press) known as the Kama Sutra? And why does it still resonate with people the world over, and not just in the Indian subcontinent? Sex and pleasure. Pure and simple. Unlike the religious dichotomy found within the predominantly Christian West (sex/love), the Kama Sutra is a text that does not segregate the act of sexual intercourse from the concept of sex itself. Whereas some schools of thought relegate sexual intercourse to a mechanistic act of procreation and nothing more, Stephen Williams, in his book "Kamasutra Positions: Stop Searching and Improve Your Sex Life," acknowledges the lasting impact that these Indian love lessons have made upon Indian society, and by extension the rest of humanity. India is a predominantly Hindu society, and as such, its religious and spiritual teachings permeate all aspects of life. (To be sure, pockets of secularism do exist.) It is within this atmosphere that various scholars and priests from all castes (usually Brahmin) wrote down, over the course of several centuries, numerous intimate positions for couples, usually featuring drawings of a man and a woman. Certain prominent attributes relating to nature, such as various plants, animals, and celestial bodies, were assigned to each unique sexual position, which reflected the everlasting emotional and spiritual connection between the Indian people and the natural world in which they resided. So such titles as "Splitting of a Bamboo," "Mare Position," "Crab Position," etc., as provided by Williams within "Kamasutra," provide the reader with the ability to mentally create an abstract pictorial of two individuals demonstrating a predominant characteristic or two of the object mentioned within the aforementioned position. Our Western society, however, has taken the Kama Sutra's original intent---to provide two individuals within a committed relationship with as many different opportunities for finding pleasure and happiness within themselves and with one another---and has tended to focus strictly upon the sexual perspective of the text. In many respects, the Kama Sutra has much in common with the Roman Bacchanalists and the Greek Hedonists, who sought pleasure for pleasure's sake and did not deny their desires(although, in this reader's opinion, the Romans tended to excess, whereas the practitioners of the Kama Sutra sought balance and moderation in their daily rituals). Williams does stress the happiness and pleasure factors throughout his work, as evidenced in his numerous exhortations to the readers to focus upon pleasing and satisfying each other. The end result is an intense emotional connection that has been accentuated by physical intimacy and closeness that helps reinforce and strengthen the relationship. Our society is saturated with sex: magazines; DVDs; Internet web sites; warehouses; etc. Yet the Kama Sutra accepts and takes the wonderful gift of sex and accentuates the sheer loveliness of its emotional foundations, rather than just the physical responses. Williams has selected many wonderful, relationship-enhancing positions in "Kamasutra" and has provided his fans with a special relationship aid that works for all people, not just those living in India.