by Thomas J. Buckley

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Karate, developed on Okinawa, Japan, but with its roots in China, is an aggressive fighting method. Used by peasants and farmers on Okinawa to defend themselves against the ruling elite's samurai warriors, karate mostly involves a series of hand strikes, kicks and blocks. More advanced students may add a staff, nunchaku or other basic, but effective, weapon. Karate teaches its students to put as much of the body's power as possible into each strike or kick and to focus all that power at the point of impact. With the right form and technique, this training can teach one to be a power force. Like other martial arts, however, karate places as much emphasis on mental toughness, compassion, spiritual well-being and respect as it does on methods of self-defense and sparring. The book does an excellent job of introducing its mid-level reader to the history, methods, strategy and philosophy behind this popular sport, or as the book argues, way of life. Broken down into multiple chapters, the book includes good photography, as well as a glossary, timeline, bibliography, index and internet resources. 2004, The Child's World, Ages 7 to 14.
—Kris Sauer

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Child's World, Incorporated, The
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Child's World of Sports Series
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7.38(w) x 9.98(h) x 0.33(d)
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6 - 10 Years

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