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Kat Fight

Kat Fight

4.8 7
by Dina Silver
Readers everywhere will revel in this sharp-witted, well-meaning whirlwind in author Dina Silver's hilarious new novel, Kat Fight. In her quest for love, Kat makes every wrong turn, juggling two men, one best friend, and her own deeply confused heart's desires.

Kat Porter is a consummate romantic, eager for her chance to find love and commitment. But after her


Readers everywhere will revel in this sharp-witted, well-meaning whirlwind in author Dina Silver's hilarious new novel, Kat Fight. In her quest for love, Kat makes every wrong turn, juggling two men, one best friend, and her own deeply confused heart's desires.

Kat Porter is a consummate romantic, eager for her chance to find love and commitment. But after her boyfriend of four years, Marc, begins to grow apathetic and sends her calls straight to voicemail one too many times, Kat finally musters the courage to confront her so-called sweetheart, who seems more interested in dodging her than courting her. Though she's no fan of ultimatums, Kat is at the end of her considerable wits, and lobs a massive one his way, completely confident that he'll make the right decision when faced with losing her. He doesn't.

With radio silence from Marc, Kat's lifelong dream of finding a husband and forging a family is decidedly on the skids. That's when her childhood friend Julie steps in, forcing Kat on a blind date to help her move beyond the break-up. Not only does Kat botch the setup, she instead finds herself in hot pursuit of Julie's love interest, Ryan Sullivan. A man who, in addition to literally taking her breath away, is the living, breathing personification of everything Kat wants in a husband.

Can Kat connect with the man of her dreams without hurting two of the people she cares most about? At the same time, she must also contend with the quips of her beloved catty coworker Adam, her bi-polar boss Brooke, and a string of comic, unpredictable plot twists. All the while, Kat's cheeky perspective and generous heart will leave readers adoring every moment of her journey while chuckling and cheering for the ever cute, razor-sharp Kat as she fights to land the love of a lifetime.

Editorial Reviews

The Autumn Review - Autumn Review
"I love Dina Silver's writing. She can write really great drama, romance, and comedy. Kat Fight was everything I wanted and needed. It was funny, sexy, and romantic."
LitzyDitz Reviews - Kelly Konrad
"Kat Fight has many of the elements we've come to expect in a great romantic comedy, and Silver draws from her personal experiences to craft this fun read."
Lost in Literature - Lost Lit
"Kat Fight was hilarious, extremely enjoyable, and totally realistic. I felt that I knew Kat personally right away."

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Meet the Author

Dina Silver is a writer, red wine drinker, cheese fry lover, and future cat hoarder. She currently lives with her family in suburban Chicago. Inspired by how she met her husband, Kat Fight is Dina's second novel.

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Kat Fight 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
halleh13 More than 1 year ago
Again, for a person who is not the biggest fan of "chick-lit", Kat Fight was a great read for me. Once again, Dina manages to entertain, put a smile on my face, and make me forget about my own life for a brief moment, while reading her fun, hard to put down new novel.  Nicely done...
TheAutumnReview More than 1 year ago
4.5 stars After I read One Pink Line last fall, I put Kat Fight in my TBR. So, I was thrilled when the tour came up with AToMR and I got a chance to move it up. I love Dina Silver's writing. She can write really great drama, romance, and comedy. Kat Fight was everything I wanted and needed. It was funny, sexy, and romantic.  The story begins with Kat and her long term boyfriend, Marc having some trouble in their relationship. They've always had a some what turbulent relationship, but Kat's tired of it. When Marc is late for yet another date, she breaks up with him. She never expected him to agree to the break up, let alone not even talk to her for weeks. So, as Kat realizes their relationship is over, she attempts to move on. Her friend Julie sets her up on a disastrous blind date, but there is something good that comes out of it. Ryan Sullivan. The problem is that Ryan is dating Julie. But when Ryan starts a new job at Kat's company, they can't seem to stop the connection they seem to share.  So, as Ryan and Kat begin dating, she faces a few issues. One, she needs to tell her friend Julie that she's now dating her ex. Two, Marc wants her back. Now, see here's where her childhood comes in to cause some problems for her. Her parents divorced when she was younger and never really talked to she or her sister about their break-up. So, Kat has some issues with relationships as a result. She needed to be honest with all parties involved and she had some trouble doing that. She held off telling her friend about her new relationship with Ryan, which as you can image, didn't bode well. Then, she met up with Marc a few times to discuss their relationship and wasn't open with Ryan about that. So you see, there is a good dose of drama. However, the drama is balanced out by Kat's wit. There are also some really great romantic moments between she and Ryan.  Overall, I loved this story. Kat and Ryan were a great couple and it was fun watching them fall in love. The supporting characters in the book made the story even better. I absolutely adored Kat's best friend and co-worker, Adam. Their texts to each other had me laughing out loud. If you 're looking for something on the lighter side that has a good dose of humor and romance, Kat Fight is a great pick for you! I can't wait to see what Dina Silver comes out with next.  *Side note: I love that this book is loosely based on the author's true story. Make sure to read the author's notes at the end of the book. They cracked me up. Quotes: ~He wraps his arm around the small of my lower back and lays me down on his couch. Then he leans on one elbow, so as not to crush me, and places his lips on mine. I empty my lungs as he starts to kiss me. And as he has done twice before, Ryan Sullivan leaves me breathless.-Loc1917 ~I knock on the door quietly because it's one o'clock in the morning, and I don't want to alert his neighbors to my trampy behavior. The door opens and Ryan is standing there wearing nothing but a pair of sweatpants. I nearly fall over backwards.-Loc2072 ~"I cannot meet your mother this way! First of all, I only have last night's outfit with me," I say and point to the back of his desk chair. "Not to mention last night's make-up, hair, and breath-and now she thinks I'm Raggedy Tramp."-Loc3365
Rebecca_Berto More than 1 year ago
Kat Fight is the perfect I Need To Get Away read. It's easy to get into and constantly funny and romantic. I found the main character, Kat, easy to like. She wasn't trying too hard -- to be funny, find a boyfriend (or husband), please people. She felt very natural. Her relationship with her gay friend, Adam was by far the coolest aspect of the novel. Let me say, I wish I had a friend this awesome. He was always saying the wittiest remarks, yet he didn't run when things got tough and Kat needed him. Best. Friend. Ever. One of the love interests, Ryan, is a cook and since finishing this novel I now strongly believe a man who can cook dinner -- heck, any meal! -- that well is a hot boyfriend. I believe I'll now be dreaming about this possibility. Dina Silver did a fabulous job at crafting both of the love interests, however. Marc, Kat's long-term-boyfriend (aka I-thought-I-was-going-to-marry-you boyfriend) isn't portrayed, at least not to me, as the bad guy, per se. Most of the time I was rooting for him, despite how mean he was for pretending Kat didn't exist in his life when they were together. Still, it isn't hard to imagine all the sorts of reactions you'll have when your partner suddenly dumps you, which is why I couldn't hate him, being so vulnerable, even when he ignored her. But then there was Ryan -- the opposite. Always chatting to her, always seeing her, always being romantic. I kept getting this feeling he'd end up being too good to be true. But that was the little jealous part of me who tried to rationalise such an awesome guy must not exist in the real world. Kat Fight is a wild ride. Kat is running, chasing, and always at the heart of the conflict is Marc vs. Ryan. Kat is conflicted and this adventure (which do I choose?) is compelling, always. Kat Fight is definitely a recommended read! It's well-crafted Chic Lit -- insightful into relationships, witty, romantic, unputdownable. Rated: 4 STARS.
CharlotteLynnsReviews More than 1 year ago
When Kats long time boyfriend, Marc, starts taking her for granted, Kat tells him to lose her number. He replies fine. Not quite the way Kat hoped the conversation would go. After a couple months Kat starts to move on with a new boyfriend, Ryan. Marc tarts coming around asking for another chance, swearing he has changes his ways. This leads to an interesting love triangle. I requested this book from Dina Silver and am thrilled to have been given the opportunity to read it. It was quick, easy, and had me giggling out loud. The story opened with Kat wanting a wedding and a family. I knew this was a story for me. I cheered for Kat and how she stood up to Marc, even when it would be easier to give in and go back to what is comfortable and known. I giggled especially during the car chase and her quick witty texts to Adam, her best male friend. I started this book just before bedtime and had to wake-up early to keep reading. I just could not put it down. Kat Fight is a definite must read and a must share.
KrittersRamblings More than 1 year ago
Check out the full review at Kritters Ramblings Are you looking for the perfect girlie book to add to your collection? Pick this one up! Kat Porter is just trying to fall in love and find her forever and the current relationship with Marc is just not working, so she finally takes matter into her own hands and makes a break, but this break breaks her and makes her start from the beginning.
mommybooknerd More than 1 year ago
Ok, I am going to start by saying that Dina has now earned herself a spot in my FAVORITE AUTHORS list (see favorite author links on the side of my blog). I was beyond excited about Dina's debut novel One Pink Line, so I had big expectations for Kat Fight. I am so pleased to report that Dina has outdone herself with her second novel Kat Fight. I thought that the story was tight, funny and inspiring. She discusses friendships and the precarious situations people find themselves in while pursuing love. She tells a love story that is imperfect, yet beautiful. I have to say that Kat Fight had some of the best dialogue EVER. I am so in love with Kat's friendship with Adam. Kat and Adam had the best back and forth banter. If only we are all so lucky to have a great friend like Adam. Silver is a force to be noticed. Her writing flows so naturally that you become engrossed in her novels. I did not want the novel to end. Silver is one of the best and I cannot wait to see what else she has up her sleeve! 5 stars!!!!
ShellyWasserman More than 1 year ago
I loved it! This is what chick-lit should be: A romantic and humorous story in which we can all relate. Yes, Kat is flawed. After all, who wants to read a book about someone perfect? But Kat is flawed just like you and me. She’s not whiny or insane like some other protagonists I’ve read this year. She’s confused and extremely likeable. I could be her or at least, her friend. The author shows us that even while Kat’s situation gets complicated, she still gives her time to help her co-worker in a difficult situation. And Ryan is the perfect “hero” for Kat. Fans of chick-lit and contemporary romance will really enjoy Kat Fight.
eBook_Addict More than 1 year ago
Kat is a 26-year-old woman who has just given her boyfriend, Marc Nolan, of four years the boot. She basically tells him if he can't get his act together then he should lose her number and he does just that. In the midst of it all, she is set up on a date by her best friend, Julie, with a guy named Pete. Not only does the date end horrifically, but Kat finds out that she has the hots for Ryan, Julie's love interest; just when she thinks that things couldn't get anymore hectic, they become very hectic. I absolutely loved this book and thought it was magnificent. I think every woman should read this book; it has the right amount of drama balanced with romance and comedy. There were so many elements that I enjoyed about this book; I loved that this novel was loosely based on the author's life, I loved how down to earth Kat was, and I loved that Dina Silver included ten fun facts about the book, at the end. Aside from Kat, my favorite character in the book was Adam, her co-worker; the relationship between Kat and Adam is remarkable. My new mission is to find someone exactly like Adam. Overall, I think this book is great and it should NOT be passed up!!!