Kate Mcgill, Romanian Cold Hand


Katherine Harendt McGill became an athletic fashion pinup, a no-fear female defender of vulnerable beings with the strength of a trained fighter. First noticed as a teenage trick skater in Minnesota, Kate's mastery of martial arts, uncanny archery skills and bold self confidence made her a local star. As her skating routines became ever more spectacular virtually defying gravity she became a media sensation.

Discovered by athletic gear designers GloryDays Kate eventually becomes...

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Katherine Harendt McGill became an athletic fashion pinup, a no-fear female defender of vulnerable beings with the strength of a trained fighter. First noticed as a teenage trick skater in Minnesota, Kate's mastery of martial arts, uncanny archery skills and bold self confidence made her a local star. As her skating routines became ever more spectacular virtually defying gravity she became a media sensation.

Discovered by athletic gear designers GloryDays Kate eventually becomes their worldwide model. The company also discovers their GloryDays Girl, as Kate is known, has a darker, threatening side. She is not afraid to employ aggressive, physical punishment when confronting men who threaten innocent animals or women. Her public begins referring to Kate as the Nature Avenger and she is approached to remedy injustices.

Even as she becomes a remarkable athletic model Kate also desires normalcy gradually finding companionship with a handsome boyfriend. By her late teens a family friend describes her as mysterious, unstoppable, scary, and gorgeous. But her risk taking produces constant threat of injury, numerous failures and eventually a confrontation with a brutal criminal in central America.

Kate is introduced by her great grandmother, Queen Royal Elixir, to a bewildering and powerful mental technique. Passed down through the Harendt family the Romanian Cold Hand can supposedly "freeze" attackers. Kate finally realizes this legacy brings with it an upsetting gift for predicting events. Rumors generated by an accurate prediction make her a target for intelligence spooks and criminals alike.

Kate's eventual mastery of the Cold Hand takes a shape no military person could imagine.

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Product Details

  • ISBN-13: 9781450243490
  • Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
  • Publication date: 8/24/2010
  • Pages: 332
  • Product dimensions: 6.00 (w) x 9.00 (h) x 0.69 (d)

Table of Contents


1. Kate's Grandmother at Age Thirteen Takes Revenge....................1
2. Kate McGill Skates On the Paths....................5
3. Kate Age Sixteen Wearing Sarah's Seventies Era Dress....................12
4. Litter Deposit....................17
5. Sarah's McGill's Upbringing....................20
6. Kate Visits Queen Royal in Las Vegas....................35
7. Kate Sees the Earthquake Coming....................42
8. Kate Meets Peter in Chicago....................51
9. Kate Meets The Mule....................61
10. Kate Saves The Animals....................67
11. Sarah and Kate On the Road Together....................73
12. Cory Madigan Discovers Kate....................80
13. Kate at the University of California, Berkeley....................92
14. Deposits....................101
15. Kate and Peter Become An Item....................106
16. Hotel Job....................110
17. Cory Meets Kate at Ben Benson's Steak House....................115
18. Cory Visits Sarah in Minnesota....................120
19. Kate's Premonition....................132
20. Kate Is Forced to Use Her Bow and Arrow....................142
21. Kate Takes the FBI For a Ride in the Mule....................154
22. Kate's New Fame and She Makes a TV Appearance....................165
23. Greysuit Attacks in Beverly Hills....................174
24. Kate Alone in Berkeley....................180
25. Kate Meets Arnie at Mortons....................186
26. Miriam Arrives from Israel....................192
27. Kate & Miriam Return to Arnie's House....................204
28. Kate Returns Alone To Arnie's....................213
29. Kate Joins a Pick Up Volleyball Game in Central Park....................219
30. Going To Meet Bernie....................224
31. Preparing to Attack in El Salvador....................233
32. Flying In To Lasola's Compound....................238
33. Kate On Ice....................248
34. Kate Encounters Da Hij Silbi....................262
35. Kate Traveling in France....................279
36. Kate Onstage In Paris and the Vanishing Sheik....................294
37. Hunting The Hunters....................310
Author's acknowledgements for Kate McGill Romanian Cold Hand....................318
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First Chapter

Kate McGill, Romanian Cold Hand

Minnesota renegade Femme Fighter seeks memorable encounter with animal abusers
By Michael Chechik Sunday

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2010 Michael Chechik Sunday
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4502-4349-0

Chapter One


Haganah Harendt as a young teen walked across Europe with her mother Haddassah attempting to survive the Nazi Holocaust. They began their journey in Romania where the Harendts lived for generations. Their family was unique because they were gypsies who were also Jewish. Many years later Haganah would become Kate McGill's grandmother. As you will see, they share an unwillingness to behave like obedient young women.

Spring was still weeks away, but the air felt warm and pleasant to former Adjutant General - now simply Herr - Heinrich Manfreid Massemel, as he set off for his Wednesday morning meeting at the Fleisbeisen town school dressed in well pressed dungarees, white dress shirt with brown tie and a heavy cordoroy jacket.

It had been almost a year since the Great War - World War II - ended with the betrayal of the Third Reich. The defeat still caused Massemel to burn with anger. He had volunteered early for service and rose quickly through the ranks, attaining his final office near the end of the war. Now he planned to live out his remaining days with the quiet pride of a German who had served his country loyally.

Some Americans and even a few Russians still passed through Fleisbeisen, but its lack of vital utilities and the absence of a former military base exempted it from close scrutiny by the American military. Nonetheless, rumors abounded about the prosecution of ex-Wehrmacht, Gestapo, and other patriots for their wartime activities.

Massemel, in keeping with the dignity associated with his family name for five generations, conducted himself as an upstanding citizen. He had resumed his duties in tax collection, served on two local school committees, and intended to continue his family's long history of serving the community.

His wife, Trude, knew that he had participated in certain activities concerning the Jews, referred to as der Juden, but who had not? Everyone had responsibilities to fulfill in a war. Yes, it had been distasteful; only a few twisted souls took any satisfaction from the job at hand. Who could enjoy such things? Certainly not her Heinrich.

Neither Massemel nor Trude took much notice of the elderly woman who shuffled past their house just as he set off on his 15-minute walk to the school. Nor did Massemel, sorting out his plans for the day, note the aging pre-war Volkswagen that passed him as he approached the school. He had also failed to notice the same car when it drove by him on the previous two days.

As the Volks pulled alongside him, the old woman in an raggedy rain coat and flowered hat overtook him. The beginning of a courteous smile crossed his face when he registered her presence, but it quickly froze when he saw the standard-issue Luger aimed at his head. He opened his mouth to cry out and felt the Luger jam against his teeth, breaking off part of one and lacerating his tongue.

The woman shoved him into the rear seat of the Volks with a strength that belied her appearance - clearly, she was no crone. As she climbed in alongside him, she kept the gun crammed into his mouth. Massemel realized this was no ordinary hold-up. Jammed up against the small rear seat in a position of supplication, he had a sudden flashback of uncomfortable memories. He attempted to speak, but the woman shoved the gun roughly, making him gag. She raised her left hand in a gesture that commanded silence.

Out of the corner of his right eye he could just barely see her hand, which was completely unwrinkled. She was relatively young. Massemel quickly calculated his options as he had so often done in his military role. He knew this was no ordinary crime; it wasn't money they wanted. They wanted him. And this woman, this girl, worried him because she was young. She might not understand mercy, as he had frequently exercised it when dealing with der Juden. Though it was true that there had been times when his staid burgher's sense of values had failed him, and he had experienced a certain delight, a thrill, in carrying out his work. And then there were the very few times, with the young girls, so helpless; he had been carried away before he pulled the trigger.

Calmly, methodically, he rationalized his situation and suddenly understood why the gun was in his mouth. It had been one of his own tactics to terrorize der Juden when it was necessary to move them against their will. And, yes, on occasion, the gun might have discharged. Those were thoughts he chose not to dwell on.

The Volks lurched over bumps, its ancient shocks and springs totally ineffective. Massemel noted a few landmarks, a road sign, and realized they were near the old dam -and the town cemetery. The Volks turned and stopped. They had entered the cemetery.

As the driver emerged from the front seat, Massemel's heart sank. He had hoped his abductors were both women, but the driver was a man, a young and strapping man. Pulling the front seat forward, he motioned Massemel out. The two pushed him across a small path, to the rear of a chapel. They had chosen a secluded spot.

He was sweating profusely. He knew this spot; he had brought people here himself. It was protected from view by trees and a brick wall. They were completely isolated. His eyes were not covered, but the two stood out of view behind him. Abruptly, the woman again thrust the gun into his mouth. He knew why; it was an action that intimidated and overwhelmed a supplicant, and now he was the supplicant.

"Adjutant General Massemel,", she said, "you murdered two of my relatives, two young men, barely out of their teens. You had options, including letting them go or sending them to a work camp, but instead you murdered them on this spot. I witnessed the execution. You may say a prayer if you wish."

Massemel thought he recalled those two. Yes, it had occurred on this spot. One of them had been bawling like a baby, the other quite stoic. Massemel thought that, yes, he might have let them go. Now he wasn't sure why he had not. And clearly, this woman witnessed the event. How unforgivable to have let a witness live.

She said, "I watched you murder my young cousin like cutting down a young tree, without a second thought. I swore then I would avenge his death."

His muscles began to give way, his breath came in short, painful bursts, and he felt a warm stream of urine in his pants. He was losing bodily control. He tried to turn, but the man's strong hands grabbed his head firmly.

"Adjutant General, you gave my cousin no time. We at least are giving you this grace. Are you ready to meet your fate?"

Massemel began to weep uncontrollably. He'd come all the way through the war, and before that the many years in the Brown Shirts. Yes, he'd had to shoot his share, but he never engaged in the torture so popular among the animals. That was why the Brown Shirts had been disb-.

The Luger flashed twice and he fell dead.

The man and woman dragged his body to a newly dug grave and pushed it in. It took them ten minutes to replace the dirt.

In a thick Romanian accent, the man asked, "Haganah, are you all right?"

She didn't look up as she tossed in the last few shovelfuls.

"Perfectly fine. Now we have two to go."

"I thought you said one more?" He did not understand how one so young could hand out this punishment without blinking. She was made of iron.

"No, two - we have two more. I will explain. It is our obligation; that was the pact. I am the instrument of our revenge."

They left the old Volks and picked up pre war Peugot bicycles propped against the chapel wall. The bicycle chains and handle bars were badly rusted but the tires seemed to hold air. They had two hours of riding and a train journey ahead.

As she climbed on the bike she reached in her pocket to make sure her money was intact. She thought, Can I do this again?

As they began riding she thought, There is no other choice.

Chapter Two


Forty one years after thirteen year old Haganah Harendt handed out the harshest possible justice in Germany her granddaughter Kate at nearly the same age faced a very different and substantially less emotional challenge.

The first story appeared in the Minneapolis Star-Tribune when Kate McGill was fourteen. "This young female skater needs to learn better judgment on our lake paths. But who is she? Minneapolis police report that a young woman on roller blades has been seen burning up the bike paths around Lakes Harriet and Calhoun. 'She can't seem to understand this kind of speed is not for our lake paths,' said Captain Randy Levy. 'We get these complaints occasionally but only this one young woman barrels along so fast. She's a bit the supergirl.'"

A few months passed and with typical Minneapolis hometown pride the Star Tribune asked, "What happened to that lightning fast female skater we were seeing? The Minneapolis police report 'the skating tornado' has not been seen all summer. What gives?"

Sarah McGill read the story and smiled to herself. Katie had been off in Colorado training for two months at a skating camp which meant no more Star Trib stories to worry Sarah.

Then one day in September when schools were back in session Sarah's close friend Buzz Roemer called. Buzz had been like a second father to Katie for the last few years since Paul, Kate's dad, had gone on the road campaigning to save endangered environmentally sensitive land. Buzz was a self made wealthy businessman who collected exotic cars and was thought to be underwriting the rescue of Americans who found themselves jailed unfairly by despotic regimes overseas. In small town Minneapolis Buzz took pride in his rep as righter of wrongs, a guy who helped re-balance the odds against the underdog.. Kate called him The Buzzerator. He even admitted openly to employing mercenary soldiers. Tough ones.

Buzz asked, "Is Katie back home now, Sarah?"

Sarah replied, "Back at Wayzata High, charged up about her computer classes. Talking big as ever."

Buzz responded, "I saw her skating on those new bike paths that interconnect the ski resorts in Colorado."


"Your Katie went from superfast to blindingly ballistic. Maybe her muscles, her frame matured more or her instructor's physical training made a difference. Even those macho, muscular tough guy skaters, the ones that use the paths to train for winter skiing were dazzled. When she showed up things came to a halt."

"Buzz, this is good news or what should I think?"

"Sarah, good news if Kate can learn to control her speed. I mean she is not only fast but all that gymnastics, the karate training, the weight training, kick boxing gave her talent for maneuvering around stuff. She also amped up a macha little attitude which didn't hurt. Some ski resort staff helped her create a challenging slalom course where she did spectacular flips, turns, jumps over and around barriers. You know that trick going down escalators backwards on her skates? Well now she does this double flip over a car at this ridiculous ... uh, it's a cool trick...."

"Buzz, it's not funny anymore. She refuses to tell me what she did in Colorado. She just says, '... I dreamed up a couple new tricks, mom ...' Nothing more but I saw that big scrape on her right hip. Buzz, can't you say something to her? She's getting so crazy about these tricks...."

Sarah felt isolated, the only person who wanted Kate to stop these scary demonstrations. Kate's father Paul traveled incessantly. Kate had such drive to out do herself.

Buzz replied, "Well, Kate's ambition needs outlets so maybe she felt it better to experiment when you couldn't watch every move, you know? I kept an eye on her, Kate pushes the envelope, she always has."

Sarah had constant nightmares of Kate in hospitals, Kate breaking bones. This was way past Kate the Tom Boy. She simply couldn't refuse a challenge.

"Sarah, your girl has talent and guts. She had guts playing hockey with boys, bad odds didn't bother her. Remember when she played those big guys from St. Paul? Man, she could outskate them AND outshoot them!"

"Buzz cool out. You know we had to stop that. She was going to get hurt. The coach kept saying, 'Kate, go easy, you'll get knocked around.' Our daughter just doesn't have the same fears as normal people."

Buzz allowed a moment to pass.

"Uh, Sarah, I guess you should know this, I heard about it, didn't see it. She and two young women were walking through town at night and some drunk guys gave them a hard time."


"The word was Kate dispatched them, three of them like they were toys. Tossed three sizeable young men around."

Sarah recoiled. "Buzz. You weren't there, this could be a rumor, right?"

"Sarah, your daughter will not take grief from anyone. It's a fact but that's good in a way. She truly can take care of herself."

Sarah never quite knew what to make of Buzz's speculations. She did know Katie respected Buzz's take charge attitude but she was fifteen years old and still very much a kid. Buzz could also be kid-like including questionable judgement.

Then again, Buzz could also be the man you want in your corner if there is trouble. Which Buzz does a mother trust?

Two Minneapolis police cars pulled up side by side, driver's windows facing each other on a still soft July night. Patrolling around Lake Calhoun near the uptown neighborhood cops could be easily bored. Underage drinking or a little hooliganism was about all the police encountered.

"Quiet for you?"

"Yah, pretty much but this young guy was talkin'.... Supposedly around Lake Harriet or Calhoun at six in the morning a whole bunch of kids are showin' up with brooms."


"Yah, he said kids from Wayzata and Minnetonka caravanning down here with brooms. That's the word? It's kind of strange because those two towns always have a rivalry."

"Does 'brooms' mean they are fighting?"

"Didn't sound like it. A big deal about skating, some kid on skates."

"Could be the skating tornado is back?"

"I'll call it in for the next shift. Those guys rarely have much to do."

The sun showed its first summer rays at 5:30 AM. By 5:45 dozens and dozens of high school teens, many up all night, showed up around Lake Calhoun hanging out on the paved blacktop bike path.

Kids excited, kids confused. Most unsure what on earth they were doing at this ungodly hour but everyone was saying, "Man, you gotta see this! She only does it like once!" Minnesota gets pretty quiet all winter unless you get excited about ice hockey or ice fishing so when summer opens up the tires are squealing, the kids go a little bonkers. Everyone wants some excitement so even a girl on skates could be an event.

Ever since Kate McGill screamed through Ridgedale shopping mall on skates up and down escalators, barreling through the mall aisleways, driving security crazy and then turning up captured in security videos on the evening news her classmates became Kate Fans. When would she do something off the wall again?

Buzz Roemer counseled her to dream up pranks that were useful or educational. "In my day our pranks were just for fun but they didn't accomplish much. You can do better!"

Kate listened to Buzz.

After Ridgedale she topped herself by skating the entire Skyway system interconnecting office buildings allowing shoppers to walk inside in cold weather around downtown Minneapolis. She popped into the Skyway on Earth Day outfitted in a spectacular all green body suit affixed with signs reminding people to recycle or reuse. Again she made the evening news. Skating through the trading floor of a stock exchange upset a few but the police seemed to turn a blind eye.


Excerpted from Kate McGill, Romanian Cold Hand by Michael Chechik Sunday Copyright © 2010 by Michael Chechik Sunday. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

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  • Posted September 17, 2010

    Awesome Read!!

    Historical, captivating and a kick-ass character! What more could you want??

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  • Posted September 17, 2010

    Intriguing Female Heroine!

    I have never been so captivated by a character as I have with Kate McGill. I hope that this is just the beginning for Michael Chechik Sunday's fearless protagonist. This book is a breath of fresh air to say the least; in today's age of crumbling morals and value systems, Kate is an intriguing character and great role model for women of all ages. Once I started reading it was impossible for me to put the book down; I had to know what Kate was going to be getting into next! This is one of the first times I've seen a strong female portrayed so well, never once turning into a damsel in distress.

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