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Kathy Smith's Winning Workout

Kathy Smith's Winning Workout

by Kathy Smith, Judy Jones

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Smith, who designs women's fitness equipment (which she also promotes here), offers a sensible, diverse three-month home routine for women discouraged by much pain-no gain exercise programs that ``would make even a saint duck out and head for the nearest pizza parlor.'' Step-by-step photos and instructions illustrate the Winning Workout, which emphasizes exercise with free weights to tone and strengthen muscles by requiring them to move against resistance. The program is rounded out with low-impact aerobics and stretching sections for cardiovascular endurance and flexibility. Smith is upbeat and encouraging, stressing the mental rewards of physical fitness and healthful eating, and urging the reader to ``make a realistic assessment of what you can do to improve your looks, and to begin to accept those things about yourself that are hereditary and unchangeable.'' Particularly welcome are charts and pictures that explain the location and function of the various muscle groups and their response to exercise. Jones was formerly editor of New Body magazine. (July 29)

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