Keeping Faith: European and Asian Catholic Immigrants

Keeping Faith: European and Asian Catholic Immigrants

by Jeffrey M. Burns

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ISBN-10: 1597529087

ISBN-13: 9781597529082

Pub. Date: 09/28/2006

Publisher: Wipf & Stock Publishers

The Catholic Church in the United States has always been an immigrant church, from the earliest arrivals of the Spanish and English, to the influx of Irish, Germans, Italians, and other Europeans in the nineteenth century, to the most recent arrivals from the Philippines and Vietnam. Over two centuries countless laymen and laywomen worked with priests and religious


The Catholic Church in the United States has always been an immigrant church, from the earliest arrivals of the Spanish and English, to the influx of Irish, Germans, Italians, and other Europeans in the nineteenth century, to the most recent arrivals from the Philippines and Vietnam. Over two centuries countless laymen and laywomen worked with priests and religious to build and support churches and schools, laying the foundation for the Catholic Church in the United States. The wealth of original documents and photographs in Keeping Faith provides as no other source does a thorough and compelling portrait of these immigrants and their impact on the American Catholic institutions and American Catholic experience.

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Table of Contents

General Introductionxxi
Part 1Establishing the Immigrant Church
The French and Irish3
1.Archbishop Ambrose Marechal's Views on the Irish, 18184
2.Bishop John Dubois and the New York Irish, 18275
3.Bishop John England's Views on French Leadership, 18356
The Irish7
4.St. Patrick's Day Parade, Chicago, 18887
5.Views on Irish Immigration to the United States, 19009
6.Cardinal James Gibbons on Irish Immigration, 189714
7.Bishop Bernard McQuaid's Approval of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, 189416
8.Father Theobald Mathew's American Temperance Crusade, 185119
9.Henry Clay on Father Theobald Mathew, 185120
10.Father Theobald Mathew in Brooklyn, 185122
11.Irish Stereotype, 186122
12.Archbishop John Ireland on Total Abstinence, 188223
13.Irish-American Women and Labor, 193624
14.Margaret Haley and the Women's Catholic Order of Foresters, 190025
15.Letter to Sister Agatha M. Hurley, B.V.M., 189426
16.Jane Addams and the Sisters, 191027
17.Unitarian Minister Praises Irish Women and Catholic Schools, 191228
18.Helen Jackson's Convent Cruelties, 192329
19.Catholic Schools and Irish Female Social and Economic Mobility, 192029
20.Protests of Film The Callahans and Murphys, 192732
The Germans33
21.Incorporation of Holy Trinity Church, Philadelphia, 178833
22.The Plan of Boniface Wimmer, O.S.B., for Ministry to German Immigrants, 184535
23.Views of German Catholic Trustees in Cincinnati, ca. 185042
24.Regulations for Cincinnati's German Catholic Parishes, 185044
25.Instructions for German Catholic Immigrants, 186948
The Germans and Irish54
26.Immigrant Catholic Life in New York, 1830s and 1840s54
27.A Missionary's Views on Catholics' Religious Behavior, 185457
28.German Catholic Grievances in the Abbelen Memorial, 188660
29.Reply of Bishops John Ireland and John Keane to the Abbelen Memorial, 188668
30.St. Raphael Societies' Memorial, 189174
31.The Cahensly Memorial, 189176
32.Reply of the American Archbishops to the Cahensly Memorial, 189277
33.Samuel F. B. Morse, Imminent Dangers to the Free Institutions of the United States, 183480
34.Orestes Brownson on Native Americanism, 1854, 185683
35.The Oath of the American Protective Association, 189385
Part 2Photo Essay: Building the Immigrant Church
Brick-and-Mortar Catholicism89
36.Bishop John Carroll Blesses a Boston Church, 180389
37.Bishop Benedict J. Fenwick on Holy Cross Cathedral, Boston, 182989
38.Bishop John England's Appeal for St. Mary's, Charleston, South Carolina, 183891
39.Consecration of St. John's Cathedral, Milwaukee, 185393
40.Archbishop Gaetano Bedini on the Legacy of Brick-and-Mortar Catholicism, 185597
41.Bishop John J. Hogan on Church-Building in Chillicothe, Missouri, 1859102
42.Proposals for a Jesuit College, 1857104
43.Our Roman Catholic Brethren, 1868105
44.The Altar and Throne of St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York, 1877109
45.Dedication of St. Patrick's Cathedral, New York, 1879112
46.Confirmation Day Parade, Holy Family Parish, Chicago, 1895114
47.Italian Church Dedication, 1899116
48.Dedication of St. Josaphat's (Polish), Milwaukee, 1901120
49.The Celtic Revival at St. Patrick's Church, Chicago, 1912123
50.Memorial to Irish Patriot Terence MacSwiney, 1920126
51.Eulogy for Terence MacSwiney, 1920128
52.French Canadians Celebrate Church Reopening, Worcester, Massachusetts, 1996130
53.Vietnamese Catholic Center, Santa Ana, California, 1996133
Part 3Diversifying the Immigrant Church
The Polish139
54.Panna Maria, Texas, 1866-70139
55.Thomas and Znaniecki on the Polish Parish, ca. 1918141
56.St. Stanislaus Kostka, Chicago, 1917142
57.Riot in Bay City, Michigan, 1897143
58.Zuaves of St. Stanislaus Kostka, 1916143
59.Instructions to Polish Catholics, Maspeth, New York, 1913144
60.Waclaw Kruszka on the Polish School, 1905-8145
61.Polish Clergy on the Polish School, 1920146
62.Sisters of the Holy Family of Nazareth, 1885147
63.Call for a National Polish Catholic Congress, 1896149
64.Waclaw Kruszka, "Polyglot Bishops for Polyglot Dioceses," 1901151
65.Francis Hodur, Polish National Catholic Church, 1907, 1901156
66.Condemnation of the Kuryer Polski, 1912157
67.Polish Clergy in the United States, "I Polacchi" Memorial, 1920160
68.Response of the American Hierarchy, 1920161
The Italians163
69.American Bishops and Pastoral Care of Italians, 1884163
70.Mother Frances Xavier Cabrini and Italian Immigrants, 1889165
71.Jacob Riis on Italian Religious Festivals, 1899167
72.Italian Women and the Return of San Rocco, ca. 1890173
73.A Priest's View of Italian Religious Festivals, ca. 1900177
74.Italians' Attitudes toward Catholicism, ca. 1900179
75.Social Worker's Report, San Francisco, 1917181
76.Sicilians Lay Merlo Away Like a Monarch, 1924186
The Slovaks187
77.Matthew Jankola, Sketches from a Slovak Catholic Parish in Pittston, PA, 1900187
The Lithuanians190
78.Lithuanian Dispute in Shenandoah, Pennsylvania, 1877190
The Czechs193
79.Bohemians in Chicago, 1908193
The Hungarians194
80.Hungarians in Chicago and Cleveland, 1905194
Eastern Rite Catholics197
81.Archbishop John Ireland and Eastern Rite Catholics, 1889197
The French Canadians199
82.Bishop Antoine Racine on French-Canadian Catholics in the United States, 1892199
83.French-Canadian Mutual Aid Societies, 1910205
The Portuguese206
84.Portuguese Mission in Boston, 1896206
Part 4After 1924: The Persistence and Transcendence of Ethnicity
The Persistence of Ethnicity211
85.John V. Tolino, "Solving the Italian Problem," 1938211
86.Italian Procession, Bunker Hill, Michigan, 1939213
87.Closing Polish Parishes, Boston, 1990s215
88.John Radzilowski, "Why Are They Wrecking Our Churches? Once Center of Polonian Life, Churches Are under Attack," 1998217
89.Lithuanian Cemetery, Chicago, 1999219
The Transcendence of Ethnicity221
90.Birth-Control Clinics221
91."Are Irish Catholics Dying Out in This Country?" 1922222
92.Mary Onahan Gallery, Letter to Archbishop Mundelein, 1924223
93.James M. Gillis, C.S.P., "Will Ye Fight or Will Ye Run?" 1932224
94.Catholic Sacramental Practice and Birth Control in Chicago, 1932225
95.Margaret Sanger on Catholics and Birth Control, 1934227
Part 5Asian Immigrants
Chinese Immigrants232
96.Father James Bouchard, S.J., "White Man or Chinaman--Which?" 1873232
97.Archbishop Joseph S. Alemany Requests Assistance with the Chinese Apostolate in San Francisco, 1871, 1874234
98.Francis Leo Lem and Chew Yee to Archbishop Patrick W. Riordan Requesting Chinese Pastor, 1910235
99.Chinese Ministry in San Francisco, 1945, 1942236
100.Chinese Language School, 1936239
101.Chinese Mission, New York, 1959239
102.Resolutions of the Tenth Chinese Catholic Conference, 1961242
103.Veneration of Ancestors, 1990243
104.Zong Ming, "What It Means to Be a Chinese Catholic in America?" 1990245
Japanese Immigrants247
105.Request for a Japanese Mission, San Francisco, 1912247
106.Father Albert Breton on the Beginning of the Japanese Missions on the West Coast, 1912-19247
107.Bishop John J. Cantwell on Japanese Sisters, 1921249
108.Discrimination in Seattle, 1936251
109.Maryknoll Protest of Japanese Relocation, 1942251
110.Sister Paul Miki's Account of Manzanar, 1940s252
111.Advice to Relocated Catholics, 1945255
112.James Y. Sakamoto, "Catholicism at Minidoka Internment Camp," 1941-44256
113.John Hayatsu, "The Role of the Japanese American in the Church," Seattle, 1992262
Filipino Immigrants263
114.Catholic Filipino Club, Seattle, 1922263
115.Letter of Thanks for Catholic Filipino Club, San Francisco, 1927265
116.Report on Filipinos in San Francisco, 1941-42266
117.Report on Filipinos in Stockton, California, 1956270
118.Inquiry and Response on Filipino Ministry, 1980272
119.Filipino Catholic Affairs, Archdiocese of San Francisco, Annual Report, 1983-84274
120.Jose Arong, O.M.I., Survey of Filipino Priests and Religious-- Ministry Focus, 1995-96276
Santo Nino De Cebu Controversy (documents 121-24)277
121.Agreement between Cebu Association and St. Joseph's Parish, San Francisco, 4 February 1979277
122.Warren Hinckle, "Hinckle's Journal/The Philippine Priest and the Philippine Saint," 1984278
123.Sally Famarin Protest Letter, 1982280
124.Final Settlement, 1984281
125.Nontraditional View of Santo Nino, ca. 1997281
126.From the Peter Bacho Novel Cebu, 1991282
Vietnamese Immigrants283
127.Report on Vietnamese Ministry, San Francisco, 1977283
128.Request for a Personal Parish, San Jose, California, 1984285
Vietnamese Conflict in San Jose (documents 129-34)289
129.Teresa Baggot, "Feud Erupts as Vietnamese Split over Pastor: Excommunications and Death Threats in San Jose Parish," 1986290
130.Diocese of San Jose Report, 1988293
131.Diocese of San Jose--Office of the Bishop, 1988294
132.Misuse of Former Mission Site, 1993295
133.Letter of Bishop Pierre DuMaine to St. Patrick Proto-Cathedral, 27 November 1993295
134.Office of the Bishop--Diocese of San Jose, 1999296
135.Generational Concerns in Sacramento, California, 1991297
Korean Immigrants300
136.Anselm Kyongsuk Min, On Korean Catholicism, 1999300
137.Korean Pastoral Mission, San Francisco, 1980303
138.Bishop of Overseas Korean Catholics, 1981304
Other Asian Immigrants305
139.Report on Asian Hearings: The Experience of Church in the United States, 1990305
140.Recommendations to the Catholic Church at National and Local Levels from National Hearings of Asian Catholic Communities in the United States, 1990306
Part 6New Models and Concerns
141.Cultural Pluralism as New Paradigm, 1985310
142.Chinese Pastoral Plan: Archdiocese of San Francisco, 1992311
143.Kerry Tremain, "Welcoming the New Americans: The Same Love," 1999312
144.Laotian Catholic Refugees in the United States, 1993313
145.Robert W. McChesney, "The Mother Teresa of Immigration Detention," 1999316

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