Kelly Hoppen Style: The Golden Rules of Design

Kelly Hoppen Style: The Golden Rules of Design

by Kelly Hoppen

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With Kelly Hoppen Style, Kelly lays out her golden rules of decorating. Inspirational room shots are combined with simple text explaining each room design together with specific advice on suitable lighting, fabrics and accessories to create a feeling of calm and balance.

Drawing upon her fabulous portfolio of projects, Kelly begins by addressing the potential


With Kelly Hoppen Style, Kelly lays out her golden rules of decorating. Inspirational room shots are combined with simple text explaining each room design together with specific advice on suitable lighting, fabrics and accessories to create a feeling of calm and balance.

Drawing upon her fabulous portfolio of projects, Kelly begins by addressing the potential space of a room, and how other key aspects such as light, scale and mood, symmetry and balance all need consideration - and then offers her inspired design solutions. Kelly provides a checklist of golden rules for each subject to help you make an accurate assessment of how to design the most beautiful and useful room, and explains the importance of fundamental elements such as surfaces, materials, equipment and lighting.

The first chapter, 'Hallmark Style', focuses on the influences and inspirations that are inherent in Kelly's design work, and shows how organic materials and shapes can add drama and visual impact to an interior.

From here, each subsequent chapter focuses on building up the layers of decoration:

'Colour and Texture', in which Kelly uses examples of her own decorative schemes to demonstrate how you can visualise a scheme with the aid of fabric and paint swatches; 'Lighting Schemes' offers ideas of how to balance the lighting in a room, and 'Decorative Lighting' describes the different ways in which light fittings can enhance a space with glamour or decadence.

The final chapter, 'Room Details', brings together the decorative touches that make a home, and Kelly covers the essentials from cabinetry to soft furnishings, accessories and display. She also provides a comprehensive list of suppliers, ranging from soft furnishings and paint manufacturers to picture framers and lighting specialists.

Armed with Kelly Hoppen's Golden Rules of Design, turning your home into a sanctuary of style and sophistication has never been easier.

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Kelly Hoppen is a world-renowned British designer who has pioneered a simple yet opulent style that has permeated interior design at every level." - The Huffington Post"

Must read...Kelly Hoppen lays bare her golden rules of decoration." - House Beautiful

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Kelly Hoppen Style

By Kelly Hoppen

Bulfinch Press

Copyright © 2004 Kelly Hoppen
All right reserved.

ISBN: 0-821-22899-4


One of the wonderful things about producing a book is that it makes you stop and think. There has to be a time for reflection, a chance to stop and look at interior design and consider what is really important right at this moment. Interestingly, it has brought into sharp focus the fact that I feel very differently about my home than the way I felt three years ago. My last book, Close Up, was launched on 11 September 2001, possibly the blackest date in recent history. Until then, interior design was focused on creating a look that was out to impress. But from that day on, something changed. We realized that to go home was a privilege not a given. People began to spend more time at home and to turn those homes into cocoons of security and warmth. Clients no longer demanded interiors built on the wow factor - instead they touched on different values, how they wanted to feel: safe, comfortable relaxed and happy. Having the so-called "perfect show house" no longer mattered. Having a home that really was a home did. And I find myself completely in tune with that. How a room looks is important, but it must also reflect you and your family and be grounded in reality. It is how you feel when you are in it - whether eating, talking, reading or sleeping. The art of design is now about usingspace, light, color and texture to promote good feelings. The biggest compliment anyone can pay me is to walk into one of my rooms and say it has a positive influence on their mood. I am convinced that a calm, quiet and harmonious interior can be as beneficial to health as a sensible diet and regular exercise.

I am also aware that mine is a look that has spawned a thousand imitators. Yet few really tap into the essence of what I do. This book is for those who love my style, yet can't quite capture the look when they try it. I have tried to explain my golden rules of decorating, gathered from over 25 years of experience. Each chapter focuses on a different aspect of the design process. For example, Space and Function is about assessing the potential of a room before making any choices about lighting or furniture. From here on, subsequent chapters examine everything from Color and Texture, Cabinetry and Doors, to Home Furnishings and Accessories and Display.

All books are a journey and this has been a particularly interesting one. When I design, it comes straight from the heart, so it goes against the grain to sit down and analyze what I have done and why. The experience of running my own design school has helped me find ways of communicating my ideas and made me far more aware of why one idea works brilliantly and another doesn't, why some people struggle and others appear to do things effortlessly. This book is for all those who love their homes and pour their hearts into them. I know exactly how you feel.


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Meet the Author

Kelly Hoppen MBE is one of the world's most influential interior designers. Her unique design aesthetic combines luxury with simplicity and has won her international acclaim and a huge following. Her celebrated interior design studio, Kelly Hoppen Interiors, has completed international schemes for residential and commercial properties, yachts and private jets, as well as the interiors for British Airways' first-class cabins. She also runs her own successful design school, where she shares her design secrets and offers advice to home decorators. Kelly's ability to inspire informal living by combining style with simple glamor is key to her successful range of home furnishings and accessories, sold through in outlets worldwide. Her elegant aesthetic has also been captured and made available to the mass market through an exclusive diffusion line for QVC in the UK. In 2010 Kelly also made the transition into fashion design with her collection of luxury organic clothing to wear at home. Her first TV series, Superior Interiors, in which she helped transform domestic homes, was aired on Channel 5 in Autumn 2011. Receiving an MBE in 2009 for services to interior design marked the pinnacle of her design career to date. Kelly adds her MBE to numerous awards which include Andrew Martin International Designer of the Year Award, EWAA Woman of Achievement Award, GRAZIA Designer of the Year, plus awards from Elle Decoration and Homes & Garden, and many more. Kelly's previous bestselling books include Kelly Hoppen Home, Kelly Hoppen Style and Kelly Hoppen Ideas.

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