Kerrville Folk Festival: Early Years 1972-1981

Kerrville Folk Festival: Early Years 1972-1981

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Disc 1

  1. God Made Woman
  2. Time
  3. Notion
  4. Don't Go into the Water
  5. Longbed from Kenya
  6. Perfect Work of Art
  7. Safe Place
  8. Walking on the Moon
  9. Old Fashioned Girl
  10. The Ballad of Harry and Esther
  11. First Day of Autumn
  12. Like an Engine  - Amilia K. Spicer
  13. Shallow End of the Gene Pool
  14. Move
  15. Another Time and Place  - Dave Van Ronk
  16. Sometimes I Feel Myself Slippin'  - Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown
  17. Kentucky Blues  - Roy Book Binder
  18. My Man Is a Two Timer  - Marcia Ball
  19. I Can Be Had  - Josh White
  20. Telephone Blues  - Angela Strehli
  21. Under Love's Spell  -  Maricia Ball Band
  22. Honey Bee  - Kenny Sultan
  23. Texas Blues  - Mance Lipscomb
  24. Put Me in the Alley  - Robert Shaw
  25. I've Had the Blues  - Juke Boy Bonner
  26. Mindnight Special  - "Spider" John Koerner
  27. Mississippi Delta Blues  - Kenneth Threadgill
  28. Wilson's Tracks  - Kevin Welch
  29. Other Side of the Hill  - Chuck Pyle
  30. Arrowhead  - Richard Shindell
  31. Where Love Comes From  - Gail Davies
  32. Welcome to the Real World  - Butch Hancock
  33. I Don't Love You and I Always Will  - Jon Ims
  34. My Father's Only Son  - Carrie Newcomer
  35. Ramblin' Boy  - Tom Paxton
  36. Girl Shoes  -  Chenille Sisters
  37. Perfect Strangers  - Michael Lille
  38. It's Magic  - Tim Bays
  39. What I Like About Texas  - Gary P. Nunn

Disc 2

  1. Another Time & Place
  2. Sometimes I Feel Myself Slippin  - Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown
  3. Kentucky Blues  - Roy Book Binder
  4. My Man Is a Two Timer  - Marcia Ball
  5. I Can Be Had
  6. Telephone Blues
  7. Under Love's Spell  -  Maricia Ball Band
  8. Honey Bee  - Kenny Sultan
  9. Texas Blues
  10. Pet Me in the Alley  - Robert Shaw
  11. I've Had the Blues
  12. Midnight Special
  13. Mississippi Delta Blues

Disc 3

  1. Wilson's Track  - Kevin Welch
  2. Other Side of the Hill
  3. Arrowhead
  4. Where Love Comes From
  5. Welcome to the Real World
  6. I Don't Love You and I Always Will
  7. My Father's Only Son
  8. Ramblin' Boy
  9. Girl Shoes
  10. Perfect Strangers
  11. It's Magic
  12. What I Like About Texas

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Album Credits

Performance Credits

Marcia Ball   Track Performer
Juke Boy Bonner   Track Performer
Mance Lipscomb   Track Performer
Gail Davies   Guitar,Vocals
Kevin Welch   Guitar,Vocals
Chenille Sisters   Track Performer
Butch Hancock   Guitar,Vocals
Anne Hills   Guitar,Vocals
Katy Moffatt   Guitar,Vocals
Tom Paxton   Guitar,Vocals
Richard Shindell   Guitar,Vocals
Dr. John   Bass
Peter Yarrow   Vocals
Tom Ball   Track Performer
Dave Van Ronk   Track Performer
Burns Sisters   Track Performer
Betty Elders   Guitar,Vocals
Alisa Fineman   Track Performer
Sally Fingerett   Piano,Vocals
Emily Kaitz   Vocals,Upright Bass
Carrie Newcomer   Track Performer
Pele Juju   Track Performer
Chuck Pyle   Guitar,Vocals
Cosy Sheridan   Guitar,Vocals
Bob Burnet   Guitar
Annie Burns   Vocals
Marie Burns   Vocals
Cheryl Dawdy   Vocals
Connie Huber   Guitar,Vocals
"Spider" John Koerner   Track Performer
Gurf Morlix   Guitar
Grace Morand   Vocals
Gary P. Nunn   Guitar,Vocals
Angela Strehli   Track Performer
Kenny Sultan   Track Performer
Karen Taylor-Good   Track Performer
David Webb   Piano
Mark Webb   Guitar
Barbara Kessler   Guitar,Vocals
Dee Carstensen   Track Performer
Jeff St. Pierre   Bass
Josh White   Track Performer
Chip Dolan   Accordion
Kate Wallace   Guitar,Vocals
Fats Kaplin   Violin
Darcie Deaville   Fiddle
Kenneth Threadgill   Track Performer
Mary Reynolds   Guitar
Michael Lille   Acoustic Guitar,Electric Guitar,Vocals
Tim Bays   Guitar,Vocals
Jon Ims   Guitar,Vocals
T.R. Ritchie   Bass
Dana Hutson   Vocals
Deb Lane   Drums
Annie Steinhardt   Bass
Jamie Reid   Drums

Technical Credits

Marcia Ball   Composer
Roy Book Binder   Composer
Burns Sisters   Composer
Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown   Composer
Annie Burns   Composer
Robert Shaw   Composer
"Spider" John Koerner   Composer
Murray Krugman   Producer
Angela Strehli   Composer
Josh White   Composer
Chas Eller   Engineer
Kenneth Threadgill   Composer
Annie Tate   Composer
Jon Ims   Composer
Amilia K. Spicer   Composer
Pedro Guitierrez   Engineer
Rod Kennedy   Producer

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