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Key of Sea

Key of Sea

5.0 4
by Mary Stella

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In her youth, Dora Lee Hanson set her dreams on distant goals. A more exciting life waited, if not over the rainbow, then at least somewhere out of the quiet Florida Keys. The twenty-something beauty left home for a modeling career, but a wealthy magnate swept her off her ostrich-plumed mules. Unfortunately, after more than a dozen years of marriage, the wicked wretch


In her youth, Dora Lee Hanson set her dreams on distant goals. A more exciting life waited, if not over the rainbow, then at least somewhere out of the quiet Florida Keys. The twenty-something beauty left home for a modeling career, but a wealthy magnate swept her off her ostrich-plumed mules. Unfortunately, after more than a dozen years of marriage, the wicked wretch kicked her to the curb. Facing a very uncertain future, she returns to her beloved grandfather and the home she eagerly left behind all those years before.

Successful Keys fishing guide Bobby Daulton has the life he always intended, with one notable exception. He never caught Dora Lee, the love of his youth. After all these years, he never expected her to blow back into his world with tornado force, but he's a far cry from the kid who once let her slip the line and escape.

When an ex-trophy wife with a mid-life crisis hooks up with the hot guy whose heart she unknowingly broke years before, the passionate pair rock more than the romance boat. Dora Lee has her eye on a brand new dream. Bobby has his eye on Dora. He's fallen for her again, hook, line and sinker, and this time she won't swim away.

Editorial Reviews

Kristi Ahlers
"Ms. Stella has done it again! She has created another story, full of life like characters that jump off the page and pull the reader into her world. This time around she tackles some important issues but does so with style and a flair that is her own. The end result is a treasure for the romance reader."
Staff Reviewer
Four and 1/2 stars! Key Of Sea is sensuous, poignant, humorous and wonderful. Mary Stella has created a generous cast of eccentric, memorable characters, and the author demonstrates her gift of capturing the rhythm of life in the Florida Keys. This is a lovely and hearfelt story of finding your way back home and wondering why you ever left."
Affaire De Coeur Magazine

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Meet the Author

While pursuing my English degree in the 1970s, I fell in love with romance novels. I always knew that my book would be a romance. There were several starts and stops along my life's journey, but no matter what else happened, I never got away from that voice telling me, "someday". Eventually, I had a sparkling aha moment that the book wasn't going to suddenly spring forth from my brain. I also knew darn well that I didn't want to reach the end of my life, many decades in the future, look back and say, "I could have written a book."

Over the next several years, I struggled, I sweat, I learned and I honed my craft. After some failed attempts and several learning experiences, I wrote a book that combines my love of romance novels and my love of dolphins. That book was All Keyed Up, my debut release, originally published by Medallion Press. My second book, Key of Sea, returned readers to the fabulous Florida Keys. I’m thrilled to now make both of my books available for e-readers, as well as in print.

I’m hard at work on more stories, inspired by the beauty, fun, and interesting characters I encounter here at home in the Florida Keys. I look forward to sharing them with all of you.

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Key of Sea 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
NanLeigh More than 1 year ago
Another fun read from Mary Stella! Dora Lee's homecoming to the Florida Keys is an unexpected adventure and we are drawn in immediately as she struggles to find her place among her grandfather's little group of eccentric friends. Her reunion with the guy who had a crush on her in high school is delightful--I'm crazy about Bobby Daulton. Get this one for a great summer read! Enjoy! Enjoy!
Guest More than 1 year ago
This is Mary Stella's second book and is more enjoyable than her first endeavour if that is possible. Dora Lee Hanson leaves the Florida Keys for the bright lights and hopefully a modelling career. Instead she marries a wealthy magnate, J. Walter Morrison III, but after fourteen years of marriage he divorces her for a younger 'Trophy' wife. Feeling crushed and rejected, Dora goes home to her grandfather who will welcome her with open arms. Bobby Daulton was crushed when Dora Lee left the Keys the first time. When he sees Dora again after all these years, he realizes his feelings for her have not changed. Bobby decides that this time his 'trophy' is not getting away from him and he has every intention of reeling her in before she gets away. The patience of Bobby and the skittishness of Dora makes this a fun, light-hearted, heart warming and touching read. The setting could not have been better for these characters and the storyline works so well for them. Mary Stella has written another winner and leaves this reader eager for more books from her set in the Keys.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I love the Florida Keys, and Key of Sea brings them to life so realistically, you can smell the salt air. Dora Lee is a heroine most of us can relate too--a little bit damaged by life and working on her self esteem. And Bobby is just the medicine we need, er, I mean that Dora Lee needs for her condition. Not only is this a delightful romance, but Mary Stella uses fun Keys references in creative ways, sneaking them into metaphors and similies that will make the reader chuckle. Read this book! And if you haven't already read All Keyed Up, get both.
harstan More than 1 year ago
Growing up in the Keys, Dora Lee Hanson looked forward to escaping as the quiet beauty bored her. She thought her ticket to the bright lights would be modeling, but instead married a wealthy suitor J. Walter Morrison III. After twelve years of marriage Dora Lee knew it was over when she realized she bonded with her trophy peer a tarpon her spouse caught just like her and hung on the wall. J. Walter dissolves the union dumping her for a younger model................... Dora Lee returns to the Keys where she knows her grandfather would welcome her with open arms. Fishing guide Bobby Daulton is stunned to learn the big one that got away in his youth is back in the Keys though she has lost a bit of her spirit. Bobby plans to hook his beloved star fish permanently this time as he hopes Dora¿s wanderlust is over. Dora finds herself attracted to a man she inadvertently hurt when she felt the Florida Keys had nothing to keep her there a dozen years ago................... Readers will be ALL KEYED UP with Mary Stella¿s fun contemporary romance starring a rejected former trophy wife and the man who has loved her since they were teens. Bobby knows he will not quit until he reels in the catch of his life, the woman he has always loved. Dora Lee is a bit more difficult to feel empathy for as she left the Keys to follow a dream only to allow herself to turn into a bird in a gilded cage. Still the KEY OF SEA is a stellar tale.................. Harriet Klausner