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Key of Solomon the King

Key of Solomon the King

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by S. L. MacGregor Mathers

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How to make a magic carpet, become invisible, and find love are among the useful procedures detailed in this famous book of magic. Reputedly written by King Solomon himself, this major text of Western ritual magic contains chants, prayers, and general instructions on trafficking with the spirit world.


How to make a magic carpet, become invisible, and find love are among the useful procedures detailed in this famous book of magic. Reputedly written by King Solomon himself, this major text of Western ritual magic contains chants, prayers, and general instructions on trafficking with the spirit world.

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Dover Publications
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Dover Occult Series
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Meet the Author

Samuel Liddell (or Liddel) MacGregor Mathers, born Samuel Liddell Mathers, was a British occultist. He is primarily known as one of the founders of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, a ceremonial magic order of which offshoots still exist today.

Mathers was born in January 1854 in Hackney, London, England. His father, William M. Mathers, died while he was still a boy. His mother, whose maiden name was Collins, died in 1885. He attended Bedford School, subsequently working in Bournemouth, Dorset, as a clerk, before moving to London following the death of his mother.
His wife was Moina Mathers, sister of the philosopher Henri Bergson.

Mathers added the "MacGregor" surname as a claim to Highland Scottish heritage, although there is little evidence of such in his family background. He was a practicing vegetarian, or (according to some accounts) vegan, an outspoken anti-vivisectionist, and a non-smoker. It is known that his main interests were magic and the theory of war, his first book being a translation of a French military manual. He became more and more of an eccentric towards his later years, as was noted by W. B. Yeats.

Mathers was a polyglot; among the languages he had studied were English, French, Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Gaelic and Coptic, though he had a greater command of some languages than of others. His translations of such books as The Book of Abramelin (14thC.), Christian Knorr von Rosenroth's The Kabbalah Unveiled (1684), Key of Solomon (anonymous 14thC.), The Lesser Key of Solomon (anonymous 17thC.), and the Grimoire of Armadel (17thC.), while probably justly criticized with respect to quality, were responsible for making what had been obscure and inaccessible material widely available to the non-academic English speaking world. They have had considerable influence on the development of occult and esoteric thought since their publication, as has his consolidation of the Enochian magical system of John Dee and Edward Kelley.

Mathers died in November 1918 aged 64.

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Key of Solomon the King 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 3 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
C.) A noble is a smaller leader given a high position of power by a higher leader, thus the GROUP is an aristocracy. An aristocracy is what you would call the group of people. It is an oligarchy, I am aware of this. So was Sparta. You know, the nation that sent children into war for them and only won the Peloponnesean War because they barricaded Athens' walls, and basically accomplished nothing but waste 27 years of their lives to obtain a diseased, rotting Athens. <p> D.) We are Camp ATHENS. Athens was a democracy. Also, Athens was the most successful city-state in all of ancient Greece. They had the most money, the best government, hell, the first Renaissance in global history took place in Athens. So yes, once again, I DO know what I'm talking about. <p> E.) "There's nothing but drama and se<_>x late at night, so naturally, we must combine all the camps." Where is the logic in that statement? <p> F.) I'm on here later than you, and I've seen no se<_>x or serious drama late at night at Camp Athens.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The Government now ~<br> Lets start with the fact that you called it an 'Aristocracy'. Obviously you have no idea what that is either. Let me give you the deffinition to that one too. Aristocracy ~ "the form of government in which power is held by the nobility." Nobility? What the heII are you on? Did l not take a vote? Did l not let anyone become a part of the council? Am l missing something? 'Cause last l checked there's no nobility in ANY of the demigod camps. None. So stop throwing words out there. Your grasping at straws is what your doing. You know what this is? This is an Oligarchy. You know it's funny, you said and l quote "Greece is supposed to be a democracy." No it wasn't. Greece was a cluster of city states, each having it's own ruler. Not a democracy. That's what the camps were. City-States. I decided to unite them, just as was done in ancient times. And it will thrive like it did before. My government system you say gives too much power the the head ruler. That's not true. First off, An Empire has to have a ruler, or it dsn't get anywhere. Nothing gets done. But l didn't like the idea of someone having so much power, so l made the six councelors. That way things get done quick by the head, but if he starts to get overpowering, he can be ruled out by the council. You also said "why fix something that isn't broken?" Obviously you don't rp enough. During the late night, it's all drama and se<_>x in te camp. Same wit during the morning till about noon. Then it becomes a confused spatter of random talking, fu<_>cking, and drama. You get on at night (my time) when all that has gone away and it's balenced. You have no idea. You also made the same point wit the leaders rotating. You know why l did that? So nobody gets too much power. Ryan, Rain, you, and others are right when they say that too much power is bad (hypocritical of Ryan l'd say), so l used that idea to create a leadership where they get one month, or more if voted back into office, that keeps the camps from a monarchy as they were before.<p> You claimed that l waited until you were gone to do all of this, funny when l didn't even know you were gone. In fact l thought you would APROVE of the idea. Lets say l did know you were gone, ask yourself, if l wanted this doe while you were gone, why did l wait until you showed up to put it into action? Wierd isn't it. I waited all day for you to show up, waited until night when you usually show up, and you did show up. I never even knew you left. So quit accusing me of that. Yo also claim you weren't mad yesterday. I know you enough to know when your angry. In fact you weren't just mad. You were livid. You admediatly threw my idea in my face. Didn't even try negotiating with me. Maybe we could have found a better ruling way. Maye if you hadn't thrown a fit about losing your power.<p> More at the next res (after the magazine)
Guest More than 1 year ago
it gives you knowleded and understanding of you and your enviorment it let you see the unceen and get visons this book is not to be played around with so do not say the congerations inside your house go in your back yard and say then. Jah the most hight ever living ever shore