Kickin' the Clouds Away: Gershwin at the Piano

Kickin' the Clouds Away: Gershwin at the Piano

by George Gershwin

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  1. Kickin' the Clouds Away, song (from Tell Me More, musical)
  2. I Was So Young, You Were So Beautiful
  3. Whip-poor-will, song (from "Sally")
  4. Sweet and Low-Down, song (from Tip-Toes, musical)
  5. Ain't You Comin' Back to Dixie, song for voice & piano
  6. Swanee, song (for Capital Revue, by various composers)
  7. Tee-Oodle-Um-Bum-Bo, song (from La, La, Lucille, musical)
  8. That Certain Feeling, song (from Tip-Toes, musical)
  9. Grieving for You
  10. Some Sunday Morning (1917) for voice & piano
  11. Left All Alone Blues, song (from "Very Good Eddie")
  12. Make Believe
  13. Land Where the Good Songs Go, song (from "Miss 1917")
  14. Drifting Along with the Tide, song (from George White's Scandals of 192
  15. For Your Country and My Country, song
  16. So Am I, song (from Lady, Be Good!, musical)
  17. Whose baby are you?, song (from "The Night Boat")
  18. Rock-a-Bye, Lullabye Mammy
  19. Rhapsody in Blue, for piano

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