Kid Lightning And The Thunder Peach

Kid Lightning And The Thunder Peach

by John A. Seemueller Jr.

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Epic poem's are rare jewels of literature. An epic poem is a long poem that tells a story. Kid Lightning and the Thunder Peach has a precise rhyme scheme and is sub-divided into minor poems or chapters. This story is meant for a mature audience. Kid Lightning and the Thunder Peach is primarily a romantic love story. Kid


Epic poem's are rare jewels of literature. An epic poem is a long poem that tells a story. Kid Lightning and the Thunder Peach has a precise rhyme scheme and is sub-divided into minor poems or chapters. This story is meant for a mature audience. Kid Lightning and the Thunder Peach is primarily a romantic love story. Kid Lightning and the Thunder Peach dare each other to speak in a poetic, romantic fashion. There is a man versus nature theme with powerful thunder and lightning. Love in this tale is forbidden. There are many temptations to make love and a passionate kiss. There are women in leadership positions with strong lady characters including historical women as angels. This life and death adventure includes insight into being disabled. This story has an exciting heavenly adventure. There is also a battle against the Devil. The spiritual experience brings them a small step closer to God.

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By John A. Seemueller Jr.


Copyright © 2011 John A. Seemueller Jr.
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4520-9897-5

Chapter One


    He will be true to Kid Lightning fame at the stormy beach.
    She is so delightfully well known as the Thunder Peach.

    A tale full of heaven and hell adventures with romance.
    A tale riddled with many temptations and risky chance.

    The classy lady and gentleman are meant to be together.
    They are enjoying the warm, spectacular weather.
    This true love story is their best fairytale forever.

    They play tenderly as each other's sweet Princess and
    They are deep in love and shy in the mysterious sense.

    They are frolicking and fishing in hot beaming sunshine.
    Their young love is gracefully aging like the best fine wine.

    The couple is trophy fishing on a small motorboat.
    The calm ocean waves rock and roll as they do gently float.

    Fishing off a small motorboat on the scary ocean,
    Wishing secretly for natures true to life love potion.

    Will two young lovers catch a big fish and enjoy their date?
    Will they find out if they are the masters of their own fate?

    They will boldly challenge the thunder and lightning
    They must face nature's strength and lightning's unyielding

    There are cool mythical forces brought on by the dark
    They feel the need to gaze deep into each others bright

    The Thunder Peach's best jewels are her gorgeous chestnut
    Her brown eyes will soon be tied to real tragic and sad

    Her eyes glow hot like smoldering embers of desire.
    The thunder skies will spark the blaze of a soulful fire.

    Kid Lightning has really clear and intense wolf-like blue
    His eyes are soon to be like blueberry baked oval pies.

    Up to this time they have a close friendly relationship.
    With eyes wide open they do begin to explore love's trip.

    They still have never shared that very nice tender first kiss.
    With sad hearts, kissing is an enjoyment both did miss.

    The Thunder Peach is a grounded well-rounded guiding
    Some in the story are a heavenly angelic force.

    They will embark on a true life and bad death adventure.
    They are exploring life's perception and deception cures.

    God, great angels, and the Devil will be revealed.
    There is destructive poison taken that needs to be healed.

    They're in touch with God's nature and universal garden.
    Severe tragedy will strike down hard as they do bard on.

    They believe in sharing Almighty God with total praise.
    They do love with true intimate caring all of their days.
    They choose innocent daring in most of love's precious

    2. "TRUTH OR DARE?"

    The Thunder Peach proclaims to Kid Lightning, "I'm
        getting bored just waiting here for a fish to bite. Let's
        play a game."

    Kid Lightning said, "How about Truth or Dare?"

    The Thunder Peach said, "Truth or Dare is a children's
        game and we are all grown up."

    Kid Lightning said, "You're never too old to play a classic
        children's game."

    The Thunder Peach said, "You go first. Truth or Dare?"

    Kid Lightning has his great chance to try and explain, "I
        believe in the truth. The truth is always the best policy."

    The Thunder Peach's question is rich and unchained,
        "What is the most important lesson you've been taught
        in your life?"

    Kid Lightning makes it a good point to stake his claim,
        "Love is blind. Turning a blind eye to just try and
        see beyond someone's faults to get to what's most

    The Thunder Peach then does seriously entertain, "I will
        enter into love with both eyes wide open. Eyes are the
        windows to the soul. Ladies love quality time with
        extended deep eye contact. Staring into each others eyes
        is a huge part of romance that gives life to the soul."

    He has such wild love for her that he can't tame; "I like
        your pretty brown eyes that are always a pleasure to gaze
        into. It is your turn sweetheart, Truth or Dare?"

    The Thunder Peach does want to live up to her name, "I
        can almost never resist a dare."
    His game request is kind of funny, but lame, "I dare you to
        eat the bait we're using to attract the real big fish."

    The Thunder Peach's classy composure remains, "You can
        forget about me eating bait. Do I look like a sucker fish?
        I'm not that desperate or hungry. Get real." (She said it
        with an easy smile.)

    Kid Lightning needs to light up the truth's burning flame,
        "Okay, you're in no mood to eat fish bait. I dare you to
        tell me your biggest fear."

    The Thunder Peach doesn't want to be viewed as vain, "My
        biggest fear? But isn't that exposing the truth?"

    Kid Lightning is sick of all things being the same, "You
        refused the fish bait on the dare. Don't be afraid to face
        your fear."

    The Thunder Peach has freedom from guilt-ridden shame,
        "I do have many fears. I fear if I am ever given a
        tempting choice, I will choose the easy choice instead of
        the daring. I fear I will end up settling for someone less
        than perfect for me."

    Kid Lightning does thoughtfully begin to proclaim,
        "Your fear of loneliness may channel into a lonely truth
        because there is no man remotely close to perfect. You
        may need to turn a blind eye to all your lover's faults."

    The Thunder Peach then does try to calmly explain, "Life
        is part fate, but inspiration can change the course
        of destiny. If love does not find me, I will search
        everywhere for love. One important thing I want out of
        life is a good old-fashioned love affair."

    Kid Lightning does tease her red-hot fantasy claim, "You
        are an explosive firecracker, aren't you? I hope you never
        lose your sense of fiery passion. I'll take a dare."

    The Thunder Peach likes smooth and sweet harmony fame,
        "Do you totally promise to accept my dare?"

    Kid Lightning will not sell his good soul for loose change,
        "I would be a fool to accept any dare blindly."

    She raises the stakes so his speech will rearrange, "I dare
        you to speak to me in a poetic fashion."

    Kid Lightning thinks her dare request is kind of strange,
        "Why make our communication of information more
    difficult than it already is?"

    The Thunder Peach wants him in close touch with love's
        range, "It is my dare to you. Words are meant to tickle
        the tongue and entice the ears with stimulation. Try to
        converse in verse with a passionate flare as you gaze and
      glare into my eyes with relaxation."

    Kid Lightning thinks the challenge is a bit deranged,
        "If I accept your dare I have two conditions. First
        off, you will also have to speak to me romantically
        and poetically. Secondly, the other condition is that
        someday, sometime, someplace in the future, you will
        have no choice but to accept a big bad dare of mine."

    The Thunder Peach is ready for courtship and change,
        "That is fair, dare for dare. Let's try to begin by spicing
        up your rap. Maybe someday I'll fall into your love trap.
        I'm giving you a chance to show me love's romance."

    The skies begin clouding up darkening the sun.
    Stormy weather threatens to ruin their new found fun.

    Storms from the sea start their small fishing boat rocking.
    Their dangerous love is going to be shocking!

    3. "A STORM IS BORN"

    Floods of storm clouds come darkly rolling into frightful
    There is a brief deadly silence before the scary storm.

    There's a teasing quiet before the deafening downpour.
    A releasing still calm before the big thunder uproar.

    Wicked storm stories are best untold and kept in silence.
    This storm tale is about to explode with nature's violence.

    The storm blows in suspiciously clear to the naked eye.
    Terrible danger is now lurking in the cloudy sky.

    An ear-popping alert comes with the change in air
    With a sudden chilling blast goes a drop in temperature.

    The torrential rain showers begin with hard wet pounding.
    The beating thunder booms do echo loud rowdy sounding.

    The fishing boat starts rocking and is dancing with the
    They are entering a thunder and lightning love storm

    Hiding behind thunderclouds goes the daylight crescent
    The huge storm has started to take its form and really

    The sunshine disappears right behind massive thunder
    The rough thunderstorm blasting is getting totally loud.

    They are named after thunder and lightning stormy
    Through this heavenly storm they are brought closer

    Kid Lightning then wisely suggests,
    "The terrible strength of this monster storm is full of
        danger galore. This storm is brewing so hard we better
        head for the safety of the shore."

    The Thunder Peach bravely requests,
    "I dare you to wait until we have this storm just to
    This bad storm is getting more exciting the deeper we

    He does thoughtfully listen to her adventurously.
    They gaze deeply into each others eyes flirtatiously.
    Love signals are sent silently and mischievously.

    They are under threatening dark clouds of thunder
    They can hear all the heavenly proud baritones rumbling.

    For Kid Lightning and the Thunder Peach this is life
    To face this wicked storm their courage needs to be raging.

    The empty shadows of cloudy gray ghosts come out to play.
    Ghosts throwing pitchfork lightning bolts and pounding
        drums today.

    The brutally fierce storm is now violently astounding.
    With crackling flashes of bright fork bolt lightning

    With all the natural storm excitement their passion grew.
    This coincides with a poetic partnership that's new.

    Kid Lightning and the Thunder Peach are so hungry for
    Can this be a true magic moment from the skies above?


    On a small boat with playful daring and fishing,
    They are riding the storm out with tempting wishing.

    The lightning bolts keep on knifing through the dark skies.
    He stares long and deep into her sensitive eyes.

    She stares right back at him with pretty bedroom eyes.
    Her look is deeply serious and glowing shy.

    Kid Lightning tells the Thunder Peach:
    "My passionate love for you is all that's ever mattered.
    Your godly strong sexual force field needs to be shattered."

    The Thunder Peach tells Kid Lightning:
    "Our slow dance of courtship is about ready to explode.
    I want to find out if you are my prince or just a toad."

    To the beat of nature's thunderstorm they nervously rode.

    She confesses,
    "Your calm and peaceful strength is lighting my soulful
    He professes,
    "Your tender awakenings lights my total desire."

    He calmly states, "My caring feelings for you are intense.
        My love for you right now is so immense."

    She contemplates, "Go to the special place deep in your mind.
        Make the sweet giving love in your heart kind.
        When love comes your way, treasure the find."

    His love relates, "You're just so beautiful in every way.
        I want you sweetly more and more each day."

    Wild nature is blasting a rough storm shower.
    They listen and watch thunder and lightning's power.

    Testing the fate of nature's fierce lightning swordplay.
    This storm tale is raging out of control today.

    The storm's super power awakes fiery bliss.
    They still never ever shared a gentle first kiss.


    She is ready for true love's chance,
    "I do dare you to hold me really close.
    Kiss me with passion and desires most."

    He is ready for some romance,
    "There is just nothing I want more surely,
    then to kiss you very sweet and purely."

    Getting ready she wets her soft full lips.
    She is puckering up for a first kiss.

    Her hot lips like a virgin on fire.
    The innocence of fun filled desire.

    As the do meet their kind eyes gently close.
    Now is the time true passion arose.

    Love for them is to share a big old kiss.
    They are connecting in sugary bliss.

    Closely holding tight onto each other.
    Their moist lips gracefully lock together.

    Now in each others arms they are nestling.
    With playful teasing and kissing wrestling.

    It's dreamlike and they are both so willing.
    Their lusty kiss is soothing and thrilling.

    A connection of sensitivity
    In the innocence of hot fantasy

    Like a pirate finding golden treasure
    The kiss brings about true loving pleasure.

    Their shy eyes meet as they are joined as one.
    The first real love try is always most fun.

    There is no real need to ever confess.
    To a smooth soothing passionate caress

    Their warm kissing touch is total delight.
    The fierce lightning storm adds sparks that fly

    Hearts beat in emotional overload!
    Electric air continues to explode!


Excerpted from KID LIGHTNING AND THE THUNDER PEACH by John A. Seemueller Jr. Copyright © 2011 by John A. Seemueller Jr.. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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